The Most Dangerous Kinds of Sports



The Most Dangerous Kinds of Popular Sports

Finally, we will talk about the most interesting in our top 3 most dangerous kinds of popular sports. Sometimes we start going in for rather dangerous sports or send our children to some sports school not realizing the potential danger.

We are not talking about which sport is worth going in for and which is not. One should know the dangers of a certain kind of sports in order to avoid injuries and other accidents.

As a matter of fact, with proper safety measures, one has better chances of training without injuries or end up with minor bruises or injuries as these constitute over 91% of all sports injuries.

Other injuries (almost 8%) are average, and only over 1% – severe injuries which occur as a result of carelessness. As they say, a person who is alert always has an advantage.

Well, ranked third is…

3. Dangerous Basketball

Basketball seems to have collected injuries of other kinds of sports played with a ball. This kind of sports is widespread in many countries in the world. The USA alone has an average of 1,5 million people who consult a doctor after basketball games and practices.

Everybody plays basketball – highly-paid professionals, teenagers in backyards, boys and girls in schools and universities, and even managers on corporate health days.

As in many other contact kinds of sports, in basketball, physical collisions are pretty frequent too. This especially happens while players jump to the basket. Other injuries, like backboard cuts on forehead or chin also occur. We should also mention constant falls on the parquet and accidental hits on the face with elbows by teammates in the excitement of play which is not a rear thing in this sport.

Naturally, severe knee and ankle injuries are the most common type of injury like in many other sports. Given all this, basketball, curiously, was named by the American Dental Association the most ravaged with dental injuries.

In one season alone, 10.6% of men and 5% of women sustained dental injuries. For instance, in American football, in which wearing a mouth guard is obligatory, dental injuries occur 5 times less frequently that’s using mouth guard in basketball is not a bad idea after all.

Don’t forget to warm up properly before the game and try to play against opponents of similar level which will protect you from fatuous injuries. If you are not confident in your capabilities, you’d better go to gym first. One should be safer with the aging process. According to the stats, in the age of 20, Achilles tendon injuries occur 40 times less frequently than in the age of 40.

2. Dangerous Parkour and Dangerous Acrobatics

Parkour (fr. Parkour, also parcours, parcours du combattant) means distance, obstacle course. Other meaning is free run.

Parkour is quite a young kind of sports but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. I think there is no single parkourer who has never sustain injuries of any kind.

Most athletes are walking injuries catalogs which is not weird as parkour practitioners often neglect the simplest safety measures. They jump from rooftop to rooftop, over railings, walls and other unappropriated objects. Other youth sports, like gymnastics, free run, acrostreet and others are considered to be as dangerous.

The Most Frequent Injuries in Acrobatics

Given all this, one can sustain any injury and break any part of body in parkour. The most frequent are fractures of legs, hands, collarbones, injuries and fractures of wrist joint (due to incorrect support using hands), shin and knee injuries (while running r jumping).

Shin injuries are common when an athlete fails to jump over an obstacle. Strains, injuries and even break of tendon also occur pretty often. At the same time surgical procedure is obligatory with tendon breaks.  

Feet injuries are frequent while landing after jumping and in acrobatics. Preventive measures, in this case, require use of good footwear and appropriate landing techniques. But the most dangerous injuries are, of course, spine, cerebral injuries or simply falls from big height.

At the same time you won’t hear much about fatal accidents in parkour, though they happen along with other severe injuries. The good news is that these injuries are mainly sustained by non-professionals, in many cases by teenagers who have watched a lot of movies depicting prakour action and decided to jump from one house on other. That’s why conscientious consideration of you strength will protect you from many sever injuries in this dangerous and usual kind of sports.

We are familiar with acrobatics and gymnastics. Athletes, usually, train in specially equipped gyms, which allows to minimize the number of injuries.

Early Retirement in Acrobatic Kinds of Sports

Nevertheless, injuries are frequent in these kinds of sports. Try gymnastics practices up to 14 hours a day and early retirement at the age of 16-18. The lucky ones continue their career to the age of 20-22.

And its good if these athletes go to another, more safe kind of sports, like fitness. But they often retire due to disability and incapability to practice sports. But, in this sport, they are quickly replaced by young athletes who will have the same destiny. We may not even talk about acrobatics as it has almost all the dangers of our top 1 most dangerous sport.

Nowadays, there are a lot of derivations of modern street acrobatics, but these derivations lie mostly in the name of a sport or its ideology. It’s hard to differentiate between them from the outside but we will try to figure that out. And now we move on to our most dangerous kind of sports.

TOP 1 Most Dangerous Kind of Sports

Cheerleading (derived from the verb to cheer – encouragement actions; and to lead – to control, to manage). In fact, this is encouragement group of a sports team and a little show during intermissions.

1. Dangerous Cheerleading

Cheerleading, as the most dangerous kind of sports, has practically all dangers of the above-mentioned gymnastics and acrobatics kinds of sports. It is also aggravated by the fact, that cheerleader are mostly girls, young athletes, fans of sports teams and college students.

This may surprise you, but the representatives of this beautiful and elegant kind of sports, in the USA alone, sustain over 25 000 severe injuries which include head injuries, fractures in hands and legs and, of course, injuries and fractures of neck and spine. According to the statistics of higher educational establishments of North Carolina, 70% of girls, going in for cheerleading, have had at least one severe injury.

In fact, around 70% of severe injuries in American schools and colleges happen in cheerleading. Of 103 cases of severe injuries and lethal accidents in high schools, 67 happened during cheerleading practices.

It is also aggravated by the fact, that in 2009 over 100 000 girls were engaged in this kind of sports. This makes you think, how many severe and insane injuries are sustained by beautiful part of humanity in America.

So, this is how cruel the stats are. But we should not be afraid of it. S they say, there are 3 levels of lie – innocent lie, brutal lie and stats. There are cases when athletes sustained unexpected injuries at Olympic games, for instance, Europe champion Tero Pitkämäki managed to hit French long jump athlete with a spear; Czech hammer throw athlete Vladimmir Masek accidentally hit 18-year-old runner with a hammer. Paramedics could not save her.

And now, simply forget about all this and go in for sports conscience clean and be healthy as the risk of sustaining an injury in sports is much lower than in everyday situations.

Sports injuries constitute 5% from all possibly injuries. Even in America 300 people get hit with stray bullets whilst in Russia, in St. Petersburg only, 2768 were injured because of black ice and 167 because of falling icicles. That’s why it is better to go in for sports and not wonder around in the streets. Also, read on our portal about the reasons of sports injuries.

And finally, I warn you once again – protect your health, no matter what you are engaged into, be conscientious and don’t do foolish things as they are the most frequent reason of all injuries. And if it is not enough for you, you can read my book about martial arts that are sometimes even more dangerous or the article about top 100 most dangerous kinds of extreme sports. If danger is not something you loan for, read the article about how to choose the best kind of sports for yourself.


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