How a Family With a Baby Can Save Money

Maternity is not only a huge happiness, but also a huge trial for family budget. That’s why we are going to tell how one should plan the budget in order to buy everything necessary for a child and avoid excessive expenses.

how to save money

Tips for saving money in a family with children

[adrotate group=”1″]The first and, probably, the main secret of economy is buying only things that are crucial for a baby. Do not buy extra unnecessary things. Chaise longue, wicker bassinet, jumperoo, baby walker, baby phone should be immediately crossed out. These are things you can save your money on.

Choose what pram and cradle will be the most appropriate for you. Look up on the Internet to compare the brands and models, look through the comments and reviews.

 If you cannot buy both pram and cradle, choose transforming stroller. Although it’s heavier and less convenient, it’s functional and the economy will be tangible. The same thing concerns the cot. There are many cots combined with changing table, playpens and so on.

Do not hurry! Weigh everything thoroughly and buy all the needs. Do not buy excess clothes. Babies grow up SO fast. They usually do not even wear all the clothes parents buy in advance. In addition, your relatives and friends may present you some clothes.

How to save money on nutrition

Make your menu simpler and healthier. Eat more cereals and vegetables, cook soups and porridges. Avoid convenience food. They are cheaper, and still you spend on them much more if to compare with the natural products.

What’s more, there’s no need to compare the influence of natural and convenience food on our health. It’s evident that natural food is far healthier and more useful for us. Healthy eating is especially appropriate for a family with a baby.

[adrotate group=”2″]One may freeze the vegetables bought in summer at a lower price. One may also cook a chicken broth, then take a chicken breast out and make a salad with it adding boiled eggs and mushrooms. The trick is you use one chicken breast for two dishes. One can always choose products that are not well-advertised, because well-known and advertised products are much more expensive.

Instead of sweets and chocolate one can make jam. We’ve already told you how to make cherry and raspberry jam – these are splendid ones! You can bake a pie with a jam, dip cookies in it or add a spoon of jam in your tea – that’s both delicious and healthy.

How you can earn money while having a baby

Use the Internet properly. Sure, you can watch movies, read books, play games or hold conversation on the Internet forums. On the other side, you may choose to acquire useful knowledge, work as a freelancer or monitor websites where you can buy something for children at a lower price.

For instance, you can work as a copywriter on our portal and write various articles about self-development; or you can rewrite articles which is not a complicated job for a person sitting at home with a child. Choosing a qualitative leisure, you’ll be able to earn some extra money or save it. For example, nowadays many people make joint purchases to buy clothes and shoes for their babies and it’s much cheaper than shopping in stores.

The variety of diapers is vast. We can distinguish nappies that are expensive and very good, expensive, but not good enough, and, finally, cheap and very bad. Some people think that there’s no difference what the diaper is made of and what its brand is. “Cheap diapers will do,” they say… No, not at all!

This is the case when you should save money rationally. Diapers of poor quality are much cheaper, but they absorb and retain badly and can have strong chemical smell.

[adrotate group=”3″]You think you save money buying such nappies, but then you’ll spend much more money because of the irritation and other problems on a baby’s skin. You will need to treat your baby, because his/her bottom has contact with a diaper’s inner layer of poor quality.

Add money you’ll spend on the washing powder to wash all the clothes that will be dirty because of the leaking diaper. In addition, you’ll have to buy more cheap diapers, because they absorb not only worse, but also less.

So choose well-known and trustworthy brands, but series that are a bit cheaper. For example, choose Huggies diapers “Classic”, instead of “Elite Soft”.

Economy and medical treatment

If to talk about doctors and analyses, the decision depends on the situation. For example, it’s better to choose a private clinic than stand in an extremely long queue in the outpatient department to get to the doctor. You can address to the MEDSI Clinic Care Network.

Sure, you will have to pay more for a surgery and inspection, but you will be sure that you and your baby will come down with flu or something else extremely dangerous for a newborn while standing in the queue. Or then you will need to buy meds that are far more expensive than a surgery in a private clinic.

It also concerns analyses. It’s better to pay for them, than waiting for hours and being afraid that you’ll catch a cold, a flu or something like this.

Second-hand stuff for your child

Look for second-hand items. If you long to buy something very expensive, look up on the websites selling used goods if there is something cheaper for you. One can definitely buy second-hand car seat for a baby, playpen, playhouse or tummy-time mat. There are so many variants on such websites.

What’s more, some things can be even new, but people who sell them didn’t need them. For example, they get them as a gift, but already had the same thing at home.

Get state cash assistance

If your family is great, you can both save money and get extra benefits like child allowance and cash assistance from the government. Do not be a coach potato! Apply for any kind of benefit you can get. Ask for free meals for you and your baby in the outpatient clinic.

Sure, nobody likes gathering documents, but when you count the sum you saved, you’ll see it’s really big. I don’t think, it’s unnecessary for you.

Go shopping with a list and do not buy goods you didn’t plan even if there will be a hundred of special offers. You should put aside expensive hobbies and entertainments for some time, if your family isn’t a well-to-do one. That also concerns road shows – you can watch movies that interested you at home in some time. The impressions will be different, but your money will stay in your pocket.

[adrotate group=”4″]At the same time, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of tiny pleasures like your favourite tea, cookies or lipstick. These make our life happier and a bit easier. That’s why, any economy doesn’t have to be maximum, making you feel upset and sick, but reasonable. The economy of family budget in a family with children should be twice more reasonable.

To sum up, I wish you to be wise. Let your wisdom help you in what cases you should save money and in what cases you’d better earn more. Extra earnings will help you stop depriving yourself of little pleasures of life and invest money in your education and self-development in order to get rid of all problems concerned with money. Oh, and don’t forget about our portal and read how to save money while shopping in the supermarkets and how to avoid sly tricks of the supermarkets.

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