How to Ask a Man About Gifts

Planet earth in human hands on blue background[adrotate group=”1″]Our theme today is how to ask a man about gifts right, moreover, about these ones you want to get yourself. As the New Year`s coming, we give and receive lots of presents.

Of course, every woman wants her man to gift her with something she will like. Moreover, many women are really worried that their second half will refer to lack of money to avoid unexpected expenses. So if there is a right way to ask a man about gifts so he wouldn`t perceive you as a gold digger but wanted to please you more often?

How to inspire a man to give you presents

Frankly speaking, there is no any common formula for building a request for gifts which would always work.  Because, first of all, every woman should make a man want to bring the whole world to her knees instead of laying there only one thing.

Every female needs to support such a state in her man in which he would like to pamper her again and again. To begin with, a woman should be confident stunning and beautiful. If she doesn`t look attractive to her man and always tries to save money on her own appearance then he will do it as well. The way your man treats you is merely a reflection of the way you do yourself.

You won`t get any respect from your partner if you don`t respect yourself, he won`t love if you don`t, he won`t appreciate you if you don`t and if you despise yourself – he will do too. And, of course, if a woman feels happy her man will only multiply her happiness or misfortune if she`s not.

So, that`s why, my very first advice to all women – love and respect yourselves, be stunning beautiful and happy, don`t try to economize on yourselves and smile as often as possible. This simple and pleasurable psychological trick will inspire men to give you the best and the most expansive gifts.

How to motivate a man

Another important component of any relationship is a motivation. A wise woman always can encourage her man to go up the career ladder or to start his own business. After all, as they say: «Behind any successful man there is a woman!» And if you want to be surprised and poured with gifts you have to motivate a man so he would love to do it himself. [adrotate group=”2″]

Forget about any critics towards your partner and replace it with words of gratitude appreciation and admiration. Admire everything he does no matter if he made some trifle or got a bit promoted. Look at him as if he was a real hero and he will become one for you and will want to give back all good emotions he once received in a gift form.

Men don`t understand hints

Now let`s talk about hints. Dear women, remember it once and forever: men don`t get your hints! They are completely different. Their brain works different as their thinking is more logical and specific. Giving him hints is equal to talking in riddles to a foreigner. It will leave him absolutely lost and you – disappointed. Of course, if he loves you he will try to guess what you really mean but most likely he`ll just miss it.

Even if you partner figured out you wanted a new perfume, he would get you the wrong scent. If you, for instance, want a new dress nothing can guarantee that he picks up the right size or chooses the style you like. If you hint at some jewelry there is a chance he`ll buy the wrong one.

If you want his present to be a surprise

So, as you`ve already understood, you better leave your hints behind and say exactly what you want. It might be not so exciting if you dream to be surprised as if you know what you`ll get from the start his present won`t be too intriguing.

For that case there is a special method: name a few things or give him a list with the things you want the most on it (fortunately, there are many websites on the Internet where you can make your wish-lists adding there some photos descriptions prices and shops where it`s sold). On the one hand, your present will be kind of «veiled» and, on other one, you surely will get something you like.

[adrotate group=”3″]If you`ve read this too late and already confused your second half with useless hints and, consequently, got an unwanted present, remember: there is no his fault so you can`t blame him and make scandals or praise your girlfriend`s «perfect husband». About your following actions you can read in our previous article «why your man don`t give you presents».

Pay attention on your man`s material condition

One more advice: asking about gifts, never forget to pay attention on those ones which your partner can afford and which not. If, at the moment, he`s no more than an average student there`s no point in requirement to buy you the last iPhone model or a car. You should stick to things he can freely spend his money on.

It matters because, otherwise, you`ll just make him feel weak and helpless in giving you what you want. And this ain`t a good thing to do to motivate your sweetheart! But if you want to get posh and luxurious presents, it calls into a question why you got together with a poor student? On the other hand if you want to find yourself a general`s wife you should marry an adjutant first. So marry and motivate him to do more.

Be happy about any present

Don`t show your dissatisfaction whether you like his present or not. Don`t make him feel bad about it or you will merely stop him from wanting to give you anything else.

Express your happiness and admiration and be grateful for his try to please you. When you receive anything from your partner and show him that you approve of it this always encourages him to do more as you convince him in success of his own zeal.

Remember: men love your appreciation! One more important thing: accepting your man`s gifts is an absolutely normal occasion and there`s nothing wrong with that. A wise woman gives her man energy which takes back via presents care and protection.

No sense of duty

That`s why, if you accept any gifts you don`t have to think that you «owe something» and feel uncomfortable by no means. You don`t have to give something as expansive as you received in return or give it back in a sexual form. This advice is meant more for women who have just met a man and haven`t built a strong communication in a relationship yet.

Don`t feel awkward accepting something and forget about mumbling stuff like «you shouldn`t have…» and, of course, no thoughts like « I have to sleep with him for this or let him be in charge» Just take what`s given with a smile and tell him that you`re sincerely thankful. Express your admiration for the present and praise the accuracy of his choice. This will be higher than anything else and, knowing that he made you even a little bit happier, he will want to do it again.

Try these life hacks and, pretty soon, you will see that they give real and good results. Our portal of self-development wishes every lady received lots of  good and pleasing presents for this New Year and every gentleman his woman`s love and admiration. Stay with us and soon we will gladden you with new and informative materials!

All about what kinds of presents men would like to get, why a man can stop loving his wife, how to understand guys and how to get a man to love you easily and, also, don`t forget to read our previous article «why men don`t give presents» and download our new book about love.

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