The Best Countries for Living and Dwelling

Moscow cityAnalyzing the various surveys and rankings of the best countries, cities and places to live and dwell, we found that all of the criteria that determine the quality of life are mostly similar. We suggest you making your own choice of states in which it is best to live for both local population and migrants. For a comparison of countries where the standard of living is the highest, I will give you facts of two ratings at once.

So, based on the study drawn up by the United Nations, we offer a list of ten countries in which the conditions for residence and permanent life are the best.

In which Countries the Standard of Living is the Highest?

The main parameters that determine the quality of life in a decent country were determined: a high level of knowledge and education of the population, high living standards and life expectancy.

[adrotate group=”1″]The most important factor of quality of life, according to the UN definition, is a person’s income, as well as the country’s GDP. In all developed countries, these data are quite high.

Best Countries for Life Expectancy

Norway, according to the study, is considered to be the most applicable for living country. Another indicator, which was taken as a basis for the study, is the life expectancy of the population.

There is an opinion, that in countries like Switzerland, Australia and Singapore, people born in 2013 will live more than 82 years. People live longer only in Asia, but for the Europeans living there is quite unusual.

Top Countries by Level of Education

Therefore, the next indicator of life quality is education. The duration of school studies in developed countries is more than 12 years. But this is not the end of education. Youth continues to learn in 25 too.

The good news is that this list of the best countries in terms of life quality and ‘happy’ accommodation has five European countries.

Best Countries to Live in


The population of this northern country have one of the best systems of health and social welfare. That`s why the human development index in the country is 0,900. Life expectancy at birth is 79.4 years.

[adrotate group=”2″]High taxes for the population are one of the items of the state income. The government spends a lot of money on education and health. Gross income per capita in Denmark is $ 42.880. In addition, this is one of the most democratic countries in relation to gender equality.


This is one of the Asian countries with the lowest mortality rates for both women and men, respectively one of the best and recommended for permanent residence countries. The index of human development is 0.901. Singapore is the richest country in the world, GDP per capita is $ 72.371.

Singaporean students show good knowledge in mathematics and science, as the expected duration of study in the country is 15.4 years. Life expectancy at birth is expected to be approximately 82.3 years.


Canada was able to rise to the third place due to the high quality of education. The expected duration of study is 15.9 years.

The performances of Canadian students were high in mathematics and science. Many Canadians over 25 have a second degree.

Health insurance system covers basic medical procedures, largely due to this the projected life expectancy at birth is 81.5 years. This is due to the high GDP per capita – $ 41.887. The overall human development index in Canada is estimated at 0.902.

Which Country is the Best in Terms of Education?

New Zealand

[adrotate group=”3″]The next state in the ranking of best countries to live in is New Zealand. Although indicators of the development of the state are inferior to other countries, students in New Zealand continue to study at an average of 19.4 years. In 2012, the country spent 7.2% of its GDP on education.

According to these data and the duration of education, New Zealand takes the palm in the world. Other indicators are also high: life expectancy at birth is 81.1 years.

The human development index is 0.910 and the GDP per capita is estimated at $ 32.569.


This state has well developed economy. GDP per capita is $43.049, providing 100% of the pension for those reaching retirement age.

Life expectancy at birth is predicted to be 80.7 years. The country’s population studies an average of 16.3 years. Human development index is 0.911.


Next country in the ranking is the United States. It is a country with the largest economy in the world. GDP per capita is $ 52.308, the human development index is 0.914.

At the same time, this country has its problems: gender and income inequality. The country has a high level of development in such areas as culture, science and business. The duration of studies is 16.5 years.

Best Countries to Live in


According to the index of the UN, the Netherlands are one of the most suitable and best country to live in. Human development index is 0.915.

Gender equality in this country can be measured by such indicators as the number of women in parliament – 37.8%. The income per capita is $ 42.397.

The residents of this state study at average of 17.9 years. A projected life expectancy at birth is 81 years.


Economically and politically stable Switzerland can be proud of high rates of life expectancy at birth: 82.6 years.

Although the human development index is 0.917, the GDP per capita is $ 53.762. The country has quotas to control the migration, therefore it isn`t easy to get permanent residence in Switzerland. However, Switzerland has high rates in gender equality and the anticipated duration of study is 15.7 years. [adrotate group=”4″]


The list of the ideal countries completes Australia. In this state, the unemployment rate is the lowest among the developed countries of Europe and the United States.

The economy of this state is developing successfully and as a result, gross income per capita is $ 41.524. The human development index is 0.933. Expectancy of Australians study is 19.9 years and life expectancy at birth is 82.5 years.

The Best and the Worst Country for Living

In 2014, based on «Legatum Institute» rating the best country to live was Switzerland. This will be the second rating, which we can use to determine the quality of life and well-being in different countries of the world.

By the way, according to analysts, at the last place is precisely the United States. After all, the highest figures in the country shows just health care.

Other indicators are following: the level of security of the US citizens gets 25 place in the world. Economy takes 14th position, education – 9th.

In the third place is state control indicators and entrepreneurship. Personal freedom is estimated only in 9 points, although Americans think democracy to be on the highest level and they bring it to the rest of the world.

Ninth stage of the ranking occupies the Netherlands. This state was able to rise to this level due to the high social budget, data of which is located on the fifth place.

Only to 18 line have reached the indicators of safety, while health and education systems have reached 13 position. State controls are located on the 10th place.

The Best Countries in Terms of Life

[adrotate group=”5″]Switzerland contents with eighth place in terms of life. This is due to the high ratings in the system of public administration and economic development.

Analysts believe that the health care system and social development have reached the level of the third and sixth place in the ranking. Life safety is ranked 12th and imperfect system of education in the state gets only 29th place, spoiling previous figures.

Canada gets 7th place among the best countries where to live. On the basis of the security indicators we can say that in this area a lot of work has to be done, the 16th place in the rankings is a low figure.

On the 11th and 12th places are the data of health care and education level.

State control system and economic indicators on the contrary took the fifth position.

Business development and social guarantees for the population are located, respectively, at the tenth and eighth places. Canada was able to climb the first place because Canadians themselves are very uninhibited people.

With equal performance on the criteria in the ranking in terms of life, Sweden was in the sixth place. For those who want to settle in this country, it should be noted that the enterprise will be engaged easy, in the ranking of these indicators the country awarded 2nd place. One of the lowest rates of social stability appeared on 11th place.

The Best Education System in the World

The experts from «Legatum Institute» also recognized the best in the world system of education in New Zealand. This figure was decisive in awarding the country fifth place.

On the third line of the query indicators of social accumulation and personal independence are located. But a few figures of the development of commerce and the economy get down the country- 14th and 17th places. Only on the 19th place in the rating the health care system is.

[adrotate group=”6″]Australia outstrips its neighbor in health care system only with 4 points, occupying the 15th place. Good data is in the education system – 2nd place, giving the opportunity to rise in the ranking on the fourth line.

Speaking about the other indicators, it should be noted, that freedom of citizens and public income of the population occupied the 4th place. Business and security of citizens in Australia are a little pumped – 13th place in the world.

The Most Prosperous Countries in the World

The third position in the list of wealthy countries to live in the world, according to the «Legatum Institute» occupies Finland.

In this country life is safe and there are excellent opportunities to study – 3rd place in the ranking. Although entrepreneurship occupies the fourth position, but personal freedom in Finland is only on 12th.

The Best Country for Entrepreneurship and Business

The best country in the world, which creates a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people is considered to be Denmark. This state is located on the 2nd stage.

[adrotate group=”7″]High levels of public administration, economic development and social security of citizens are the key to the fact that in this country is perfect to live in. But the quality of medical care is only on 17th place. Therefore, it is worth considering choosing this country to move to.

The Best Country in the World

The first stage in the survey is occupied by Norway. In this state, economy and social guarantees are the highest in the world.

Security and personal freedom of citizens are praised a lot – the second line in the rating. On fourth place are education and health care. The sixth position is the development of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, system of government is only on the twelfth place.

That’s actually the whole list of the most secure, prosperous and just world’s best countries to live in. If you choose the country to move for a permanent location, then I recommend you to look closer to these countries. Well, if you have slightly different criteria for choosing the best country, in the following articles you can read about the cheapest countries in the world and the best countries for emigration and relocation, as well as where you can go on winter holiday to the sea.

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