Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On

A tradition to wear rings dated back centuries. It concerns to ancient Egypt where a ring was considered as pharaos’ seal. The medieval mystics, secret societies and even magicians supposed that rings had the huge religious importance. But nowadays nobody even thinks which finger should people wear a ring on and what role of each finger with ring plays.Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On

The first mentions about a ring can be found in ancient Greek mythology where the story about Zeus’ order to chain Prometheus was written. But today we are going to speak not about the myths and legends connected with a ring but about more scientific and proven long ago ring’s influence which is put on this or that finger on.

Psychological influence and meaning of fingers for ring

[adrotate group=”1″]It’s not a secret than in the modern life a ring is kind of attribute of fashion and you social position: the more expensive your jewelry, the richer its owner, the more powerful the influence of the ring.

If we look at history, in ancient times the rings on fingers could not only tell about its owner but also could change his life – making it better or worse. This fact is still important for the current generation because wearing any type of  jewelry, especially this or that ring, people unconsciously sets in motion some powerful programs which are able significantly influence on your fate.

How does ring influence on the life of its owner?

The thing is that our organism pretty much interacts with the different types of Energy which is in our fingers too. Therefore, wearing a ring a person concentrates the energy on that area of his life which is responsible for this finger. Any person knows that the right hand differs from the left one, that is one hand can be more functional than other.

For instance, the right hand is considered to be male so the jewelry on it intensifies the particular areas of our life, while the left hand – female, more passive, it protects from the negative energy and some accidents.

Don’t forget about metals too, a gold ring triggers the human energy making it more active. Silver, vice versa, dampens a desire for action, thereby protecting a very passionate person from doing something reckless.

Benefits from wearing rings in the treatment of diseases

It is well-known that there are more than 400 active points on the wrist which are responsible for liver, kidneys, heart, nervous system and etc. In the medical practise doctors often face with the moments when wearing rings brings more benefits during treatment that from the medicines.

For example, person just put his ring off and got rid of a headache and insomnia. Or, on the other hand, putting the ring on helped to remove the symptoms of illness. There are some cases when women could not get pregnant because they were wearing rings on a particular finger. The reason was the influence of minerals and metals on human body. [adrotate group=”2″]

The medical properties of some metals

If you suffer from headache and annoyance, you should wear silver jewelry. It’s usually getting darker because of the contact with skin of sick person. If you feel tired all the time, doctors recommend to wear gold rings. Also, gold is perfectly suits women who are worried about their heart. Gold can bring more benefits to people suffering from hypertension because it is able to lower the blood pressure. It is also can be useful in treatment of peptic ulcer.

The meaning of finger for rings

As we have already said above, in every finger there is a particular Energy, that’s why for preventing of making something bad to your health, you should know the meaning of each finger for rings.

What does it mean when you wear a ring on your thumb?

The thumb – is Mars, which is responsible for your head, neck, willpower, logic and male mind. In the case of absence or underdevelopment these qualities in a person so than a ring is better to wear exactly on this finger. According to astrologists and palmists, wearing ring on your thumb helps to keep the passionate temper.

Therefore, a person with a powerful energy can wear a ring on the thumb without any worries, that is jewelry is able to decrease the aggression contributing to the harmonic relationships with people. Those who love wear a ring on the thumb is considered to be a stubborn person who wants to prove himself in the society with any possible methods.

What does it mean when you wear a ring on your index finger?

Index finger is Jupiter, this planet is responsible for our Ego, power, it shows the direction of our feelings. The ring on the index finger influences more on your talent, abilities, dedication and self-esteem.

In the index finger all power of Jupiter is focused that is why if someone points the finger at you – it feels weird. Therefore, it is undesirable to act like that. There is an opinion that the energy of index finger which is focused on something is able to break the person’s aura. Especially if the other person was angry at you.

[adrotate group=”3″]If you possess the powerful energy, it’s better to wear a silver with cold stones ring on the index finger for mitigating it. Silver on your index finger on the right hand protects against subconscious harming other people, on the left hand – keep you from the negative energy of another person.

Indecisive and shy person can improve the self-esteem and get confidence back wearing a ring on the index finger, it may also attract some luck. If you prefer gold or tin – such rings will help you regain confidence in yourself and extend knowledges.

What does it mean when you wear a ring on your middle finger?

The middle finger is Saturn, it is responsible for your karma. Many of palmists and astrologists recommend to wear the jewelry on this finger because wearing a ring intensifies the karmic programs. So in the other words, it may break the weak-minded people and, vice versa, to reinforce the willpower of a strong person.

The necessity of karma lies in response of some tasks to a particular person for going on the next level. Therefore, if you feel that you can’t go through this now  – avoid wearing a ring on the middle finger. People who are not lucky at all and who always get some silly accidents – should wear jewelry on the middle finger, especially if it’s a family ring. Moreover, a ring can be of any metal excepting gold.

What does it mean when you wear a ring on your ring finger?

The ring finger is Sun. This planet is responsible for love, success, family and self-realisation. Usually, people wear a wedding ring on this finger which is connected with heart, trust, loyalty and sincere love. It’s better to have a gold ring because the silver gives some passive energy to a person and even selfishness in the relationships.

Such person always will be expecting something and demanding more attention and careness while nothing giving back. That is why the wedding rings should be gold. If we are talking about a usual ring so in this case people who love wear it on the ring finger demonstrate a thirst for money. A ring on this finger helps its owner to express the thought more clearly and to attract money.

The signs about wearing a ring on the ring finger

There is a sign that you should not give your diamond ring to try on to anybody, otherwise you family may be broken because of betray. For single people, it’s better to wear a silver ring on this finger or the family happiness may pass by you. A lot of people wear a silver ring with the sign “bless and keep” and they do not even understand why they are not happy with the private life. Put it off and a reciprocal love will come to you soon.

What does it mean when you wear a ring on your little finger?

The little finger is Mercury. It is responsible for practical mind, communicability, intuition and the ability to contact with people. Mercury also is the patron of businessmen, doctors, politicians, analysts and speakers.

If you don’t have such qualities so that the ring on your little finger can help you to find the common ground with any person. It is recommended to wear jewelry on the little finger to some avid players and lovers of flirt, it will balance these character traits.


Here are some tips how you can  follow the rules of Energy. If you know about biologically active points in the human body it is possible to enhance or weaken these or that traits of character achieving the goals in the life. Do not forget that everything is a circle in our life. Sooner or later people are held responsible for both – good and bad actions. Therefore, even practicing this knowledge try to do good and be happy!

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  1. Tammy Houston

    It got my attention when you said that the place where the accessory was placed actually creates an impact on the person’s life, like how putting a ring on the right finger will trigger masculine energy and putting it on the left will trigger feminine energy. To be honest, I didn’t know about these things, and that’s the reason I started researching. I was planning to give a gold ring to my sister because I heard that it will affect her mood. I didn’t know that there are also specific areas where they’re supposed to be placed. I appreciate the info!