Color and sound impact on humans

Dear friends, I welcome everyone to our channel of training and self-development. Today we are going to discuss a very interesting topic of the influence of color and sound on human body and well-being.

Color and sound impact on humans

[adrotate group=”1″]In the life of every person, color and sound are of great importance, because they carry certain information in themselves. For example, any person has favorite color or prefers to listen to music that he likes. This is because each person has his own tasks in life and his energy is tuned to a certain vibration, which, in particular, is expressed in the corresponding colors and sounds of our world.

The influence of color and sound on a person is due to the fact that a person is a multidimensional and interdimensional being, and the manifested colors and sounds of this world indicate his connection with more subtle structures and dimensions.

The influence of color on a person’s mood has long been known. When a person chooses a certain color, in this way he expresses his Soul, his inner world and such color vibrations reflect the vibrations of the energy body of the person himself. For example, people who are cheerful and optimistic choose colorful paints with joyful tones.

There are also people who dress in black. Thus, they show that they need protection. People who do not believe in themselves and do not want to be paid attention to are dressed in clothes of soft or gray colors.

Creative people, who sometimes do things intuitively, often use yellow colors – this color inspires them. Many people know that the green color is associated with nature, with the growth of something and such a color is used by healers. However, the orange color is associated with divine aspiration and expresses a high level of human consciousness.

As for people dressed in pinkish-red clothes, this expresses the vibration of the energy of Love and this is the color of love. That is why such people are often laughed at or joked, thus expressing their fear of the Love that such people carry in themselves.

The blue color is more suitable for diplomacy and business issues during negotiations. However, if blue is used at the workplace, this leads to a decrease in the concentration and working capacity of the working staff.

[adrotate group=”2″]The violet color is associated with the divine principle of a person, where masculine and feminine are combined. This color creates positive changes in human life. You can read detailed information about the colors of clothes in a person’s wardrobe and about the determination of your appearance color type on our training and self-development portal.

We can also consider the effect of color on the well-being of a person. The internal vibrations and life aspirations of a person are reflected in his bioenergetic field (Aura). It is believed that the brighter and purer the aura of a person, the more purely energetically and spiritually he is.

Pure red color in a person’s aura means energy and strength, and dark red will be a sign of hot temper and imbalance. Orange color symbolizes vitality. The yellow color of the aura indicates good health and good intelligence. Green is the color of nature, compassion and sentimentality. The blue color of the aura is the color of spirituality and elevation. Violet color means spiritual quest and faith. White color means harmony.

Sound impact on humans

At its core, sound is the vibration of air and space. The effect of sound on human body depends on the frequency of oscillations. In its structure, sound manifests itself in the form of a set of specific codes, and if these are sounds that are acceptable for a person’s speech, then another person decrypts such sounds as words. If you have few mindsets and are in a state of internal silence, then the same sound codes can be perceived by your energy field, even without physically hearing these sounds.

Any person has his own preferences for certain sounds. Thus, delicate classical or meditative music enriches the soul, raises the consciousness of a person and his vibration. Similar sounds include bell ringing, which carries high vibrations and healing.

However, one can single out the negative impact of sound on human health. There are destructive sounds, like heavy rock and metal – such sounds express disorder in the souls of humans, lower consciousness and destroy DNA at the cellular level.

[adrotate group=”3″]We can say that quiet sounds, sounds of bells, classical or meditative music are creative or producing energy. On the other hand, loud music at rock concerts, shots, pops, sirens and other sharp and heavy sounds create piercing, disruptive and destructive energy.

Such sounds can cause skin problems: ulcers, age spots and psoriasis. In addition, music that carries destruction activates the negative energies in the Soul of a person that cause illness and suffering.

It is equally important to mention the positive impact of sound on a person’s well-being. Many people know that prayer changes the space, especially if the words of the prayer are spoken from the bottom of the heart – this is because the codes of such prayers were transmitted from higher dimensions. When a person says a prayer, the energy fields are cleansed, the physical body is transformed toward improvement, and the life path is harmonized.

And what about laughter? It is a terrific method of harmonization, of course, if only it is sincere laughter, and the Human Soul smiles, rejoices and laughs with such laughter.  Sincere laughter purifies and fills all human bodies with positive energy.

Each person carries a certain sound vibration within himself, in other words, every person has his own vibration and each person sounds differently. Suppose one person can win favour, and people easily communicate with him, and it will be uncomfortable with another one, and this indicates one person’s attunement to another.

Each physical body has its own vibrations – even the work of internal organs creates an internal sound. All movements that exist in the human body create a certain frequency of sound, although this is not perceived by an ordinary physical ear. When a person has activated the sixth and seventh chakras, he can even hear such internal sounds of his body, and he can hear the sound of the Cosmos, other worlds and civilizations.

Everything in this world is filled with vibration, light, color and sound. There are even vibrations of the Earth – this planet Earth is performing its song. Through the choice of certain colors and sounds, a person can harmonize and heal his physical body and the space where he is located. Regardless of preference, knowledge of the impact of color and sound on humans is certainly important. And therefore, having understood sound and color, a person becomes happier in his life.

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