How to Boost Metabolism for Weight Loss

The reality is that if you don’t take care of your nutrition you inevitably start gaining weight which can be the reason of numerous illnesses. It’s time to talk about the ways of boosting metabolism for weight loss and building a strong and beautiful body.

Metabolism, weight loss, water, sport, healthy lifestyle, healthy food, body, diet[adrotate group=”1″]The excess weight and obesity are the main problems in the 21 century which claimed the lives of millions of people. The low-quality products, fast food, semi manufactured goods, our habits and sedentary lifestyle do their job. People started eating more (not to mention food quality) than they need by nature. In brief, we eat more and move less. Your organism is in a panic. Without understanding what is going on, it starts accumulate fat.

When people finally start realised that they want to be better, slimmer and that they want to get rid of the fat on the sides they take extreme measures following low-calorie diets.

Healthy lifestyle – a strong and toned body

Stop! That’s not how it works. It’s time to improve and become better! And we are going to do it in a right way.

The first thing we need to do is to calm down. Nothing terrible happened. You didn’t gain all this weight in one day. The excess weight as your diet is the results of all your actions in the compound. You just need to change the approach here and get back your health and a normal weight.

The second thing is understanding your mistakes, accepting it and letting them go.

Let’s start with the main three rules of healthy lifestyle:

  1. Proper nutrition  
  2. Water
  3. Physical activity

Weight loss with the help of boosting your metabolism

Let’s consider a typical weekday for most people. 90 % didn’t have a breakfast at all, they say – it’s better to sleep more, in the morning a stomach doesn’t accept food, there is no time for cooking and etc. Leaving the bed, we drink coffee and run outside.

Then during a day there is only dry food and even you have a proper lunch, you probably will eat some cookies or sweets anyway not to mention a heavy meal in the evening.

Filling maw you are going to bed. Say hello extra pounds!

[adrotate group=”2″]At the core of adequate diet a proper nutrition and a fast metabolism lie. The speed and the quality of processing and filling our cells with useful substances depend on it.  The slow metabolism is one of the reason of gaining weight.

How to boost your metabolism?

It’s enough for it to know how your organism is built and all become clear. If the necessary food will be going to your stomach at the proper time a real changes won’t be far behind.

For the beginning – find 15 minutes. Only 15 minutes will help you to make a big step in the way of getting a great body and boosting the metabolism. Do not be afraid of these words but you need to count you norm of calories – of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It’s easy to do, today you can easily find many websites and videos which are able to help you.

Being on a stressful for your body and psyche diet people drastically cut off the quality of fat and carbohydrates. The fast result of such diets is just an illusion because you body loses water, it’s hard to get rid of fat in a fast way.

The weight will not only come back to you, moreover, you may gain even more after such diet. It is a very dangerous method! Fats and carbohydrates must be in your proper nutrition ration but they should be of a right quality.

Compiling the food ration

The next step for boosting your metabolism is compiling the food ration.

[adrotate group=”3″]Throw all garbage in your ration away! All products which consist of harmful fats and fast carbohydrates, alcohol.  Our body is the temple and we want to make it beautiful, clean and well-organised. It’s necessary to avoid all mayonnaise stuff, chips, hamburgers – let these products go away from this wonderful place.

Proper nutrition biorhythms

It’s also important to know that your organism has a specific nutrition biorhythms without which getting a slim body and fast metabolism is impossible. In the morning, at 11-12 a.m., our metabolism is more active and faster than in the evening. Up to the night, our organism is getting ready for sleep, that is why your meal should be right without loading the work of your internal systems.

Now you need to have a meal 5 times per day – 3 big ones and 2 healthy snacks with 3 hours period. The main rule of fast metabolism and weight loss is small portions and the qualities of meals. The right stomach capacity is two your fists, remember that when you start thinking about your portion, that is very important.

Metabolism, weight loss, water, sport, healthy lifestyle, healthy food, body, dietIn the morning you organism needs the energy in a form of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Actually, the proteins should be in every meal you take because it’s a building material for our muscles.  The complex carbohydrates are products which possess the low glycemic index. They will normalize your blood sugar level, stimulate the feeling of fullness and give you much more energy.

What to eat for getting a faster metabolism

For boosting your metabolism and getting a perfect body it’s better to eat porridges in the morning, for instance, buckwheat, millet, rice (any type but not the white one) or oatmeal. Add to your porridge a bit of nuts or two boiled egg whites and your perfectly well-balanced breakfast is ready.

After 2-3 hours you may have your first snack. The ideal variant is some fruits. They contain natural sucrose (this a reason why we need to eat fruits in the first part of a day), fiber and a big amount of vitamins and minerals.

You may also eat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese with fruits and honey or some trail mix. But be attentive with nuts, it contain a lot of fats (though it’s useful) so it’s enough a small handful for a day.

At lunch, you need protein (eggs, chicken, fish and beans) and fiber which you can find in vegetables. It helps to normalize the work of intestinal, it justifies our need of it. [adrotate group=”4″]

Eat vegetables, fruits and herbs

Metabolism, weight loss, water, sport, healthy lifestyle, healthy food, body, dietTo be honest, people eat catastrophically little vegetables, fruits and herbs, this is the biggest mistake.  To boost your metabolism and lose some weight you need to start day with some salad which will nourish you with vitamins, minerals. Salad works as a brush for your organism, moreover, vegetables filling the most of stomach won’t let you to eat more than you need. As they say, you cannot eat your cake and have it.   

For the second snack, it’s better to have a slice of grain bread with low-fat cheese or again low-fat cottage cheese.

4 hours before bedtime, there is a supper. All you need is protein and fiber. More and more herbs, guys. Eliminate carbohydrates because you do not need energy anymore, it’s time to be ready for sleep.

If it’s too difficult for the first time (or you go to bed too late and you have a big pause between you last snack and supper) you may drink one glass of yogurt. But remember –  good sleep is very important, try to go to bed as early as you can and sleep at least 7-8 hours.

Products which make your metabolism faster

The following products should be in your food ration:

  • protein
  • food containing polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3
  • citrus fruits, especially grapefruit
  • ginger
  • pepper and spicy seasoning
  • ground coffee and green tea
  • fiber (vegetables, especially green ones)
  • water

Products which contain white flour, sugar, alcohol, fast carbohydrates usually lower metabolism and promote obesity with some body diseases. It’s better to avoid such food at all.

More details about water

Everybody knows that humans are mostly made up of water: 90% of your body mass is water. It is well-knows but why we keep ignoring that fact?

[adrotate group=”5″]Statistics tell that most of people have dehydrated organisms. It’s evident from dry and flaky skin or vice versa too oily, pigmentation, eye bags and under-eyes circle, thirst and dry mouth. A person should drink up to 2 litres of CLEAR WATER per day!

Tea, coffee, juice or other drinks are not on the list, they do not stimulate neither weight loss nor metabolism. This is just a drink for you but also food for organism ( in the liquid form) because all these drinks contain the energetic value. Only water has 0 calories and, indeed, organism needs only water. Remember that important information.

In the morning, after waking up, and before every meal it’s necessary to drink one glass of water. During the day you need to drink too.

Just imagine the waterfall, it’s alive, the water is clear there. Now imagine the lake, the water is not renewed. It starts drying and becomes a swamp one day. The pleasant thing is that the more you drink, the more you go to the bathroom, the more you want drinking.

The constant circulation of water in your body as a waterfall. Organism do not need to keep liquid anymore because it’s always there. That is why you start losing weight and extra liquids are gone because of the constant water intake. Water is life.

Sport and metabolism

Sport during your weight loss process is very important for health. When you reduce the number of calories the muscles suffer first. trilcy organism always put some fat for future, who knows, the war may start. But here is a good news too! When your muscles work they burn fat.

During some physical activity the organism work harder accelerating all body processes. It explains why sport helps in boosting metabolism.

That is why only the combination of sport and diet will give you more desirable effect during the weight loss process. Remember one thing – a healthy lifestyle is not a temporary activity in the fighting excess weight before wedding, summer or Christmas. This is absolutely new approach to your life, accepting and loving yourself. A new life where there are no diseases, excess weight and unpleasant reflection in the mirror.

Love yourself and your body will return this feeling, that what I was talking about.

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