Methods and Advantages of Air Hardening of the Body


Methods of air hardening of the bodyMethods and Advantages of Air Hardening of the Body

Let’s suppose you decided to do hardening of the body, but do not know how to start yet. Air hardening is considered the most humane and the initial way of hardening, but at the same time it is the most effective one.

These procedures are often recommended to start hardening of your body, but if you’re completely healthy, you can start with any of the hardening procedures at your discretion.

Advantages of air hardening

Air hardening has a lot of advantages:

  1. Because of the relative ease of the effects on the body air hardening can be used by people of all ages and health conditions. Air hardening is even recommended for the treatment of such diseases as stenocardia, hypertension, neurasthenia, and many others.
  2. In carrying out the hardening in the open air, the respiratory system is additionally trained, the blood gets better, increase the level of hemoglobin and the number of red blood cells. The emotional state also improves, comes a feeling of freshness and cheerfulness.

3. Universality. You can harden yourself with air at home without using any additional equipment and outside combining hardening with any kinds of games and sports load. Air hardening is easy to carry out in any time of the day and even at night, as a walk before bedtime or as an evening workout regardless of the season, and even during sleep, resting in a cool, well-ventilated rooms.

  1. If you carry out hardening by the sea or in the mountains, fresh sea air saturated with salt and iodine, or pure rarefied air of high mountains will influence the additional beneficial effect on you. Stay in the forests, parks and other places of growth of various greens also impacts the therapeutic effect, many trees and flowers release pollen and substance having calming and healing effect on the human body. Therefore, patients with certain diseases are often sent to the resorts in the areas with a predominance of certain vegetation.
  2. Even if you live in the environmentally unfavourable area, air hardening will be useful for you, you can always close the windows tightly, purchase and turn on the air purifier and ionizer, and harden in the clean fresh air of the house. With rejuvenating and therapeutic effect of negative ions, hardening is much more useful than in the street filled with smog and exhaust fumes of cars containing heavy metals and many other things.

Thus Japanese doctors say the more time a man spends outdoors, and even walks maximally naked, the longer he will live. So you should always dress for the weather, so you were not stuffy or hot, and even better when it is comfortable and a little bit cool.

Body hardening with air

The best if you start hardening of the organism from walks in the fresh air, and even better is to replace them with active leasure and sports classes or games in the street. Walking can be performed at any time of the year, at the most comfortable to you period, which over time can still be increased.

Of course, for walking it is best to choose areas with clean air as possible, and of course it is not necessary to walk along busy roads in the city, air pollution may even harm your health, and the clean air will bring you benefit.

If you run in the morning, it is also a way of air hardening, in winter it would be useful to go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, etc. In summer it would be useful to play football, basketball, volleyball and other active games and go fishing, hiking, biking and rollerblading, rowing, and any kind of outdoor sports.

Also, air hardening can be combined with any other kind of hardening, a walk to the sea with bathing and water hardening during summer walks and taking of the air procedures in nature and on the beach with the sun hardening. In summer, or even in winter for a short time it would be useful to walk barefoot, combining the procedure with hardening and reflexotheraphy and foot massage.

Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot, incidentally, is one of the most effective ways of healing which Sebastian Kneipp used in his practice of treatment of many types of diseases.

It is especially useful to walk barefoot on wet and cool stones and in the morning on not yet dried dew of the grass, if you cannot find this place, you can just walk home in the bathroom pre-moistened with cold water from the tap. Even Porfiry Ivanov recommended to go barefoot at least for a few minutes each day.

It is great if you fill the room with fresh air before each class, morning exercise or a workout in the room. During physical activity a lot of air is burnt, so it is especially important to have a sufficient amount of air in the room. Air is also important for young children who are developing rapidly and require good conditions for full-fledged development.

In the average, it is recommended to ventilate the room 3-5 times a day and if possible to sleep with open windows, especially in summer and warm time. Indoor air can be more than 10 times toxic and dirtier than in the street so do not be surprised to poor health, if you rarely ventilate the rooms where you are.

Precautions for air hardening

Air hardening should not be carried out immediately after meal because the body is busy with digesting food, the optimal time is one and a half – two hours after meal or on an empty stomach in the morning.

When it gets warm enough outside, air-hardening, both for children and adults, is best to move to the open air. For a start it is better to take air baths in the shade and in the sheltered places. The procedures should be also started at a comfortable air temperature and a short duration of time, gradually lowering the temperature of the air and increasing the time of the procedure.

Air hardening of children

Basically, the majority of children’s diseases and problems with children’s air hardening just happen as a result of too fierce care of their parents.

The regularity has already been seen long that too pampered children, the children of rich and educated parents, but not engaged in hardening get sick more often than the children, even from defective or dysfunctional families. Do not stifle your children, and your body, , it will become much stronger and healthier than in the suffocating embrace of the best blankets.

Begin hardening themselves and your children, even the genius of hardening Porfiry Ivanov began his hardening, with the fact that he had just stopped wearing a hat, and after a while he began to treat hundreds of people of all kinds of diseases. In the next part, read about the practical methods and tips for air hardening, and about the treatment of diseases with them, as well as more about the benefits of hardening for the human body.

Remember, the main thing is to start with at least something, do not pursue a supernatural results, the main thing is perseverance and gradualness, it is enough in the beginning just to sow the seed of health, but later you will be able to reap the fruits of the wonderful, healthy and happy life, and I that is what I wish you.


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