The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight

weight loss, diet, skimming, weight, water, sport, massageA lot of people look for the most effective way of losing weight but in chase of fast results, unfortunately, not every person is able to find the best variant and a real effective method. In this article I would like to present the way I tested myself which show actually the real results. If you follow all these rules you will notice the first noticeable changes in a week!

What is the most effective way to lose weight

[adrotate group=”1″]For the beginning you should understand that this method does not mean laying on a couch all day and eating food. If you want to get some real results you need to work hard and make efforts but the first changes are worth it.

First, you should love sport. That doesn’t mean that I want you to spend your days at the gym, but sport should be in your life. Later I will give some examples of easy but effective exercises for losing weight in the different conditions (at the gym, at work, at home).

Second, you need to rebuild you food ration system. I’m not asking you to stop eating you favorite food, I’m just offering you to correct your nutrition and get used to some useful and healthy eating habits. I’m going to tell a bit later how you can keep eating some tasty food and lose weight at the same time.

Third, if we want to get our results fast, not in a year, you probably should spend a lot of money for a special and very effective weight loss massage. I’m going to explain how it works and how we can save some money on it.

Fourthly, water is your best friend. Try to drink more water as possible, it’s very useful for you organism, metabolism and, of course, for our effective way to lose weight. I’m also going to describe how much water do you need to drink and how you can get used to it.

The last important thing is helping you to lose weight with the help of special medicines. Actually, I’m against of taking pills, dietary supplements or other stuff but if you want to try it – then use this advice. You may see the description of one supplement below. You also will know how it depends on our body and who can try it. The price is affordable, by the way.

Sport in your weight loss process

Sport as any physical activity is very important if you want to lose some extra pounds.

[adrotate group=”2″]For the effective and fast weight loss without numerous diets only hard physical sessions with weight lifting and aerobic exercises may help. Or, after every hard session you need to do cardio exercises. Here some variants of workout for weight loss:

  1. High-intensive circuit training – you need to do the exercises one by one for different groups of muscles and combine every weight lifting exercise with aerobic: do your hands –  jump on jumping rope, make several squats, run for one minute and etc. You should remember that the less pauses you make the more changes you will see in future.
  2. Exercising with barbell (or mini barbell) for different types of muscles and after that – cardio. Between the sets, working with mini barbell it’s better not to do the big pauses. After – cardio for minimum 10 minutes, and for the best result – even more.
  3. Exercising at home: do also circuit training but without additional equipment – do push-up, kicks, bendings – work on every group of muscles. Do every exercise for a minute combining it with cardio (running, dancing, jumping) – also for a minute. You need to make at least two sets – every move two times. Such workout is great because it takes only 30 minutes but the results will please you. 
  4. For lazy and busy people or additionally for every person – forget what is elevator for, climb the stairs, that is very effective for weight loss. You can do some warmings at work, make sit-ups, push-ups and bendings. It’s necessary to make every day, try to complete as more sets as you can.

But, actually, it’s bad to exhaust yourself with workouts, three times per week is enough for some good results and if you make some weight lifting exercises it’s more than enough.

If you got interested in one of the workout variant – leave you comments below and I will tell you some more details.

[adrotate group=”3″]Ladies, who were trying to lose weight with the help of described in this article method usually visited gym, made the circuit trainings or visited some groups exercising with mini barbell then they run (somebody for 10 minutes, or 30 and more).

If they could not go to the gym for some reasons, they made it at home. They were doing it at work and all of them have noticed that their workability got better because of regular activity changings.

The place of proper nutrition in harmonious weight loss

It’s better to eat small portions but very often, also you may write your ration diary – that means writing down how many calories you ate. But writing it down is not enough – you need count it.

It is great because now we have a huge amounts of apps and websites which can help you to keep a diary, count the calories and know your norm of calories exactly for your organism.

That is what you need to consider during your weight loss process. What you want to eat is absolutely your choice though it’s better to create you ration with the healthy products. If you want you can include in your ration even a slice of cake or chocolate but everything we eat –  we write down!

Yes, it may be difficult at the beginning but after a week you will get used to it. 4 hours before sleep you can drink one glass of yogurt or eat a green apple.

The role of massage in fast weight loss

Actually, any type of massage is useful for weight loss and for your skin, even if you are going to apply cream with light massaging movements. And if you would like to see some real results my advice is to try LIPOmassage.

What is LPG LIPOmassage?

LIPOmassage is able to reduce body fat through pressurised vacuum effect. It’s important to choose a qualified specialist and original LPG equipment. You need to know all details about LPG and read some reviews before making these procedures.

This type of massage is kind of bearable, you won’t be feeling pain but you should not also expect gentle rubs. The results can be achieved after 20 procedures (it depend how many extra pounds you want to lose).

Unfortunately, this is not the cheapest way to lose weight but it’s definitely the most effective one. You can save some money looking for a private person who is able to do it at home. Or you may use coupons on some websites, sometimes they offer really nice proposals.

By the way, if you have cellulite somewhere – you should know that this type of massage fight it perfectly. [adrotate group=”4″]

The importance of water in weight loss

It’s obligatory to drink much water every day – more than 3 litres ( it depends on you weight and height).Water is the best friend of those people who want to get rid of extra pounds very quickly because it cleans your organism of toxins and of everything we broke during LIPOmassage. That is why drinking water is necessary.

It’s better to start your day with a glass of water, it lets all processes in your body start working.

I recommend you set the reminder on your phone to not forget about it during a day (every hour).

How can medicines help you to lose weight

I’d like to report that I DO NOT recommend you to take this medicine! You are able to achieve your goals without it but some ladies who were trying to lose weight under my leadership took it. And I must confess, I could see the results! It is called “Sarafem” and it costs not so much.

BUT! You need a prescription for it because it’s an antidepressant which treats bulimia. It works easily – it blocks the feeling of hunger. You would want to eat when your organism is really need it.

Your craving to junk food is gone and that means you start eating less calories than you used to. It is worth a try when you really love eating a lot and it’s hard to make yourself stop.

But, still, there are alternatives – you can lose weight with the help of other very effective methods.

The important rules for quick weight loss

[adrotate group=”5″]The most important rule is to keep a sense of proportion:

do not overeat, as well as starving won’t do any good!

Do not over exhaust yourself with the workouts! And remember that muscle weighs more than fat and if you want to lose many pounds that you probably will see the results not on a scale but in the mirror!

If you decided to take medicines – do not take more than 3 pills per day!

If you’re feeling bad during workout, it’s better to make pauses between sets.

If you are very hungry ( not your brain want to eat but actually you) and you have already eaten your norm – stop torturing yourself, eat something not spicy and greasy but healthy.

Do LIPOmassage with only original LPG equipment.

Every week take a picture of yourself in the underwear to have a possibility to estimate you progress.

If I believe in you so can you and you will see your fisrt results soon!

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