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[adrotate group=”1″]Today we will talk about the best kinds of martial arts for girls and women. What is even more important – we are going to talk about how to choose the right kind of martial arts for women in order not to turn into a male-like monster which will be feared not only by robbers and drug-addicts, but also by all other men.

In fact, this problem is topical, as girls, while starting to go in for new sports or martial arts group, more often than not don’t think of what this may do to their figure, character and future life.

As our portal is dedicated to comprehensive learning and self-development, we, finally, can tell the truth about the influence of martial arts on women objectively without simply advertising paid training programs in certain kinds of sports in order to involve more girls in it.

What is the Most Important Thing for a Girl in Choose a Kind of Sports?

I am strongly convinced that the most important thing in choosing a kind of sports for a girl is famous principle called “do not harm yourself.” That is important for a girl to keep her beauty, health, and adequate character after the practices; more important – the girl should be able to continue her happy life.

Naturally, in martial arts, which is logical, it is important to learn how to fight. In sports, it is more important to win gold medals. But what’s the point of money and gold medals if you can no longer live a happy life? What’s the point of being able to defend yourself if, seeing you, men will dash aside on the other side of the street, women will hide children, and old ladies will brokenly cross themselves?

Wrestling for Women

For instance, if a girl wants to learn how to wrestle in order to be able to defend herself, she will soon realize that if she want to do a supplex on a big guy (100-120 kg), she will have to work out and gain weigh as this is a pretty hard task even for a 100-kg athlete.

[adrotate group=”2″]Moreover, it should be taken into account, that professional athletes have almost completely broken ears and get hit in the face pretty often which will definitely not make a girl’s face look pretty.

As a result, any women can learn this while attending wrestling practices and neither man will defeat her. But there’s one nuance: such a girl can rather be used to scare off hooligans and push the people who owe you money.

The only person, who will probably love her, is a guy from gym with even bigger weight of 170 kg. or something who is the only person to understand why she is doing it. Robbers won’t approach her because of the fear and instinct of self-reservation. Possibility of rape is eliminated for sure.

Kinds of Sports for Women

This results in a simple conclusion: professional wrestling is not totally useful for girls as it brings extra load on them which causes a lot of illnesses and, according to the stats, early death. In addition to that – broken ears, frequent injuries and problems with inner organs after a lot of falls and the back.

That’s why, the only types of wrestling for women that are worth recommending are rather intellectual, not physical, like Brazilian jiu jitsu and Grapling, or traditional jiu jitsu and judo.

This should be done in moderation with the selection of low weight categories if you want to keep slim body and still be attracted to men. The best thing is not to tell your boyfriend that you have to hug a dozen of sweaty guys during the practice as not everyone can adequately perceive this hobby.

Kinds of Sports for Women

[adrotate group=”3″]There are other kinds of sports for women among martial arts, the most famous of which is boxing.

Women’s boxing also envisages constant hits on head and face which negatively affects girl’s appearance. Regular concussions during sparrings bear their own negative effect on physical and psychological health.

Naturally, one may meet pretty girls who go in for boxing. But their number is lower than in other kinds of sports as not all guys usually like noses broken several times.

Kinds of Martial Arts for Women


That’s why, sports karate, taekwondo, wushu can be recommended to women, but also in moderation, keeping in mind that you won’t be able to learn quickly in order to beat up hooligans on the street.

If you seriously decided to learn how to fight, you should consider one the most effective kinds of martial arts for women – Thai boxing (Muay Thai) which is by the way pretty popular among girls. As a bonus you will have a slim and sporty figure along with good fighting skills.

Naturally, there are other aggressive kinds of martial arts which women can go in for, but this may have a side effect. After fighting practices, even calm women may become too testy and aggressive.

Best kinds of Martial Arts for Women

I still consider more loyal kinds of martial arts which are rather aimed at building of beautiful body and advocate peace instead of turning a woman into a man, to be the best for girls and women.

These kinds of sports may include capoeira as the most plastic and beautiful dancing kind of martial arts in which has the least number of injuries during practices. You may read about capoeira and its advantages in one of the articles.

[adrotate group=”4″]Women should also practice martial arts in non-aggressive groups or try some “semi-fitness” or even different types of yoga developing their plastics and flexibility.

For women, beauty and sexuality are more important than a couple of learned combos as it is rather naive to believe that after a couple of years of practices a girl can fearlessly walk outside and beat up a group of armed criminals.

 Effective Women’s Self-defense


Even wise masters of martial arts realize that in any fight against stronger opponents they should use either ruse or weapons.

In fact, if you ask any adequate trainer or self-defense instructor, he will admit that he won’t try to take on an armed opponent with bare hands, and will advise to any girl to carry gas spray, electric shocker or a knife and not rely on her “steel arms”.

It should be noted that gas spray doesn’t always work if the attacker is quite aggressive or it is windy and before using a knife or an electric shocker, one should learn how to use it.

Otherwise, having overestimated your abilities and defending yourself poorly, you may infuriate the attacker and sustain even more injuries which the attacker didn’t plan to inflict. That’s why, before taking aggressive measures you should be 300% sure that you’ll be able to finish everything successfully. Otherwise, there is a point in thinking of plan B.

How can a Woman Defeat a Man

[adrotate group=”5″]Earlier, in the history of humanity, women were a little wiser than men. They had less free time that’s why they didn’t go in for martial arts.

If women were to defend their settlement in the absence of men, they were quickly taught how to handle a sickle for instance, so that they could cut enemy’s Achilles tendon for him not to be capable to walk away till the men came.

Samurai didn’t teach women how to kill a bull with a single punch (like Russian women do). Earlier, handling a short sword or a knife was considered to be sufficient; using at least minimal women’s slyness, she could defeat any man. Later, noble women used pistols for this purpose.

Main Women’s Weapon

However, it is slyness that is the main women’s weapon which allowing to control and manipulate the stronger part of humanity.

Earlier, in the course of history, women’s slyness made women the most dangerous assassins. A beautiful lady had only to put poisonous lipstick on her lips, take an antidote and then kiss her beloved enemy on the lips. The victim was sure to die after.

Without cultivating aggression and practicing correct punch the wisest women reserved time to keep themselves beautiful and in good physical shape. They also trained their intimate muscles in order to satisfy their beloved ones not with the ability to fight, but with the ability to love.

This trick can also be used against rapists because such a “strong” woman can easily prevent a bad guy from penetrating her. If she is too cruel, she can let him penetrate her and then break his tool of committing crime. Later on, the criminal is the one who will be sitting and crying, not her. This may also allow the crime rate to decrease.

As our portal of self-development doesn’t support war, aggression and fighting, we recommend girls to dedicate themselves to art, related to beauty, peace and love.

We advice women to train their majestic, beautiful body with yoga, capoeira, dancing, and martial arts (in moderation). But the most important thing is to pay attention to stress resistance, acting, slyness, and intellect and not build stone fists and gain 150 kg of weight in order to do a supplexs on somebody. In this case, your manicure, pedicure. Haircut, beauty, and boyfriend will last longer. That’s what I wish you.

[adrotate group=”6″]So, this will it. I recommend you to read my book with a separate chapter about martial arts, the book on psychology and self-defense for women, the next article about self-defense for women. As a home assignment, think of the real purpose of your practices.

In the next articles about martial arts for women we will also cover the topic of art of love and the right strategy of effective women’s self-defense while being attacked on the street. Also, read about how to choose the right sport for men and women and about the existing martial arts for you not to think that I limit you in something.

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