Best Motivation when you don’t know what to do

Dear friend, today I will not be on formal terms. Just you and me. Because you are the same as me. A person who wants to succeed, to conquer the peaks, to win against fate. Because I, like you, want to be the shaper of my own destiny, I want to create my incredible future. I am glad that you are watching this video on our channel of training and self-development. I’m sure this video will make you act right now and go to your goal despite everything. Best Motivation when you don’t know what to do

[adrotate group=”1″]I understand – it is hard. To fight your weaknesses, the laziness that has worn into you, bad habits that crowd out all the pros!

But still, once, you suddenly realize that you are not like everyone else! You are the one who escaped from the mire of everyday life, stood on tiptoe, and suddenly your new reflection flashed in the mirror! Look – a strong, self-confident person – it is you!

After all, it was you who were not afraid to face fear and take risks. After all, this is in your head an idea – how to improve the world! After all, you have a dream that you turned into a goal! (You can also watch it all in the video, which will be several times more effective, believe me and, of course, check)).

Remember …

Remember how you once fought and defeated your sticky fear of moving forward. That once you said “No” to your cautious inner voice and right now you have realized, seeing yourself as a new out of the corner of your eye, that you can do anything if you want! That the world began to change, and the universe helps you in your endeavors!

This vision is not given to everyone! If you do not dare to look at your capabilities, then you will continue to live like everyone else, on average. Do you continue to be afraid of someone else’s opinion, slanting eyes and whispers behind you? You walk in a circle like an exhausted horse, and there is no strength, and most importantly a desire, to take a step forward and up.

Stop! Enough to live life, as if you have 9 of them. Just think, today I didn’t, in the next life I’ll catch up! Just think, if you are suddenly destined to be born a baobab!

Neither I nor you know how many minutes or decades of this life have been given to us. What is our term? No one knows if tomorrow will come and what it will be. [adrotate group=”2″]

If you want to achieve something – start it now, look for your idea, dream, goal! Decide for yourself, in the end, that you will make your own future.

It will be hard…

Yes, it will be hard. Clench one’s teeth and go! To do this, have patience, endurance. Get ready for failures, millions of falls! Nothing leads you astray! Go to the end – to the ideal. How many bench presses did you do today? How many approaches to the barbell did you complete? How often do you hold the brush in your hands? How many attempts have already been made?

Did you know that Michael Jordan made 9000 unsuccessful shots and lost 300 games before becoming the best basketball player in the world?

Arnold Schwarzenegger trained for 5 hours a day in order to become “Mr. Universe” at the age of 20. What is striking is his smile during hard training: “I am smiling because I am moving towards my goal”

But the truth and your reality are near. And it is exactly what you make her. This door opens when a person realizes what he wants, fully devoting himself to turning dreams into reality.

Stumbles … Fells … Again fails. I crawl, tore off all my knees in blood, my fists are knocked down, I wade through difficulties and stupidity. Only thought saves – well, someone did the same! I also look at Nick Vujicic, and I think what gives him strength to move forward, and generally to live. How could he not only live, but also share his knowledge with others!

The human spirit is incredible! However, I, like everyone, have two legs, two arms, so I can! And move on!

And how many people remain overboard, unhooked and succumbed to a whisper: “Do not waste yourself, it still does not work out.” Oh!

Cast aside doubts …

[adrotate group=”3″]Yes, I understand the doubts of the “inner person”, because they also get me.

When you progress, the rest are left behind. Naturally, you are left alone for a moment. Friends, colleagues, all behind. You climb higher and make new friends. But here you do not slow down the movement.

Sometimes it seems to you, as if you are in an elevator that is stuck between floors. You got to one floor, but did not get the other. However, you go on growing, acting and moving “your personal elevator” higher and higher.

Of course, people are offended, trying to push you into the same framework. But you know that there, upstairs, you will find fresh air, incredible opportunities and freedom! You are free to think and create! After all, you will never be the same, and you are even a little sorry for the one who does not aspire and does not develop …

What made Sri Sri Ravi Shankar begin to build his Ashram among the stones and barren lands, which now bloomed with lush greenery? What moves climbers to conquer Everest? Why was Dr. Roshal not afraid to go to crisis spots with his hospital? How did Chulpan Khamatova feel while creating her “Give Life” charity?

To understand the driving force, the energy pushing forward time after time, achievement after achievement, goal after goal, one day you need to make it all the way, to claim a victory! Do you think it was easy for them?

Just go without stopping …

If you want a perfect self – be it! Go to the utmost step! Expand and conquer your abilities!

If you want to lose weight, don’t sleep with a refrigerator in your arms! Want to be the best surgeon – work out a plastic seam on rubber boots! If you want to be an Olympic champion – do not spare yourself, go and train! Do you want to be the best cook in the country – fry, stew nonstop and distribute your food to the homeless! If you want to learn how to draw- decorate your wall first!

After all, you know what you want! You are unstoppable! You are strong! You are not afraid of any obstacles! Just move, study, be all eyes, absorb knowledge with all the fibers of the soul! Do not roll back!!!

Do you think Gagarin knew everything, knew how and was not afraid of anything? But he did what no one had ever done before him – flew into space!

Everyone says that what you have in mind is nonsense. Everyone says that it’s not yours! They whisper behind backs and twist a finger at the temple. They are afraid that you will become luckier than them!

They say to you – remain a slave to your habits – sleep longer, eat more, turn on the telly and freeze! And in general, do not overdo it, take care of yourself, be like everyone else, do not curtail yourself! [adrotate group=”4″]

Because you already differ from the gray mass in your desire!

How many people were left without a dream of fear of condemnation? How many people went into another world without having made the main thing in life, what they wanted. How many people live someone else`s life. Not their own, but the one imposed by stereotypes. Bound by the bonds of their fears and doubts.

Are you terrified? And have you tried?!

Try it!

Make just one step and see what happens! Every day, start by asking what I can do to get closer to my dream. What?!

Take it and do it! Just one step. Today! Now!

Perhaps after another fall or failure, take a timeout. Say: “Dash it all!” And if in a week you realize that it’s not yours, quit …

But if the fatigue passed, the tension subsided, and one morning you wake up with the thought that you could try again, then go ahead!

Feel that the seed of change has already sprouted in you, that it is an integral part of life. That this sprout grows with you, and very soon it will bear fruit! Changing the inner space, your “internal person”, you will be surprised when you realize that the world around you has changed.

You will see clues where they were not. You will feel the support among strangers! Because you shine from within, your determination draws more and more answers to your questions. You are like magma from a volcano, throwing away all unnecessary and burning doubts around itself.

The strongest promise is a promise made to oneself. Screw a confession out of yourself: “I will do it, I will achieve everything that I have in mind.” Run, walk, crawl to the goal! Use any obstacle as a springboard, as experience. Draw conclusions, gain wisdom and get into 10 percent of successful people on the planet!

After all, what you do today will do your tomorrow.

[adrotate group=”5″]Let others only wonder at your strength and ability to go through any trials, and most importantly never, hear … NEVER GIVE UP.

Believe me, it happens … All you have to do is find a truly IMPORTANT goal for you, and without turning to go forward, no matter what …

Walk, and sooner or later, the critical strength of your steps will turn your fate around, and you will wake up a renewed, happy and successful person.

Just going forward, you will become worthy of imitation. … Going forward … you are doomed to victory …


My Dear Friend … Think about who you will be in 5 years?! …

And also, my friends, watch this and other even more motivating videos on our video channel … And let the Force be with you.

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