Cinnamon Tea – Advantages and disatvantages

Now it’s winter and everyone wants to get warm. Tea is a traditional drink in Russia, which warms, gives energy and it is also tasty and nosey drink. Now we’re going to talk about the features, hale and harm of cinnamon tea. collection of fresh fruits and vegetables isolated on white background

Cinnamon hale

[adrotate group=”1″]Many people like the eastern spice – cinnamon, which is used in cooking to give dishes a savoury flavour. But it also contains a lot of microelements such as calcium, magnesium and iron, cellulose and antioxidants. That’s why this tea becomes popular in Russia. Followers of the folk medicine recommend to keep cinnamon in your the medicine box for its medicinal properties.

Cinnamon tea advantage

  • Improves the gastrointestinal tract and absterges
  • Decreases appetite. But not in confectionary with cinnamon
  • Promotes metabolism, used for weight loss in different beverages and other foods
  • Promotes glycometabolism
  • Excretes toxins
  • Improves blood-forming

Cinnamon tea for weight loss

The above properties of tea make it an important component of diets. People add cinnamon to many drinks – kefir, milk, fruit drinks, tea, coffee. In addition, this spice is a sugar substitute and it gives the drink a nosey flavour.

Cinnamon tea recipes

We are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of cinnamon tea, so I’ll tell you a few recipes with this spice. We start with green tea, which helps to lose weight and its hale.

Easy tea recipe for weight lose

Add 5 grams of cinnamon powder in a teapot. You can drink this tea at any time. This drink improves mood and reduces hunger. If you drink it regularly, then soon you will not want sweets and starchy foods. 

Milk tea for weight lose

Pour some brewing tea in a cup and add milk to make it full. Add one third of a teaspoon with cinnamon in the drink, mix well. You can drink this tea at any time.

The easiest cinnamon tea recipe

Grind a piece of cinnamon in a mortar. Brew the tea and cinnamon in teapot with slightly cooled boiling water of 80-90 degrees, and then drink it with honey or dried fruit. [adrotate group=”2″]

Cinnamon tea drawing

Brew milled cinnamon in a thermos with boiling water, then add tea. This method is a little bit more complicated, but cinnamon brewing in a thermos, better gives its hale and taste. This tea is also recommended to drink with honey and dried fruits.

Green tea with cinnamon and ginger

Grind peeled ginger and cinnamon in a mortar. Mix ingredients and pour with cooled boiling water. Let draw for 10-15 minutes. Then add the extract in green tea. It’s recommended to drink with honey, lemon and dried fruits.

Cinnamon tea with bay leaves

Cinnamon and bay leaves have a positive effect on the immune and excretory systems, the cholesterin level and blood sugar level. Many reviews show the positive effect of its application.

If you want to cook this kind of tea, you need one cinnamon stick and five bay leaves. Pour it with one litre of water and boil for 5 minutes. Drink this tea in small portions on an empty stomach daily for a month. You can safely lose about 5 kilograms and more, as well as improve your health.

Cinnamon tea harm

Cinnamon is used to improve the taste of various dishes and tea, in this case, it is safe for your health. However, there are people who often eat lots of spices and it can bring harm. Pure cinnamon irritates the stomach wall.

[adrotate group=”3″]People suffering from stomach ulcers and gastritis can eat it only in small portions. If you have a heart condition and high blood pressure, you must not drink cinnamon tea, it increases the heartbeat. Besides, it is necessary to limit it in other dishes.


Cinnamon is contraindicated for people with kidneys and liver diseases, because it affects these organs. Pregnant women are also forbidden to eat food and tea, because this spice may cause miscarriage.

How to choose cinnamon for your tea?

Buy long sticks of cinnamon. This is a hard product, so grind it into a powder will be difficult. You can do this in a blender or in a mortar by yourself. When you buy the milled powder it is necessary to remember that sometimes instead of cinnamon people sell Chinese cinnamon (Cassia).

Real cinnamon is always light brown (sometimes there is very light yellowing), the pseudo-color is red or dark-brown. You can check the cinnamon quality with the help of iodine. Real cinnamon in the interaction with iodine gives only a weak blue reaction. Cassia powder becomes dark-blue.

In conclusion, we want to say, don’t focus on our recipes and recommendations, because often the most delicious recipe the one you made yourself. There is a huge choice of spices and herbs and we told you about them in previous articles. Using them, you can make an amazing tea! It will help you to improve your health, recover from many diseases and give you the pleasure of tea drinking.

If you are interested in different unusual and useful hot drinks, we advise you to read about the hale of tea with apples, raspberry, bergamot, mint, milk, sandthom, rosehip and ginger. And is it harmful to add honey in hot water while making tea? If you want to avoid the negative impact on your health, then with which products you should drink tea?

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