Is it Possible to Teach Yoga and Meditation for Money?

Welcome friends. Today we will talk about whether it is possible to teach yoga and meditation for money. We will find out what questions when did you decide to start training other people and how to solve them.

Is it Possible to Teach Yoga and Meditation for Money?

[adrotate group=”1″]Business. Today he is everywhere. Any human need, any hobby is business. And demand creates supply. Our society is becoming more conscious and less and less people are interested in stupid idle pastime with gluttony, alcohol and so on.

People start looking for something more important, something more true. And there are those who give people what they need. Today, self-development is not just a way to search for Truth, it is already a practically fashionable trend. Today, not engaging in “self-development” is practically a bad manners, that is, an indicator of some ignorance and the nearness of a person.

Yes, there are different forms of self-development and often, unfortunately, it sometimes does not contradict alcohol and even drugs – on the contrary, there are whole areas of yoga that are built on the use of drugs. However – today many wish to develop. And business is also built on this.

Someone is offered to “clean karma” for several hundred cu. They sell someone a “personal mantra,” which can be done almost by God in a couple of months. And there are those who start to teach yoga for money.

As an excuse, you can listen to the saying that teaching yoga, meditation, and so on is also work. And the one who does this (if he has not yet learned to fly through the air and eat joy) must also live somewhere, eat something and so on. It’s hard to argue with that .

However, when the price list for selling mantras, asanas and other practices is set, this is, you see, blasphemy. When some kind of “initiation into practice” can be bought in the same way as a loaf of bread (many times more expensive, of course, but the principle is the same), this leads to the fact that the value of this practice is lost, even if it is valued at tens of thousands of dollars. let’s think, is it right to teach yoga for money?

What is yoga and meditation?

Yoga and meditation. What it is? What is she capable of? Yoga in Sanskrit means “connection” or “harmony”. And without exaggeration, she can really work wonders.[adrotate group=”2″]

It is able to rid of karma, and change the personality of a person, and eliminate deep-seated negative attitudes, which, in essence, are the root of all our problems. Yoga is able to improve the state of health and relieve even serious chronic diseases – both at the level of the body and at the level of the mind.

Who will determine who can be happy and healthy and who cannot? Moreover, in the modern world, it is precisely the most immoral people who often possess large assets (not always, but quite often). That is, it turns out that the most immoral people will be worthy to receive this or that spiritual practice? This is completely unreasonable.

Another argument against trading in spiritual practices is as follows. Teacher is a calling the one who “sells” spiritual practices is no longer a Teacher, but rather a trader, if not a real speculator, since it’s rather difficult to sell such services and sometimes it takes much more time for a trainer than teaching yoga.

The same can be observed in creativity – if an artist, musician or poet begins to put his work on commercial footing – his talent quickly runs out. For many reasons, but one of them is that for a person who realizes his vocation solely out of financial interest, consciousness changes and these changes are far from for the better .

Even worse happens to the meditation teacher and spiritual teachers – if such a person is motivated only by increasing profits – he ceases to be sincere, his motives become rude, base, and he himself becomes unable to lead people along the spiritual path – because by and large, he him self turns off this path.

A true spiritual Teacher – does not need anything. He is beyond all. He is free from everything. This is a real Teacher who has comprehended the Truth and is able to share it. and those who decided to “stir up the business” on the fashionable topic of self-development are, of course, a different conversation, only do such people have the competence to transfer knowledge?

[adrotate group=”3″]Thus, to receive any spiritual knowledge or spiritual practice is everyone’s inalienable right and there can be no price list for these services. But – is it worth it to teach yoga for free? Ponder the word – “demon is free.” That is – “the devil pays”.

And as yoga and oriental teachings say, whether we pay directly or not with money is not so important, there is nothing free in this world. Money is just the grossest form of energy. yoga claims that there is a certain law of karma that provides energy balance in this world ..

And even if we have the illusion that we got something for free – we still either pay for it in the past or pay in the future. And if at the expense of our good merit in the past we get something supposedly free of charge, then we simply use our past supply of good karma and, alas, it is not infinite .

Therefore, the concept of “freebie”, which many of us love so much, is another trap on the path to self-development. It is impossible to deceive the Universe, and for everything that we receive, we are forced to pay.

And having received the practice of meditation or some other practice – the simplest thing we can do is to donate the grossest form of our energy – in monetary terms. Therefore, some consider the teaching of meditation for money is quite normal.

And this is only the simplest form of service and a form of gratitude for invaluable knowledge. It is much more difficult to use the acquired knowledge for the good and to benefit other people. And this is the highest payment for the knowledge gained, but unfortunately, only a few are available today. Therefore – monetary gratitude, this is the least we can do to restore the energy balance.

What to offer as payment?

So how to start learning yoga for money? A free donation in the practice of spiritual practice is the most appropriate method for evaluating and appreciating the knowledge gained. If a person sees that yoga really changes his life – he will pay much more than what is indicated in a particular price list.

Indeed, experience shows that if a person is offered to pay for knowledge in the mode of free donations, then a person sometimes pays even several times more than payment for similar services is provided. Moreover, as a person practices yoga, consciousness changes – it becomes more altruistic and a person wants to invest in the development of a project that has changed his life.

It’s also worth understanding that in the modern world even a true spiritual Teacher needs money to promote his project, especially if you need to rent a separate room for this. This is rent, and payment for advertising, and many, many more services that are necessary for the learning process and training.

[adrotate group=”4″]Therefore, in any teaching of yoga and meditation, the financial issue is always acute. It’s quite possible to start teaching meditation for money.

If in his words and lectures more often it is precisely monetary issues that sound and too much emphasis is placed on the fact that “only today and only now” you can get the most effective practices, for a substantial natural price, then most likely you are just a good trader, but not at all not real spiritual teacher or yoga.

But it’s important to observe one or another teacher. if in his words and lectures more often it is precisely monetary issues that sound and too much emphasis is placed on the fact that “only today and only now” you can get the most effective practices, for a substantial natural price, then most likely you are just a good trader, but not at all not real spiritual teacher or yoga.

That is why in our modern, often too materialistic world, it is so difficult to find people who sincerely develop true spirituality and selflessness in themselves, since, teaching in this traditional style and in accordance with all the rules of Eastern spiritual teachings, it is extremely difficult to survive this master in a big city.

And many people themselves, if they see that training is not expensive, they are afraid that it will be of poor quality. But in the case of spiritual practices, this formula hardly works, since the spirituality of many teachers prompts it to spread its useful knowledge even for free, especially for those who need it most

Therefore, friends, as advice, if you are fortunate enough to find such masters of yoga, meditation and other teachings and practices that are useful for you that develop and make you happy, then do not forget to support these teachers and teachers, including financially, even if they don’t be money every second and do not set aside huge amounts of money for their education, then there will be much more good masters and good students in this world. We recommend watching motivational videos about success and how to achieve it.

On this, our discussion of whether it is possible to teach people yoga and meditation for money has come to an end. Each person has his own view on this issue, but from all the above, we can conclude that everything must be paid for. But what price is a completely different question. Stay on our channel and read interesting information about the best yoga exercises and what are the benefits of meditation for the body and mind.

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