How to Increase the lung Volume


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Good afternoon, today we will consider some exercises allowing to increase the lung volume, breathing, breath, there are other names, but the names and medical terms are not important. The most important thing is to learn to breathe not only for the athletes to achieve good results, it is simply necessary for them, but simply for a full and happy life.

The increase of the lung volume can ease breathing to asthmatics and allergy sufferers, as well as to smokers and those who has given up this bad habit. Regularly doing our exercises, you will not only make your own body healthier, but also will be able to keep it in perfect tone. Before turning to the consideration and description of the exercises allowing to increase the lung volume, let us clear up what the lung volume is?

The average lung volume

The lung volume or as the doctors call it, a pulmonary capacity, is the entire volume of the air flowing through your lungs during a full inhalation and exhalation. The lung volume can even be measured directly. This is the amount of the air you breathe after a maximally possible deep breath.

The lung volume for a normal person is 3 – 3.5 liters, for swimmers is 5 liters, for divers is 7 liters (which is the maximum possible lung volume for the average person). Naturally, we generally use only a small portion of this volume during normal breathing.

The normal breathing capacity is the amount of the air passing through the lungs during quiet inhalation and exhalation. But the average person makes 16-20 breaths per minute.

Factors affecting the lung volume

People living at a sea level, have a smaller lung volume than people living at a high altitude. This is due to the fact that the atmospheric pressure is less at a high altitude, resulting the distribution of oxygen in blood is complicated. The body adapting to this situation, increases the oxygen conductivity by tissues.

It is also believed that girls for physiological reasons and the body structure have a slightly smaller lung volume than men. And of course when smoking the lung walls become less elastic and with pneumonia some part of the pulmonary vesicles is irretrievably lost.

Kinds of sport allowing to increase the lung volume

It is possible to develop the lung volume and breathing by virtue of systematic and specialized training. Those sports that suppose aerobic exercises, as well as special exercises contribute to the development of the lung volume.

“Aerobic” sports include jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, skiing, skating, biathlon, boating, hiking, yoga and many others. Also suitable for this purpose trainings on many forms of martial arts, about which there is even a book on our portal.

Almost all intensive trainings specific to these types of sports contribute to the development and strengthening of the heart muscle, increase the lung volume and many other things. Swimming provides the most positive impact on the increase of the lung volume and is considered to be one of the safest and most harmoniously developing the whole body sports.

It is in the process of trainings during swimming and deep-water diving, athletes are forced to hold their breath for a long time, which leads to the increase of the lung volume. There are a lot of techniques and exercises to increase the lung volume. In this article we will analyze the most effective and simple exercises.

Exercises increasing the lung volume

You will ask why costal muscles of all? Because they are responsible for the ribs spreading, which in turn allows to use the entire lung volume.

Probably the most popular, but one of the first and the best exercises for the development of the lung and costal muscles have come from yoga, but today they are being practiced by swimmers representatives of other sports, and usually include abrupt and frequent breaths.

Exercises for costal muscles

Make very sharp and frequent breaths for 1-2 minutes. Later you can increase the duration of the exercise. Note: during these breaths the darkening in the eyes and loss of consciousness can occur. You should be considerate and careful doing this exercise.

Try to exhale the maximum amount of the air from the lungs, and then breathe in stages through small intervals. At the end of inhalation hold your breath for the maximum possible time. On the inhale count to ten, breathe some more little air, and then count to ten again. It should be done as many times as possible. The same thing should be done again on the exhale.

Exercises increasing the lung volume

Before starting the increase of the lung volume all the remained air should be removed from the lungs! So, let’s get started! Lie on your back, straight your body, exhale slowly, thrusting out your belly. You should breathe as slowly as possible so the sound of breathing was almost be unheard or impossible to be heard. Finishing bulging belly starts to expand the chest forward and up. This is one full breath.

Such breaths should be done 5-7 pieces. So we have removed all the stale air of their lungs. Now you can start to exercise to increase lung volume.

Deep breathing

A deep breath is needed to enhance the ability of the lungs to accept more oxygen with each breath.

Fully exhale (so that there will be no air in the lungs). This will allow the oxygen-enriched air to enter with the next breath. Recon aloud until you feel that you no longer can count – this will mean that your lungs are completely empty.

Let your diaphragm to fall freely, but keep your abdominal muscles relaxed. Your stomach will expand (while the diaphragm falls). This will give more space to the lungs and will allow them to be filled with air better. Always keep up this ratio.

How to increase the lung volume quickly

Breathing with resistance

To increase the lung capacity faster, you can try to train your breathing physically that is breathing with resistance. To do this, first breathe normally through the nose.

Make a few deep breaths.

Exhale through your mouth, only slightly open the lips. Open them slightly so that a little air could come up with resistance.

Try to do it as often as possible, so that the lungs used to hold the air. Thus, they will increase. Another way to achieve the same effect is to inflate balloons.

Breathing exercises increasing the lung volume in water

For better execution of breathing exercises and strengthen it in the water, it is advisable to do it in the open water tank (river, lake, sea). If for some reasons you do not have this opportunity, this exercise can be executed in the pool.

Immerse yourself in the water up to your neck and hold afloat. Just wave your arms and legs in the water, if you cannot it does not matter, just go into the water up to your neck so that you could feel the bottom by feet.

Due to the compression of the water of your chest, you will reduce air consumption by 25 percent, resulting in some time the body will want to compensate for the shortage, and you will breathe more efficiently.

Breathe more than you can

Inhale as much as you can as soon as you do that, continue breathing the air in small sips. Feel the belly expands. Stay in this state for a few seconds and then exhale with force. Exhale as long as possible.

The most effective exercises increasing the lung volume

Of course in different sports, there are other more sophisticated special exercises to increase the lung volume and to develop the skills to be without breathing for a long time.

At least swimmers, weightlifters, climbers and yogis have their exercises, and maybe we will discuss them another time. And today, we have tried to choose for you the ones that are suitable for everyone without special training or equipment.

Of course, as it has been already said, you can simply engage in active sports, eat properly and live a full life, then your breath will be healthy and strong, because doctors have proved that smoking and lung disease permanently rob us this vital resource.

Therefore, in conclusion, I would like to advise – go in for sports, live healthy and BREATHE DEEPLIER!

Well, if you want to know more how to increase the lung capacity and breathe correctly in the professional force sport, then we also have a separate article about this and also read the articles with a variety of interesting and useful exercises for the development of different muscle groups, for example on how to pump up the trapeze at home, or how to learn to catch up on the bar in different ways.


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