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[adrotate group=”1″]There are much debates on the question “whether it is possible to drink water before, after, and during coaching?” until now. But really you cannot give a definite answer, but I’ll try to give you as much as possible information about this, and you decide, if you should do it or not. But for those who want to save time, I will voice my position, I personally drink during coaching, but I try to drink a little (a couple of sips) for one time.

The best thing is to approach to water during and after coaching more often, and to maintain or to replenish the amount of water in the body little by little. If you are okay with your heart, and you do not drink cold water, you may and should drink water during coaching in small amounts and your health will not suffer, but it will also benefit from this. Now consider the pros and cons of drinking water in the gym.

You may drink water during coaching


  1. If you go in for sport for a long time, and do not drink water, then the water balance breaks, and your body begins to feel stress and the results of your activities fall. According to statistics those who get water during the competition won them by 7-10% more. It is especially necessary to drink when there are very long competitions, the blood thickens when dehydration and transmits less oxygen, and oxygen here is very important.
  2. The pulse can become more rapid without enough water, the temperature can rise and even the convulsions can start.
  3. Many people think that if it’s cold outside, you can do without water, but this is not so, during winter exercises the same amount of moisture is lost as in summer, and you need to restore this stock in any case, even if you are not very thirsty. It is found that those athletes who drink a lot of water in winter, feel better. It’s a simple calculation, if you lose a lot of water, you need to restore it. The dehydrated body gets tired sooner and is more injured. Scientists have found that if the athlete loses even 2% of his weight, his mental and physical activity is reduced by almost 20%.

You may not drink water during coaching


  1. Drunk water can slightly increase the blood volume and therefore complicate the heart work. [adrotate group=”2″]
  2. During physical exertion the body carries all its free energy and attention to the working muscles, and the stomach is in a sleep state. If we begin to activate it, then some of the energy from our muscles goes to the process of water absorption of the stomach and to the kidneys work.
  3. You may not drink cold water after coaching, because the stomach is situated close to the heart, cold water can cause narrowing of the heart blood vessels and reduce its blood supply. This can cause various heart diseases, so you should refrain from taking cold liquid at least two hours after coaching. Also just excess water is very heavy for the heart, so if you have problems with it, then drink water in small portions, especially during heavy coaching.

Boxers and runners usually do not drink during the fight and running, as it can slightly reduce the overall endurance, but bodybuilders always drink during coaching, and the muscles in a sufficient amount of water in the body work only better. When dehydration sport results begin to fall markedly. So even if you do not drink on the coaching itself, do not forget to restore water balance after it.

Water before coaching

Before coaching try to drink more water, so that the body could lose it without harm to itself during the loading. Because you will need quite a lot of water during coaching, because usually athletes sweat a lot, especially in summer or in hot rooms.

[adrotate group=”3″]Doctors say that the ability of the stomach to absorb water is at the level of about a liter per an hour; therefore drinking too much water makes no sense. Half liter of water before half an hour before coaching will be optimal.

Water during coaching

During strenuous exercises you should drink a little, for example a couple of sips every 10-15 minutes. If you need a lot of liquid because of very intense exercises, then in principle you may drink even more, although it creates a strain on the heart, and we should try not to drink a lot, and not to drink cold water.

Those athletes who are engaged in power sports sometimes abuse drinking water during the coaching, and it is considered to be normal especially during long coaching.

In principle, you can do as the coach says, but we should not forget that many big and pumped guys despite their healthy appearance often have heart problems, we can remember only Schwartz with his 3 operations. It is not known how water during the coaching affects this process, but the best option is still not overload your body with too much water during exercises.

Water after coaching

After strenuous exercises do not also drink a lot of water. During intensive and long exercises, the body can lose up to 3 liters of water or more, and the average water digestibility of the stomach is about 1 liter, so you should not drink more for 1 time, it would be better drink more water in half an hour or in an hour.

You should not be greedy, here, as in the rest the principle of graduality and sufficiency works, so do not overload your body with extra work.

[adrotate group=”4″]For athletes (and not only for them) it makes sense to drink the water of the highest quality, you can even drink the water enriched with oxygen to recover the body after stress, and isolation from the muscles of lactic would be faster, and you would feel fresher and more vigorous for the next coaching. Read the following articles about how to clean (cook) the water of the highest quality for the coaching at home.

Also, if after reading you ask a question “May I eat after coaching?” You can also read the related article on our website, or if you have not found the ideal and favorite sport or martial arts yet, then check out my new book about martial arts and how to choose the right coaching for yourself and your children.

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