Tea With Honey: Benefits and Harms

Today we will try to understand how much beneficial or harmful hot tea with honey, we will see what specific benefits and harms it brings to people. Also, you will learn whether you can lose weight with this tart, but beloved by many sweet tooth people.

Among the lots of drinks there are such ones which are very much valuable to human health, and even inveterate skeptics could not argue about this. One of such drinks is the traditional, tea with honey, loved by many people. In addition, there is a category of people who consume honey daily, completely replacing sugar, while others, use this amber liquid only as a medicine.Tea with honey the benefits and harms, The benefits of tea with honey, The beneficial properties of a honey water, What is better - tea with honey or sugar, What is the most useful type of honey, The harm of honey in hot tea, Contraindications and precautions.

The benefits of tea with honey

Even from ancient times, our ancestors were aware of the healing properties of honey, since the product was considered as a panacea for a variety of diseases and people who use this amber liquid, lived long enough.

Most of you have heard that it is necessary to drink tea with honey for cold what is absolutely true. This medicinal drink highly recommended for sore throat after a cold food or drinks, and especially if a person soaked feet and got wet.

In the case of viral diseases such tea acts as an adjunct to medication (or even better, if you replace them with tea and honey), reducing the risk of possible adverse effects of medication, and helping the body overcome the disease faster.

Waking up early in the morning, you can cheer up your body with hot tea, which in the cold season will give a tonic and warming effect, give you energy, strength and a clear mind for the whole day.

From stress

If your sleeping problems and wake up very early, in order to reduce stress in the body, its compulsory to drink a morning cup of aromatic and medicinal drink as tea with honey as it is useful for stress and relieves irritation of the morning, which will allow you to look at the world positively again.

It should be noted that for the drivers, this medicinal tea will make the body work harder: neurons will start to move more intensively helping the body to cheer up faster.

Nowadays, most people spend the whole day on computer. First of all its bad for eyes, so to reduce the risk of eye disease, you need to drink about three cups of tea with honey daily.

It is known that this drink is also used as a means of a hangover, as honey includes fructose, which cleaves an alcohol into products without harming our body. In other words, after a good feast you can drink a tea or eat a few spoons of honey. So that you avoid unpleasant morning consequences after a fair amount consumed alcohol.

The beneficial properties of a honey water

Tea with honey which is brewed at low temperature, retains many useful properties, important vitamins and minerals .It contains a large amounts of vitamin B2, which eliminates acne, dandruff, brittle hair, increased sensitivity to light.

In addition to that, it is rich in vitamin PP, which helps with insomnia, and vitamin C, and also useful for colds. Do not forget also that honey contains vitamin E – powerful antioxidant, inhibiting the aging process and fighting with cardiovascular diseases, and vitamin K, which has a positive effect on blood circulation.

And what about micronutrients honey contains a lot of iodine and phosphorus, potassium and iron, calcium and magnesium, including other nutrients. What is interesting is that the current scientists, after some researching had found that percentage of the main part of elements in sweet foods and in human blood practically identical. Also, because of its bactericidal action, honey is considered as a natural antibiotic.

For reducing a weight

Many nutritionists strongly advised to drink tea with honey for weight loss. Naturally, this drink will not help you to lose extra kilos quickly, but will serve as a good tool in the process of splitting fat, as it has an amazing ability to adjust metabolism. But, as it takes some to bring the normal metabolism, the result will not be instantaneous.

Nutritionists believe that those who really want to get rid of the extra kilos, dinner should be replaced with a tea spoon of honey. But first it is to consult with a nutritionist, not to provoke unpleasant consequences because of using a large number of calories.

It should be noted that if you drink tea with honey in the night, you will sleep tight. But If your aim is losing a weight, then you have to reduce the amount of calories for a dinner.

What is better – tea with honey or sugar?

When conventional medicine recognized that honey is more helpful than sugar, many people began to drink tea with daily. Some particularly zealous fans of sugar have already probably noticed how their volumes are gradually growing, even though “sweetness” (glucose)is necessary for the normal functioning of the humans brains, which is fed exclusively by glucose.

There is a glucose in the sugar and honey, however for its admission from the sugar to the brain the body requires extra energy and vitamins for her digestion, whereas glucose enters from honey the brain naturally.

In other words, only 20% from the whole amount of consumed sugar fall in the brain, and the rest is deposited in the form of fat. Glucose honey is better absorbed by the body, simultaneously supplying it with nutrients, and better nourishes the brain, giving to people a power and strength and promoting natural weight loss.

The use of the sugar in excess unambiguously leads not only to extra weight, but also problems with caries. Thus, tea with honey is much more useful for the brain activity, though we have to use it in moderation.

What is the most useful type of honey

Beekeepers think as well as the scientists who are studying the beneficial properties of the sweet product that the most useful honey with healing properties – is that one, which is harvested in the place where a person lives.

The reason is very simple: the bees produce honey from the nectar of plants that grow in the ground with the biological and climatic conditions of a particular area. For example, if a person lives in an area with average climatic conditions, then the honey from other places with different climate, will not give useful properties for his body.

The human body adapts to the climate where a person was born and raised, and plants that exist in that area would be suited the best way to strengthen your immunity. Therefore, the best honey is their own one, because each type has their own useful properties.

How to drink honey tea

To get real benefits from tea with honey, it is necessary to combine these two useful products. It is strictly forbidden to put honey into hot boiling water, the temperature of the tea should not be higher than 40 degrees. In higher temperature the product loses its beneficial properties.

The harm of honey in hot tea

Scientists say that when we put honey into the tea , which has a temperature of 60 degrees and above, then we can see a formation of hydroxymethylfurfural in the product which is considered as a poison to humans.

That is why honey is not recommended to use in baking, especially if it has an ability depositing poison in the liver and causes a serious poisoning of the body.

Therefore, we should not drink hot mead, it is better to drink warm one. However, it is better to use a sweet product apart from the tea. By the way, our ancestors, the Slavs, did exactly the same way: enjoyed a cup of tea with honey.

The effectiveness of such method was proved by scientists: research studies have shown that its better to use honey separately from tea. Ideally, honey should not even be diluted in warm water, especially if you’re used to drink it on an empty stomach every morning.

The harm of honey water

Firstly, the damage of a tea with honey is not only about the commonly wrong method of tea, but also about poor-quality honey, or both of them. To protect ourselves from the poor quality product, it is better to buy that from a beekeeper who you know, so that you will have more chances to buy a real useful honey.

And to avoid a damage of honey for our teeth you need to rinse your mouth with water after using that. As its mentioned above, do not overuse honey, otherwise it will provoke an overweight and obesity in the future, and perhaps even a diabetes.

You can also test yourself for a standard allergic reaction to certain components of honey and pollen. Unfortunately, today there is a category of people whose bodies are not taking this product. Therefore allergic people are not allowed to use honey, otherwise the consequences can be very negative

It is forbidden to give honey with tea or without to children up to three years, because the product may cause allergies in fledgling child’s body.

Contraindications and precautions

It is necessary to know for lovers who consume tea with honey in the morning on an empty stomach, that maximum in 30 minutes, you should have a good breakfast, otherwise there will be a sharp drop in a blood sugar, which would entail a bad feeling during the day. Pancreas might have been suffering because of producing gastric juice intensively.

During pregnancy

Also pregnant women should be very careful with honey if even the allergic reaction to honey was not observed before. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is very sensitive, so before you start drinking honey tea during pregnancy, you should consult a doctor.

Overall, not a very hot tea with honey brings more benefits than harm, however we should know when to stop. Honey combined with any tea – it’s more a cure, but the point is we don’t take medication all the time.

The conclusion is very simple: buy honey from those beekeepers who you only trust, and in any case do not overuse this wonderful drink with a miraculous medicinal product, or even better – use them separately and be always healthy, that’s what I wish you sincerely .And Also read about another interesting types of tea on our website of self-development such as the benefits of tea with mint and beneficial properties of tea with sea buckthorn.


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