[adrotate group=”1″]Hello friends! Welcome to the portal of learning and self-development. Today we are going to talk about one touchy but very important (especially for big families with small children) topic: “How to toilet-train your child?”

Your kid is growing, developing and one day you will have to introduce him to such thing as potty. Apparently, a lot of questions like “At what age is it  better to begin with toilet-training?” ,  “What should I do if my kid is strongly against  using the potty?”, “How to make the toilet-training process comfortable for me and my child?” and so on will appear.

Let’s try to come to grips with this topic.

At what age is it better to begin with toilet-training?

Ideally, the process of toilet-training should begin when child is ready for it. Basic signs of readiness are, for example, if kid understands what you say to him, if he is able to show or tell on his own that he wants to go to the toilet and if he can undress to use the potty.

Average age that Is best for the toilet-training is 2-3 years old. Of course you  have to focus only on individual characteristics of your child and his readiness. If your 2-year old child refuses to use the potty, you don’t have to panic, it is just a matter of time.

What should I do if my kid is strongly against using the potty?

When you’ve accepted the fact that all kids are unique and each has his own way in this matter, try to speak with your child and to figure out what’s the matter.

Reasons might be very trivial but they can still push kid away. For example, potty is cold or it is on the wrong place and so on.

If even after the clarification and correction of possible reasons your child stays away from potty, do not try to force him. It can cause mental trauma because pressure is a type of  the emotional abuse. [adrotate group=”2″]

How to make the toilet-training process comfortable for me and my child?

Let’s talk about advices for making the toilet-training process comfortable for you and your child. The most important thing for you is to calm down and be patient. Nervous mother will only share her worries with child.

If you have the opportunity, try showing your child different colors and shapes of potties so he could show interest towards it. It is very important for child to like the potty.

Never buy musical potties in shapes of animals. Child has to understand that it is not a toy. The simplier your potty-the better.

Try to leave the potty in your child’s visual field, let him see it constantly and get used to it.

Illustrative example. Ideally if there is a bit older child in your family who already uses the potty but hasn’t switched to normal toilet yet. Your child will see the older one and he would want to try it himself. That’s why a lot of parents notice that in the nursery children toilet-train faster since there is a daily example.

And if you have just one child and you don’t want him to go to the nursery, try to show with an example of your child’s favorite toy. Get the toy, put it on the potty and pretend that it had just relieved itself (you can invisibly pour some water) and praise it. We are sure that your child would like to repeat this activity with his best friend.

Interesting  way: “look how other child does it”. Print out and put on the walls pictures of children sitting on the potty. Make your child pay attention to these pictures and every time that you put him on the potty, show that others do it too.

[adrotate group=”3″]Another advice is to refuse using diapers while toilet-training and putting it on your child only for night or for the walk, in other time use regular pants.

When the child pees in his pants he will feel discomfort, in this moment try to explain to him that it happened because he didn’t use the potty. Sooner or later he would want to see if it really works because nobody likes being in wet clothes.

And do not forget to praise your child every time the attempt of using the potty is successful.

Sincerely rejoice in his success, then child will have subconscious wish to please his parents this way. But  never scald the child and never scream at him if he didn’t use the potty successfully. It can scare the child a lot and he could refuse to use the potty at all.

Society’s influence on the issue of toilet-training

It seems that the topic of toilet-training is only about your child and you , but a lot of people get influenced by society and make a lot of mistakes that could lead to sad consequences…

Your neighbor’s, friend’s, colleague’s child already uses the potty and yours doesn’t. People annoy you with questions in this area, calling you a bad mother and so on?

Don’t pay attention to it and don’t take every single advice or you will make it even worse. Boast on your child’s other achievements, potty isn’t the most important thing in the world.

Remember that it is your child and you do it only for him and for you but not for the other’s praise.


There is no right way of toilet-training, all children are different. Everyone has his own character and temperament, different physical opportunities. Besides, there are different ways of communication in different families and it also influences the perception of information by your child.

Focus only on your child’s state, don’t load the child with this topic, find your own effective method that will suit you. Do not force the child!

Be full of patience and love and everything will turn out!

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Peace and Love to all of you!

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