Mint tea – Advantages and Disadvantages

Since ancient times respected doctors Avicenna and Hippocrates have repeatedly proved that mint tea has a very positive impact on a person. Today every woman is confident in its beneficial properties against colds and weight loss, but it’s difficult to find fresh mint in winter as it seems.


[adrotate group=”1″]Mint is a natural component which can soothe your soul and body. But despite on its significant advantage, mint has some contraindications, which we will discuss later. If you drink mint tea daily, you will be very calm. However, a measure should be observed in everything, even if it is a regular mint tea drink.

Mint tea advantage

Mint tea can reduce pain, calm, it may have antiseptic and choleretic effect. This drink stimulates brain activity and improves your appetite. Mint contains menthol, which has antibacterial properties against infectious and catarrhal diseases. This kind of tea eases pain during the menses among women, also you must drink this kind of tea in case of unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

Mint tea can reduce the level of male hormones in the female body, which helps woman not to have hair in undesired places. Pregnant women drinking mint tea with mint can easier suffer from the toxicosis, relieving symptoms of nausea and dizziness.

Health properties

Mint tea is recommended to drink to reduce the stomach acidity, against colds, running nose and flu due to its health properties. Also, mint tea has a positive effect on metabolism, improving protective functions of the body. This drink helps to normalize the gastrointestinal system, relieving from spasms and liquidating infection.

It helps to relieve from headache and muscle pains. Tonic drink calms and normalizes the nervous system. In addition, the mint tea has beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels, it is used to treat skin diseases, relieving from the rash and itching. This tea is recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Besides, you can add a spoon of honey in the tea.

Does it make you energetic or calm?

If you drink mint tea in small doses, you will be energetic, but you can have it no more than 2 cups a day, otherwise you will be sleepy and weak. Men have doubtful opinion about this tea, because it calms the nervous system and the organism as a whole, thus lowering male libido. If you regularly drink this tea, then this can have unpleasant impact on the male potency, however, when you stop to drink mint tea, your power is return. [adrotate group=”2″]

Is mint tea good for men?

Thus, speaking about the pros and cons of mint tea – men don’t be afraid, you can drink it and you must if you are tired and nervous. Everything is good in moderation. For hyperactive kids, this tea is also helpful as it makes them calmer, but normal children should not drink mint tea as it causes sleepiness.

Mint tea and weight loss

Mint can be combined with any other teas or herbs, so black or green tea in combination with mint will give excellent results for weight loss. The secret is quite simple, mint contains a big amount of essential oil that stupefies esurience, thus helping to normalize metabolic processes and free the body from poisons.

Taking mint tea as a weight-loss aid, it is necessary to drink ample amount of water, as mint has a strong diuretic effect.

Proper mint tea cooking

You should better brew tea with mint in a porcelain or glass pots, thus the drink will save its hale. If you brew fresh mint, take 4 leaves and scald them, after 1-2 minutes drain the water and pour a glass of slightly cooled boiling water, (about 80-90 degrees). Leave tea for 10 minutes and then it can be poured into cups.

Another mint combinations

Generally, mint tea can be brewed with any herb, for instance, ginger and cinnamon combined with mint will give energy and vigor, lemon and honey will fortify the immune system, chamomile calms the nervous system, melissa will relieve from headache.  You can brew just mint or with honey, thus you will feel the taste of this healing plant.

[adrotate group=”3″]It reminds the exclusive green tea or white Japanese one. Now you don’t need to buy the usual low-quality tea which was picked no one knows where. If you want to make tea for the child, you must add mint half as much. If you brew black tea with mint, fin proportion 1:1.

It is important to remember that mint tea is good only when it’s brewed for the first time. This tea is better to drink without sugar as it is one of the most harmful products and reduces tea’s hale, so it is better to add honey. You should not add honey in boiling water, because its hale may disappear or become harmful.

Contraindications and harm

Despite the many advantages of this tea, it is not recommended for lactating mothers, as it reduces lactation. People suffering from kidneys and liver inflammation should not drink mint tea. Those people who have low blood pressure should drink tea with caution or even refuse it.

If you have mint allergy, certainly you can’t drink this tea or if you have individual intolerance. Doctors do not advise drinking mint tea in the case of varicose veins. Thus, all other people can drink tea with mint, because it’s good for health.

In addition, the mint tea will help you to relax and relieve stress. If there is no mint in the fridge now – do not worry, it is better to read articles about the pros and cons of tea with lemon, cinnamon, honey or the ginger tea hale.

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