The Most Expensive Countries in the World

Modern man is extremely mobile, and can change their place of residence very easy. This is especially true of young people. In this article we will find out which countries in the world are the most expensive. And not only countries, but also cities and resorts.

the-most-expensive-countries-in-the-world-640x360To find out which countries are the most expensive to live in, you should take into account many factors, namely the consumer basket, which includes the cost of food, restaurant expenses, transport costs, as well as the price of renting a house and the average purchasing power of residents.

Such researches are carried out by various authoritative publications, which statistics change annually. Therefore, these are approximate data. The most reliable source can be your relatives, friends or yourself, who have experience of living in a particular place.

Countries which expensive to live

The top ten countries that are expensive to live in include countries where living is estimated to be the most expensive in the world. This list includes:

  • Switzerland
    • Singapore
    • Norway
    • Hong Kong
    • Luxembourg
    • Qatar
    • Australia
    • Venezuela
    • Iceland
    • Denmark

It is very interesting that each of these countries is characterized by the high cost of one or more components of the consumer basket.

For example, to visit a restaurant in Norway, Switzerland, Denmark is quite expensive, while in India to have a dinner in a restaurant is much cheaper.

Switzerland leads in the cost of products, then Venezuela and Kuwait. Cheap food you can find in Moldova, India and Nepal.

For rent the most expensive will have to pay in Singapore, Hong Kong and Qatar.

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The richest countries in the world

The ranking of the richest countries in the world was determined on the basis of GDP per capita and purchasing power.

1st place is occupied by Qatar-the population is almost two million, the state is rich in oil, which gives the country a GDP per capita of 88,232 dollars.

2nd place Luxembourg-GDP (PPP) – gross domestic product at purchasing power parity of the population is 80 304 dollars. Due to the offshore zone, many banks and investment funds are located here, so the half-million population is considered the richest in the world. Also among the countries of Europe, it is the richest country.

3rd place is given to Singapore – this country is the richest among Asian countries, while it has low taxes. Thanks to this, the development of the economy is quite fast, as there are ideal conditions for business and global investment, the GDP is 57,238 dollars.

4th place Brunei – this country has huge oil reserves and gas, which made it possible to make medicine and education completely free. GDP is 53 431 dollars. At the same time, the Sultan of Brunei is one of the richest people in the world, his fortune is estimated at 38 billion dollars.

5th place Ireland-here GDP per person is equal to 49 000 dollars, the state ranks second among the richest European countries and fourth among the richest countries in the world.

6th place is awarded to the UAE – the United Arab Emirates is famous for its rich oil industry. GDP per capita is $ 48,000.

7th place USA-the country has a developed economy, where the labor of the population is estimated at a good salary. GDP per person is $ 47,123.

8 place is given to Kuwait-the state is located on the Arabian Peninsula. It produces a lot of oil, which brought the level of GDP (PPP) to 41 000 dollars.

9th place Netherlands-a fairly developed European country with good earnings of the local population. GDP per capita is $ 40,777.

10th place is Austria-the inhabitants of the state do not live in poverty, their incomes are high, GDP per person is 39 454 dollars.

If you have plans to change the country of residence, read the article about the countries in which it is best to emigrate, and compare with this rating.

The most expensive cities in the world

The results of researches on which cities are more expensive to live in do not coincide with the opinion of people visiting certain cities. It should be noted that the level of high cost of the city is estimated based on the cost of food, housing, clothing, transport, household goods, entertainment industry.

The purpose of such researches is to help various multinational companies and the government to determine what government allowances are needed for fellow citizens working abroad.

For an objective assessment, the most expensive cities in the world in different regions of the planet have been identified.

The most expensive cities in Central and Eastern Europe:

  • Moscow
  • Istanbul
  • Riga
  • Bratislava
  • Prague

The most expensive cities in Western Europe:

  • Zurich
  • Geneva
  • Bern
  • London
  • Copenhagen

The most expensive cities in Asia, except the Middle East

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Seoul

The most expensive cities in Africa and the Middle East:

  • Luanda
  • N’djamena
  • Kinshasa
  • Victoria
  • tel aviv

The most expensive cities in Oceania:

  • Sydney
  • Noumea
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Auckland

The most expensive cities in North America:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Washington

The most expensive cities in South America:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Sao Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Santiago
  • Port of Spain

But, even in these researches, there are many paradoxes. It seems that Angola is considered a very poor country, but its capital Luanda is among the most expensive cities in the world.

The secret is that foreign companies in Angola receive a large profit from the extraction of oil and diamonds. It attracts a lot of visitors. Therefore, in Luanda, to get accommodation of excellent quality, visit a good restaurant with excellent service, buy a car, clothes and so on, you need to pay a lot.

For example, renting a two-room apartment in Luanda will cost 6.8 thousand dollars a month, three-room apartments can be rented for almost 16 000 dollars.

The most expensive countries for holiday

Every year millions of people go on vacation to warm countries. However, not all offers are equally budget and profitable. The rating of the most expensive countries for holiday is calculated on the basis of the cost of the hotel per day and expenses on the spot.

This, however, does not include the cost of travel. And so, the countries with excellent, but not cheap service for tourists are:

  • Barbados-168 dollars per day
  • UAE – 156 USD
  • Austria – 142 USD
  • Czech Republic-142 dollars
  • Switzerland – $ 140
  • Belgium – $ 136
  • Monaco – 134 dollars
  • US $ 134
  • Netherlands – $ 125
  • Hong Kong -120 dollars

In fairness, we give an article on our website about the cheapest countries for recreation.

The most expensive resorts in the world

The current service in the resort industry, allows travelers to choose any country to stay based on their earnings. Indeed, who does not dream of the most expensive resorts in the world? To get the resort in the rating of the most luxurious places to stay, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Absolute privacy of tourists. Famous people visiting such a resort should not be disturbed by crowds of fans and paparazzi.
  • Exterior and interior should be chic. Usually these resorts are located on the Islands, where the white sand and azure sea.
  • Service of the highest level, so to get into the elite service, the staff for a long time trained and prepared for how to properly serve dear guests.
  • A large range of various additional services at the resort.
  • Holidays in the most expensive resorts in the world should be truly heavenly.

To talk about which countries are the most expensive, give examples of the cost of one day stay at such resorts.

For those who like to relax not just good, but luxurious and was rated the most expensive resorts in the world, where the top three included:

1st place-virgin Islands (Necker island) – 30 000 dollars per night.

Here is a very diverse flora and fauna, in 1982 an English millionaire Richard Branson bought the island and created a Paradise on the island for his own vacation, after a while the owner of the island began to rent it out.

The resort has 6 villas, which can accommodate 28 people, all the decoration is made in an exotic style, while the hotel is considered private, and therefore rented as a whole.

The hotel has five beaches, an outdoor pool, a SPA, where you can visit yoga and Pilates. Excellent cooking, a Michelin-starred chef, as well as two shady courts and a fitness room.

There are water-skiing, Windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, Snorkling, diving, sailing a luxury yacht, an underwater scooter and helicopter landing site for entertainment.

2nd place – Bahamas (Musha Cay Islands of Copperfield bay) – 28 000 dollars per night.

The largest number of guests who can stay at the resort, 24 people. For them prepared 5 villas, surrounded by terraces of mahogany, have private access to the beach.

For vacationers there are: an outdoor heated pool, an open-air beach cinema, tennis courts, a fitness room, a water sports center. Also there are billiards and yoga.

There are all conditions for fans of fishing, as well as boat trips, all sorts of games, compiled by David Copperfield (Olympic games, the Search for pirate treasures, the secret village of monkeys and others).

3rd place-Miami (Villa Hotel Contenta) – 17 400 dollars per day.

The price includes the services of a personal chef, a nanny, a personal servant, a personal massage therapist and a limousine service to the airport.

Next on the list prices are reduced from 11 000 dollars and below.


All these data are taken from various authoritative sources, specially engaged in such studies. However, we repeat, to make an impression about the most expensive countries is best to rely on the opinion of relatives and friends living in the place where you want to go to relax, work or emigrate.

And of course if you are not ready to move to another country, we advise you to watch the video about the best countries to relocate to Russia, and of course the top cheapest countries to live.

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