Myth Concerning Weight Loss


[adrotate group=”1″]Almost every one of us sooner or later stands in front of a mirror and thinks losing weight would not be a bad idea. But in the process of slimming we can make a lot of mistakes.

Let’s consider the most widespread and dangerous myths, which don’t let us be fit, healthy and totally happy. The following tips will help you to get in shape faster and ensure you will not waste your time on something not useful.

No Eating After 6p.m.

Nonsense! They say you shouldn’t eat after 6 p.m., but it’s true only if you go to bed at 8 p.m. or so. If you work till late at night, then eating is a very necessary thing. If your body doesn’t receive food for more than half a day, it would start to break down not only fats but also muscles.

You just shouldn’t fill it with carbs (fries or bread) at night. Apples, citrus fruit of celery are much better as snacks. You can also eat steamed fish, yogurt or low fat cream cheese.

 What they are right about is that you shouldn’t eat two hours before you go to bed. Why? Because when we sleep the processes inside our body slow down, so our body doesn’t have enough time to digest food. The thing that helps us to get rid of fat is a growth hormone somatortropin.

 But it can’t be produced till our stomach will send SOS signals to our brain so that it can get energy to digest food.

[adrotate group=”2″]So if you ate some candy before going to bed, you won’t lose weight, that’s good for sportsman and people who want to build muscles, but very bad for those who are slimming and dream about a perfect body. More details you can find in our article “why you shouldn’t eat at night”

The Most Widespread Myth Concerning Losing Weight

The Less You Eat the Better

There’re many myths concerning slimming that make us believe the less you eat the better and the best diet is starving. We can say that bad nutrition leads to nothing but gastritis, if not worse, for every time you spend energy your body tries to compensate for that. When it fails to do it, our body gets a signal that our health and life are in danger, so it saves as much “fat” as it can so that it can survive in case bad times come.

 So you should eat no less than 5 times a day, but the portions should be small. You should also remember that the sense of fullness comes only in 5-20 minutes after you ate you meal. Never follow the cats’ example and eat as much as you have.

When it comes to food, not only quantity but also quality matters that is if the food is healthy or not, how much calories it contains.

Eating hamburgers, fries and drinking soda five times a day isn’t a good choice. In that case even going to gym won’t help. Even when you eat junk food not as often as five times a day, your body won’t be fit. You may not be overweight, but you will still not be in shape.

Vice versa, eating healthy food you can stop worrying about its quantity. You can eat big amounts of healthy food and still not gain a pound. Besides, healthy food doesn’t contain any elements which make us eat more, so eating a huge amount of healthy food is a difficult task. If you want to know what food is healthy, you can read our article on that.

Building Muscles Will Help Me Lose Weight

[adrotate group=”3″]It’s not completely true. Many people believe in such a strange myth and think that if you do sit-ups, then the fat from the abdomen will disappear and you lift heavy weight, then you’ll immediately become slim and healthy.

 In reality you muscles will be built under the layer of fat. As a result, your belly will only be more evident. If you go to gym to lose weight, the best choice is cardio training.

Running on a treadmill or riding a bicycle is much better for your health than lifting heavy weight. Besides, you may drop a bar on your of your neighbor’s foot.  Running, riding a bicycle and listening to music is a much more pleasant pastime.

No Eating After Training

In the whole, it’s true. But there’re some things you should know. If your goal is to lose weight, then don’t eat anything two hours after training, later you can eat healthy proteins (chicken breasts, steamed fish, vegetable salads with olive oil dressing).

If you also want to build muscles, then you should close a carb gap in a half an hour after training and a protein gap a little later. If you want to know what’s a gap and how to close it, you can find it out in our article on this site.

The right ratio of proteins and carbs is 60% to 40%. The only regulation is that you should eat as little fats as possible. Caffeine containing products (coffee, tea, chocolate) are also a no, if you really want to lose weight and not gain it.

Only Fat-Free Food Allowed

That’s not true! Quite often fat-free products contain a lot of sugar.

For example, a fruit yogurt contains 74 calories and a piece of chocolate contains only 35 calories. If you want to lose weight, then you should eat more cellulose-containing products (oats, pears, pistachio, and berries). You should also eat proteins and carbs.

But you should be careful with carbs.  Rice, oatmeal, beans and rye-bread are a much better choice. But you shouldn’t forget about fats at all. You should just remember that one-third(80-90 grams) of your daily meal should contain nuts, vegetables, fruit and greens.

No Tasty Food

[adrotate group=”5″]This is a myth. Have you heard a joke: you don’t like cats? – You just can’t cook them? This is practically the same. Any product can be turned into delicious restaurant-quality meal. For example, yogurt ice-cream, pineapple salad with mango, peaches and banana with wiped cream or salmon baked with vegetables. Isn’t it tasty?

Suffering Is a Must

Absolutely not! Vice versa, the envious faces of friends and adoring passers-by will bring you pleasure. Everybody will compliment you and ask for advice as if you are a slimming guru. You’ll be surrounded with fans. Is that a suffering? This is the biggest trick for those who want to lose weight.

 Lose weight with pleasure! You can also read an article on how to diet, whether the potato diet is useful or not.

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  1. Katherine

    Well, I do not actually agree that building muscles doesn’t help to lose weight. The more muscles your body has, the more calories you’ll burn. What’s more, if one wants to have beautiful and slim body after losing weight, they should combine cardio workouts and weight trainings.