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[adrotate group=”1″]Hello friends! Welcome to the portal of learning and self-development. Today we are going to talk about one touchy but
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Life Hacks
Best Motivation when you don’t know what to do
Dear friend, today I will not be on formal terms. Just you and me. Because you are the same as me. A person who wants to succeed, to conquer the peaks
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life hacking of self development
How to Learn a Foreign Language Faster?
Linguistic capabilities of humans that represent ability to quickly learn grammar constructions while increasing vocabulary are various.
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Self Development
How to Ask a Man About Gifts
[adrotate group=”1″]Our theme today is how to ask a man about gifts right, moreover, about these ones you want to get yourself.
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How to do paschimottanasana or seated forward bend
[adrotate group=”1″]This article describes in great detail how to do, step-by-step instructions, benefits, indications, contraindications
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Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On
A tradition to wear rings dated back centuries. It concerns to ancient Egypt where a ring was considered as pharaos’ seal. The medieval mystics, secret
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Themes for reflection and discussion
How do I Know God’s Will About Me
Every believer seeks to knowledge of God’s will about himself, others and the world in general. He knows that God is Omniscient and Omnipresent Personality
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Psychology of family life and relationships
How a Family With a Baby Can Save Money
Maternity is not only a huge happiness, but also a huge trial for family budget. That’s why we are going to tell how one should plan the budget in order
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Financial and business life hacking
The “Super” Tricks of Supermarkets: Deceit or Just Business?
Obviously, the supermarkets are replacing small shops, and sometimes even vast markets. On one hand, they are really convenient – one can buy almost everything
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How Independently to Put Your Voice in Home Terms
In the previous article we talked about basic laws or principles of singing, and today we will continue conversation about how to learn singing and offer
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