How to make beads and what they are used for in mantra-meditation

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[adrotate group=”1″]Beads are an essential attribute of every serious yogi, who practices mantra-meditation. If you want to become such a yogi, then you have to know how to make beads and what they are used for in mantra-meditation. By following very simple instructions set forth in this article you will make your rosary for meditation and will be able to rise to the highest rung of the yogic ladder and taste the spiritual nectar that we all are so eager to achieve.

What beads are used for in mantra-meditation

The goal of mantra – meditation is to calm our mind using transcendental sound or mantra. Our mind is inseparably linked with our sense organs and in particular with our sense of touch. Concentrating the sense organs on a mantra, we concentrate on it our restless mind.

From this follows the purpose of using beads in meditation. Beads in mantra-meditation are used for engaging one of the five sense organs namely the sense of touch to help our mind concentrate on the mantra that we chant.

The thing is, consciously focusing our sense organs on a mantra, we automatically concentrate our mind on it by this. Our mind follows the object that our senses follow. If our senses are not concentrated on one thing then our mind will also be distracted, dispersed and agitated.

In vedic literature our senses are likened to restive horses that need to be managed. The mind is like the reins. Our body is the chariot. The intellect is the charioteer. The passenger sitting behind the charioteer is the spiritual soul or the living entity.

If our senses are under control then the mind is also under control. If the horses of our sense organs are running in different directions towards different objects of sense gratification then our mind is turbulent, restless and confused.

[adrotate group=”2″]If we want to easily concentrate our mind then we have to engage all the five senses in meditation on the Supreme Lord. The eyes should be concentrated on His form. This form may be an image of the Lord’s form or you may visualize His form in your mind.

The ears should hear the mantra that you chant on your beads. How to engage you nose you will learn in the upcoming articles. Your fingers should touch the beads.

You shouldn’t just hold a bead of your rosary but rather you should rub it. Rubbing your beads, feel like the mantra and the sense of touch become one. Your beads are merged with the transcendental sound. You hand is touching the mantra through the beads.

How to make beads with your own hands

You can easily make beads with your own hands at home from scratch without any previous skill. With due diligence it will not take much time.

Here is how you can make beads at home

Go to a local craft store. Also there may be a specialized bead store in your area. Find some beads that are about 7mm in diameter and that are made of wood. These rules are not so strict. The material had better not be too smooth for your fingers will glide and it will be disturbing and distracting.

If you have found in a store a rosary with 108 (or 54 beads) you may use it without trying to make one yourself. If not than buy what this store has and you will make a new rosary with these beads.

[adrotate group=”3″]Take a durable synthetic thread about 10 feet long. It shouldn’t be short. You may twist two or three treads together so it becomes firmer and more durable.

The thread may be made of nylon or capron.

Take the beads you have bought. If the beads don’t suit you, cut the cord that holds them together. And take the beads out.

Count the beads. The amount of small beads should be 108 and there should be one bigger bead. Also there may be 54 beads plus one big main bead.

Thrust your thread through each and every bead. Leave space of about one inch and tie a knot big enough that a bead doesn’t slip off. You may tie two or tree knots in one place so that the final knot is bigger then the hole of the bead. Tie a similar knot on the other side close to the end bead.

Thus all your beads on one thread between two big knots. They can glide along the cord a little. The beads are not pressed tightly against each other, because you have left about one inch free space.

Pass the two ends of the cord through the bigger bead. This big bead is 109th or 55th depending on what kind of beads you decided to make. Tie a big knot so that the bigger bead doesn’t slip off.

You can decorate your rosary with a tassel. In order to do that, before tying a knot close to the bigger bead thrust a tassel (or a bunch of colored threads) through the loop and then tie the knot.

If you are patient enough you can tie knots after stringing every individual bead. There will be knots between each and every bead. This is shown in the picture.

So, congratulate yourself. You have made beads at home with your own hands. Do not leave your beads on the floor. Do not go to the bathroom with them. Treat your rosary with respect.

A picture guide on how to make beads for prayer at home

Here is a step by step picture guide on how to make beads for prayer at home. You can use this photo when you make your rosary. [adrotate group=”4″]

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To pray your rosary you require a sacred mantra. I will reveal it in the next article. Almost no one knows what mantras are to be chanted. This confidential knowledge that was transmitted from a spiritual teacher to a disciple is almost forgotten. Several people know it nonetheless.

These mantras are so powerful that they can completely deliver us from the ocean of constant problems, misery and anxiety. This mantra-meditation allows us to taste the spiritual nectar that we so much are eager to find out. After tasting this sweet taste all other enjoyment is looked upon as a worthless piece of rubbish. Visit our website frequently and you will partake of the ancient wisdom that is so rarely revealed.

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