Top 20 Thailand Fruit


[adrotate group=”1″]Let us introduce you top rating of Thailand fruit. They are of a rare healthy quality and not well-spread around the world. Once you are in Thailand or other tropic country go try these unusual tropic fruit and be sure that locals don’t sell you anything inedible.

This is top 20 Thailand and near country fruit. You won’t see well-known bananas or pineapple, these ones have unusual look and taste but they are very healthy.

20. Sugar-apple or Sweetsop

Sweetsop-300x229 Sweetsop is a native of the tropical Americas. Nowadays it is grown in India and Pakistan and it’s also well-spread in Thai markets. Sweetsop fruit looks like a big bump, 10 centimeters in diameter. Under thick, always green rind there is soft flesh with a fragrance and taste of custard and small seeds inside.

Cut the fruit on halves, shell out flesh in the container and put in the fridge. In some time you can taste gorgeous natural ice cream.

19. Sapodilla or Mamme apple


Santo Domingo apricot is the second name of Sapodilla. Sapodilla is an evergreen plant that is grown in Southeast Asia, West Africa and South America. It’s also can be found in Florida and Hawaii. Sapodilla is a big berry about 20 centimeters in diameter. The skin is thick with light yellow or orange flesh and 2-4 seeds inside. It’s sweet and very tasty fruit. [adrotate group=”2″]

18. Cherimoya or Custard apple

Cherimoya-300x240Custard apple resembles Sweet apple in color and form. Cherimoya and Custard apple are considered as two different fruit because of their variety of skin. Cherimoya fruits are oval or conical in shape.

Their skin can be of three kinds from polygonal indentations on the surface to very smooth one. Its flesh tastes like white custard and it’s very juicy. In 1866, Mark Twain called Cherimoya “the most delicious fruit known to man. The velvety flesh of a Cherimoya is a delicious, custardy blend of banana, pineapple and strawberry notes.”

17. Bacuri or Sapote


Bacuri is a huge tropic plant, 40 meters height. It is native to Brazil, Paraguay and Southeast Asia. Sapote is a favorite desert of Thai children. They call it “fruit on a stick”. Sapote fruits look like oranges but with darker color and thicker skin. The flesh is fragrant, sweet and sour.

16. Cocona


Cocona is a tropical shrub from mountains of South America. The fruits become mature in 9 months. Berries can be of three colors – red, yellow and orange. Cocona’s shape closely resembles a tomato and the taste is a combination of a tomato and a lemon. [adrotate group=”4″]

15. Breadfruit

Breadfruit is a plant in the mulberry family. It is grown in India, Philippines, Thailand and all islands of Southeast Asia. Mature fruits taste like bananas, they are soft and sweet. Unripe breadfruit is thick and starchy, it is used in many dishes. Cooked fruits resemble backed bread, thus a plan got its name.breadfruit-tree-203x300

14. Langsat and Longan

LangsatOther famous fruit of Thailand is Langsat and Longan. They grow in Southeast Asia and look very similar to each other. The difference is in the skin. Langsat skin contains latex, it holds the flesh. That’s why Langsat is harder to peel than Longan which has no latex at all.

Fruits are of five segments with bitter seeds but the flesh itself is juicy and sweet. People eat Langsat and Longan dry, jerked and even conserved. Thai Longan and Langsat are considered as the most delicious.

13. African pear or Safou


African pear takes the 14th place in the top of the world exotic fruit and particularly of Thailand. Safou is native to African tropic forests. The fruits are long and narrow, up to 14 centimeters long. The skin is dark blue or violet with light green flesh inside. Safou is rich in fat content and amino acids.

[adrotate group=”6″]It also comprises of vitamins and triglycerides. Safou is the fattest African fruit. According to some scientists African pear can solve the world hunger problem.

12. Brazilian Grape


Brazilian Grape is native to South East Brazil. The fruits are amazing. They grow from the trunk. At first the trunk becomes covered with yellow white flowers. Then flowers are replaced with berries 3-4 centimeters in diameter. The purple skin covers yellow flesh with 1-4 seeds. Brazil grape usually is eaten fresh. The locals also use it to make liqueurs and wine.

11. Rumbutan


In Costa Rica Rambutan is called «Chinese sucker». This exotic fruit resembles a fluffy strawberry. It grows in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The fruits are small, oval, up to 6 centimeters in diameter. Rumbutan is easy to open if the rind is cut part way around the equator of the fruit. The flesh resembles a grape. If you want to know more read our article about its healthy qualities and warnings.

Top 10 Thailand exotic fruit

10. Noni

NoniNoni tree from Southeast Asia and Australia takes the 10th place in our top. Noni is in coffee family, other names are great morinda, cheese fruit, Indian mulberry and beach mulberry. The tree yields throughout the year.

The fruit has pungent odor but it is rich in vitamins, protein, calcium, iron and fiber. In the Pacific Islands Noni is well-known as a diet product. Noni is eaten fresh, cooked and it is even used to make juice. Producers say that noni juice reduces weight and helps to cope with different diseases.

9. Marula


[adrotate group=”8″]The distribution of this tree throughout Southeast Africa has followed the tribe Bantu in the migrations. Marula has been an important item in their diet, so they planted the trees all the way long. The fruits are mature when they get yellow. The flash is white. It has a delicate nutty fragrance. The fallen fruits ferment and are popular among elephants and baboons because of small amount of alcohol.

8. Salmonberry


Beautiful Salmonberry grows half the way from Alaska to California in west coast of North America. These berries resemble raspberries but the color is bright orange or salmon. Salmonberry is eaten fresh or it is used for jam, juice, wine and marmalade.

 7. Salak or Snake Fruit


The 7th place in amazing Thai fruit top is taken by Salak or Snake fruit. Salak is native to Indonesia, it is a palm tree. The fruit got its name due to red brown snake-like skin. Its flesh is sweet and slightly acidic with a black seed inside. The segments resemble apples.

6. Bael or Golden Apple


[adrotate group=”5″]Golden apple is one of the most popular fruit in Thailand. It is also called as Stone Apple. There are many legend and myths about the fruit. Its yellow, green or gray skin is very thick; it can be open only with a saw or a hammer.

The yellow flesh inside is soft with fluffy seeds. It is eaten fresh or dry. Bael is also used to cook sherbet. People make a little hole in the fruit skin, add some water, sugar and lemon juice inside. About 6 liters of sherbet can be cooked from a big fruit.

5. Mangosteen

Mangosteen is another very well known Thai fruit. It grows in the lowland of Central America and Southeast Asia. Mangosteen is an evergreen tree with beautiful purple fruits. The skin is thick and contains latex. The fruits are usually harvested with hands. If the fruit is cut away half around the equator you can see white garlic-like segments. Thai Mangosteen is favorable, sweet and slightly acidic.Mangosteen-300x245

4. Carambola or Starfruit


The 4th place in Thailand treasure fruit is placed by Carambola. It is native to Philippines but now Starfruit is spread in Southeast and East Asia, South America, Florida and Hawaii. The fruit got its name because of five ridges running down its sides.

In cross-section, it resembles a star that’s why Carambola is often used as a decoration in salad and cocktail. The juicy crisp fruits with the thin wax skin are sweet and sour. They are yellow or light green and are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

3. Horned melon or African Cucumber


Another name of this amazing fruit is jelly melon. It is native to Africa. Nowadays Horned melon is grown in California, New Zeeland, Australia and Chili. The taste resembles a banana but is very jelly. The skin is also can be eaten. It is rich in vitamin C and fiber.

2. Pitaya or Dragon Fruit


Dragon fruit takes the honorable second place in the top. This bright attractive cactus can be eaten in Thailand throughout the year. It is native to Mexico but nowadays is grown in Asia and Australia. Acidic fruits are popular in America, Asia prefers sweet ones.

[adrotate group=”10″]The color of fruit depends on the sort-red, yellow or Costa Rica. The flesh color also varies. Red Pitaya has white flesh, yellow-milky, purple-violet. Some people say that taste of Dragon fruit resembles kiwi.

1. Sweet berries or Miracle Fruit


Miracle fruit comes from West Africa. It is rich in miraculin and glycoprotein. The fruit is amazing because the special effect of this combination. After eating Miracle fruit all the food will taste sweet, even a lemon. Sweet berries are still not well studied. No one can say why miraculin distorts tongue receptors and makes acidic food taste sweet. Nowadays Sweet berries are more and more popular on the parties because they give new feelings with the first bite.

This is the end of Top 20 Thailand fruit but the story of exotic fruit to be continued. Read other articles about Exotic fruit in Brazil, World tropic and unusual fruit or The most exotic fruit in the World.

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