Benefits and Risks of Apples – Attributes and Vitamins

[adrotate group=”1″]Apple – it’s really a unique product, which can bring not only benefit, but also harm to the human body. Among fruits  apple is s very common product, as it occupies our  nutrition for almost the whole year  . Apples are eaten in various kinds, for example, stewed fruit can be prepared from them, which contains large amounts of vitamins, preserve , jam, fruit puree, or simply processed for juice.

Benefits and risks of apples have long been debated by nutritionists and doctors. So let’s try to figure out who should and who shouldnt use apples in i nutrition in order to bring only benefits to our body.Benefits and risks of apples - attributes and vitamins

Benefits of apples. What vitamins are contained in apples

Many have heard that apple is often called  ‘the health fruit’- this is true, it contains the  large amounts of vitamins such as C, B1, B2, P, E, including manganese and potassium. It is also one of the easily withstanding sources of iron. Apples are used not only to prevent colds, but also for the treatment of serious diseases like malignant neoplasms.

A sufficient number of potassium helps to stabilize blood pressure, and calcium is needed to strengthen tooth enamel and bone stock. Do not forget that apples are scarcely hypoallergenic and can be eaten almost by everyone.

[adrotate group=”2″]The fiber, contained in green apples, assimilates and gives you feelings of satiation for a long time. It also contains pectin, which helps to improve the complexion and will contribute to adding youth and freshness of the skin. The use of baked apples are as great as from raw apples, at the heat treatment they don’t lose a large amount of nutrients. Do not forget that the use of baked apples is too high.

Risks of apples

Nowadays the apple diets are wide-spread, thanks to them excess fat are effectively burning. So people have to remember that being on such a diet, due to the rough fiber, which is contained in apples, may cause exacerbation of colitis and imbalance of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially risk of apples are great for those who have gastritis or duodenal ulcer.

It is recommended to eat green apples, because they have more vitamins than red. Those who suffer from the disease on cardiovascular dystonia are not advised to eat apples of sweet sorts. Apple bones contain large amounts of iodine in order not to harm the organism, it is encouraged to use no more than 5. As they contain acid, which is a strong poison for a human body. If we limit ourselves to the recommended amount, apple bones contrary would be beneficial for the body.

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