How to Fight Laziness and Lack of Organization



Sometimes, you wake up on Monday morning and your first thought is “I have to go to work again! I so-o-o don’t want to!” It’s quite usual and nobody will ask oneself “Look want you’ve turned into.

Before, you wanted to work, you wanted to earn money. And now… you definitely need a laziness pill!” Unfortunately, there’s no medicine against laziness. So, what are the ways to fight laziness and lack of organization?

Reasons of Laziness and Lack of Organization

leny-and-depressiaYou probably wanted to move around, to do something when you were a kid. Everything around you was interesting, including doing the dishes and even washing! What about now? We’ve developed this passive position of “I have to, but I don’t want to.” This is like gas and break pedaled together. It results in great loss of energy with no movement at all. Why “I have to” is obvious, there’s no other way. But why “I don’t want to?”

The reasons of laziness may be as follows:

  • An unnecessary waste of energy due to lack of motivation – it is not one of your goals, your work doesn’t satisfy you and you don’t want to do it (for example, you’ve always dreamt to be a professional singer but you have to sell consumer devices.);
  • Loss of interest to act – in your childhood, everything was new for you, therefore interesting. Since then, time has passed and you have realized everything and have been doing everything automatically lately, which made you bored. 
  • Dissatisfaction with life (in any other aspects) and, as a result, reluctance to do anything – hidden depression (scandals at home – reluctance to work);
  • A reason of laziness may be a habit to live this way. Possibly, satisfaction with this kind of life, fatigue, apathy and reluctance to do anything else: “Why should fuss around? I like things the way they are! Life is moving on! On the couch…”

Do you recognize yourself? Sure, you may say: “and what’s wrong with it? I like it!” which may indicate on signs of depression. Let’s try to point out pros in laziness and lack of organization and see what negative feature cons have. 

Pros and Cons of Laziness and Lack of Organization

Let’s face it, we seek the pros of laziness just for an excuse for our inactivity. See it this way – we think that in the state of apathy:

1) you are relaxed, feel yourself comfortable (maybe not, if your conscious tells you something);

2) the illusion of freedom – if I want to, I do it, if not, I don’t do it. It seems like you are the owner of your fate (although this is just a deceit). We do realize obvious cons of fatigue and apathy.

We do realize all the risks: degradation – if you do not develop, you regress; there’s no happiness in life, you get pushed by the idea of “I have to.” As a result – conflict of interests; dissatisfaction with world order and envy in others – they are more successful, they live better and you’re just a dummy. In the end, everything is pathetic. Isn’t there a way out? Sure there is!

How to Overcome Laziness and Lack of Organization?

It’s easy to say ‘keep fighting with your laziness and you’ll win!’ This fight won’t bring dividends, but only waste of energy. What’s the point of putting more pressure on gas and break pedals? The result will be the same and you’ll waste more fuel. As a result, you’ll be lazy to fight with laziness and apathy – a vicious circle!

Another variant is to release the gas pedal, i.e. let everything flow by itself and enjoy regression – it is so funny! As they say ‘the best way to fight temptation is to yield to it. Well, it your right to do…’ Another variant is to release the break and move forward saying “I have to” in order to soothe your consciousness and “hysterics” of the close ones, and then to be proud of yourself (I did well!) Responsible people choose this way.

These people fight with inner dissatisfaction and hidden depression, which is also a good perspective. The right way to fight laziness is trying to examine yourself, sort your feelings out, and finding the reasons of laziness. Something must have happened. You are fatigued because you worked without day off, you lost someone/something.

Everything else losses its sense without it. Maybe, you are not satisfied with your work as you dreamt of something else and only work here for money. Maybe your character is like this and you cannot organize your life. When things get rough, consult a psychologist.

He will definitely suggest you how to sort things out and change current situation. Your life will change for better. All these ways of fighting with laziness and lack of organization are effective.

A Sudden Offer

What if we try another approach to this problem? When you were kids you probably didn’t use the words “I want to” and “I need to.” I’m talking about the time when you were not forced to help your mother despite your unwillingness.

At that time, everything was a kind of a game that’s why everything was interesting. You probably think that you’ve grown up. But you still keep your toys. Toys for adults are: work, car, home. Try playing life like a kid.

Kinds of Business Play

You should use a few kinds of business play in order to realize how easy fight against laziness and lack of organization is. The key thing is not to be afraid: 

  1. Do what is interesting for you – a child won’t play a game that it doesn’t like. Grown-ups forget about it. To get more money they are willing to take a job that is dissatisfying. Try to have another approach and your life will become easier.
  2. Change your activity – a child won’t do the same thing for hours. Why do you think that you can? Monotony creates routine. As a result, you are reluctant to do it.
  3. Reward yourself for each completed task. Every child likes presents and if it deserved it, it rejoices two times more.
  4. Simply and sort your activities out – a lot of kids like to place their toys in order. They love to simplify the mechanism! Same thing with the fight against laziness – sort things out and it will be easier for you to play. Experts say that the efficiency of your actions will increase.
  5. Playing in life, like a child, we should pay 100% of attention to every aspect. A child, playing with its toy, doesn’t notice anything around (except for a thing taken by his brother!) In adult life, the rules are the same – your thing is important for you at this moment until it is replaced with something else.
  6. Rejoice even the smallest things like a child rejoices its toys. Imagine: you have your own PC at work, comfortable chair, phone – everything needed to change your life for better!

The main thing in fighting against laziness and lack of organization is active satisfaction with life. Admit it, acting is life, inactivity is death! Nature teaches us that. Organs that are not used atrophy. The weakest in a herd gets eaten.

Do you want to be eaten? No? Than stop justifying your inactivity and act! You are the owner of your life! Let others regress; they will never see the horizon of possibilities which is opened only to those who stand on the top. Be above laziness and lack of organization. Act and you’ll manage everything.


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