How Expensive Is Living in Vietnam, Prices for Buying and Renting in 2015

You can find a vast number of articles about how cheap is it to live in Asia in the internet. And you just need living in Vietnam at a cheap rate over the years, doing nothing, and everything should be okay. I’m going to tell you, if that’s true, founding on my experience, as well as about how expensive is to live in Vietnam and prices for renting property in 2015.

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How Expensive Is Living in Vietnam

[adrotate group=”1″]The question of the cost of living in Vietnam is comparative and depends on your needs and financial possibilities. Also, it is important where you move from.

If you live in developed European country or North America, the prices for everything would be very different for you, even just psychologically. For renting out house or apartment in your own country you can live out in Asian countries (We are considering prices for one person according to economic situation in 2015)

But if you are from less wealthy country, it’s a different situation. The difference between the cost of living in your country and Vietnam is quite big. In this case the question is more complicated.

What Kind and How to Look for Accommodation in Vietnam

Arriving there you should decide where you going to sleep. There are a few possibilities of accommodation you can find in Vietnam: a house, an apartment, a guesthouse and a room in a house.

All is clear with house and apartments. More interesting is the question about guesthouse and room in a house.

Such type of accommodation as guesthouse and renting separate rooms is popular in Vietnam same as renting houses and apartments. Guesthouse is a kind of a hotel. Rooms are rented out for short or long period of time. Prices are much lower than in hotels, and you should bargain when renting for a long period.

The room in the house in Vietnam is divided into two types [adrotate group=”2″]

  1. It is the homeof the Vietnamese, andthey rentthe room.
  2. Foreigners are renting a house and rent out rooms to pay less themselves.

Kitchen is common, same as toilet and bathroom, depending on how many rooms there are in the house

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Housing in Vietnam.

Houses or apartments are the types of separate housing, same as everywhere. Therefore, we examine renting guesthouse and rooms in Vietnam and their cost.

Benefits of guesthouse in Vietnam

  1. It’s cheap
  2. There is a kind of protection against theft as administrator
  3. You have a possibility to check out any time and suddenly
  4. Housekeeping is held once in three days

Implications of Guesthouse

  1. There is only one room
  2. There is no kitchen
  3. Usually there is even no table.
  4. There might be a language barrier withan administrator; whenyouneed something, they simply may not

What Kind of Housing is Better to Rent in Vietnam

[adrotate group=”3″]Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of renting rooms in Vietnam for tourists and travelers.

Benefits of Lodging with Foreigners.

You can find people from your own country that rent out rooms:

  1. There is no language barrier
  2. You can always hangout (if you like it)
  3. There is a kitchen
  4. Anyway it’s a house
  5. Nice price

Implications of rooms

  1. It’s not always safe
  2. There is no housekeeping
  3. You don’t know your neighbors and you might not like their parties
  4. Usually there are a lot of people in the kitchen

Benefits of Lodging at the Vietnamese

  1. 100% safety
  2. No one disturb you with conversation. If you don’t want to talk, you can just keep silent
  3. It’s a good chance to learn about other peoples, their culture and customs.
  4. Kitchen
  5. Anyway it’s a house

How to choose a housing in Vietnam, nuances

The first thing you should pay attention when renting and choosing housing in Vietnam, is window treillage, especially if this house is rented by foreigners, separate house or apartments.

Robberies of local people are very frequent. It’s better not to rent housing in a native Vietnamese neighborhood, because you get too much attention automatically.

The second thing is adequacy of Vietnamese in guesthouse or a house, and how good they understand you. Other way you might have a lot of problems with explanation later.

The third thing when renting housing is proximity to constructions

The resort part of Vietnam is in a permanent construction site now. So you’d better look for housing during the day time 7-11AM or 1-5PM, because from 11AM till 1PM is siesta time all around the country, so you cannot hear the sound of construction (even if there is any around). Also, make sure if the price includes air conditioner, if there is housekeeping and washing.

Rental Prices in Vietnam

[adrotate group=”5″]So, now we get close to the most interesting, the real rental prices in Vietnam in 2015. For example the houses are rented out from $700 and up, depending on the district, renovation, and of number of rooms.

Usually you can find authentic Vietnam style in native Vietnam house.

Vietnam style of apartments is very simple – usually white ceilings, white walls, wooden furniture, a wardrobe and a bed.

How Much Is to Rent an Apartment in Vietnam

The cost of rental apartment in Vietnam might be also quite pricey. It’s the same thing as the houses; the apartments with European renovation are much more expensive. The price for a good apartment in a good district is from $350 plus housing services that are about $50 more. That is because of air conditioner, and you’d prefer using it.

You can find a room or a guesthouse for about $200, if it’s not a hot season. But if it is, the price would be about $ 250-300 in local currency.

Of course, everything depends on location, but prices in most touristic places are like these. So if you are going to spend a winter in Vietnam, you should count your housing expenses, founding on this information. Also don’t forget about different recreations and food, because housing is not the only one part of your expenses.

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