How to find the purpose and meaning of life quickly. Useful recommendations

Greetings, Friends! Today we will talk about how to find the purpose and meaning of human life quickly, as well as consider some useful recommendations for those who are in search of their meaning of life.

How to find the purpose and meaning of life quickly. Useful recommendations

[adrotate group=”1″]Information. Over the past hundred years, its number has increased in tens times. Never before has a person been subjected to such massive information attacks as today. Advertising explicit and hidden follow us everywhere. And so from early childhood we begin to take the motivation imposed on us.

Typical patterns of behavior and worldviews condition us. And the further we grow up –our space options for actions becomes narrower. Childhood dreams are forgotten and replaced by harsh reality.

Few children dream of becoming a Manager, marketer or lawyer-all without exception want to become sailors, astronauts and so on. And the reality is much easier – we learn from those who do not want to be and work those who did not want to become. And so, let’s understand why our motives differ from reality, and how to find a goal in life that will help to have a success.

How to distinguish the false motivation from the true motivation?

Mindfulness. Nowadays a lot of people talk about it almost at every step. Any self-development begins with the question of whether we live consciously or not. But, unfortunately, most often this concept stay at the level of an uncertain obscure concept and here we see how people “consciously” work on the hated work, “consciously” watch “dirty” news on TV and “consciously” drink alcohol. The main thing is to do it consciously.

Still “consciously” we accept the paradigm of consumption imposed on us, our goals are apartments, cars, expensive clothes, and a delicious dinner in a restaurant, and children’s dreams are perceived with condescension and sadness.

Of course, it is not necessary to fall into extremes and become a sailor of long voyage under the effect of books which we read in childhood about travel, but the way we blindly accept the values imposed on us is also abnormal.

And how to determine-which values are imposed and which are false? Look around – do you see many happy people around you? No, really happy, not those who are happy only on Friday night, and happy from the fact that the hated work is over and they can “relax”. Those who know how to find their purpose and meaning in life.

And a bright sign that a person is going his own way, and not false – a constant state of happiness. Such a person is happy of what he does. There is a very good saying: “Find a job for your soul and that you love, then you will never have to work again, and you will only make love all day.” But today this, unfortunately, is relevant for very few. Others-go through life according to a pre-planned plan, and planned and imposed by someone from the outside. [adrotate group=”2″]

What to do and who is to blame?

As usual, the eternal question is what to do and who is to blame for the fact that I can’t find a job that I will be in love for the rest of my life. Why can’t you find the meaning of your life? Well, we should blame ourselves.

As you probably know, we are always to blame for our problems, because everything that happens in our lives is caused by cause –effect relationships and we experience only the consequences of the causes that we have created.

And if we have not created a reason for happiness, you can pray to any gods, but it doesn’t make sense. From other side, if we have created causes for our own suffering, we cannot avoid them.

And nowadays people constantly create themselves the reasons for suffering with a big skill. If people were striving for happiness with the same effort, there would be no unhappy people at all.

Why is this happening? Answer-advertising. Hidden and explicit. We live in a world that is governed by the egregorial matrix method. Simply put, we created a framework in which we are driven. Those who can not be driven in the framework are considered “strange”. So here is the task for all of us – become “strange.”

What to do? Consider useful recommendations, and learn how to find the meaning of life quickly. First of all, think about what you really want. In response to this question, there will be a whole mental stream foe the first time, where most likely there will be mainly material values. But it’s not yours.

[adrotate group=”3″]In childhood, the child only wants to have fun and only when a child gets older, the kid unobtrusive impose that joy can be obtained by purchasing a car of the latest model, and after three years it is necessary to change, because older models only have… well you know who.

And so our true deep desire, the desire of our soul to be happy and experience joy will change by surrogates. Why and who needs it? The answer is simple. The most profitable business is done on vices and addictions. And if a person will feel joy just, for example, from being in nature or from creativity, it is very difficult to make money on such a person.

Look at the children, they can genuinely enjoy the ordinary rain. Adults can’t do that. Because they have already been taught to think that joy should be experienced from other things.

The most important question

Here are some useful recommendations from psychologists, for those who are looking for a purpose in life. So sit down and think about what you really want. When first thoughts come, ask yourself “Why do I need it?” Just ask it sincerely and sincerely try to find the answer.

At the moment of such self analysis it is important to abstract from everyday life and escape from the usual situation, you mustn’t be distracted. Defer all business for two days (at least), stop communicating with everyone (without exception), turn off the phone, Internet and so on. Devote this time exclusively to introspection.

Most often it is difficult in the usual environment to isolate from the outside world. The people around you, most likely, will not understand, what is this “insanity” have happened, the poet, the best option would be to go somewhere for two days. But you shouldn’t refuse of searching for your meaning of life. Best way is to go to the nature, where there are no people, no noise, no civilization.

The principle is the same as with starvation – when the human body starves, it begins the process of self-purification. Only in this case we refrain not from physical food (although, to combine these things will be good), and from information. And when our consciousness is deprived of the usual pressure from the media and society, it begins to clear from the concepts imposed on it.

Isolated from the outside world, you should begin to analyze your goals and aspirations. Just as a scientist in a laboratory investigates an unknown object, so you investigate your desires and their nature.

This can be supplemented by the practice: write on a piece of paper all your desires that first come to mind. Then you need to burn this sheet. It is necessary to do it consciously, with full concentration that now the desires imposed on you burn.

[adrotate group=”4″]Next, take the second sheet and write again what comes to mind. Most likely the desire will be different, if history repeats itself, repeat the procedure burning. And do it until the writing begins to change.

You may have a question-what if what is written from the first time are true desires? And that is the true purpose and meaning of life. Yes, it is possible, but extremely unlikely. As mentioned above, we all live in an aggressive information environment that imposes on us such desires that allow us to effectively manage and make money on us.

And most importantly, each of your goals that you consider important for yourself should be tested by the question “Why do I need it?”. With a high probability, all false motivations will be destroyed by this question. But it is important to be honest with yourself and really think deeply about the question – why do you need what you think is important to yourself.

No joy, no meaning

So how to find your meaning in life quickly? Another criterion for the truth of your motivations is the feeling of joy. Observations show that the acquisition of some material values usually does not allow a person to experience joy longer than a week, well, in extreme cases – a month. A person gets used to a new purchase quickly and as it usually happens-the achieved goal is not as attractive as it seemed as you move to it.

Often the greatest happiness a person experiences from the realization of their talents. The artist, drawing a picture, forgets about everything around. The writer who writes the novel is completely immersed in the reality he creates. Can you compare the joy of buying a new phone model with this? And is it worth considering that this is a way to achieve a life goal?  It is rhetorical question.

However, if for someone after all the above manipulations, the purpose of buying a phone remains the main dream of life, then maybe this is the meaning of life for this person. And that is why he came to this world, and that is the meaning of human life.

But for most, the realization of talent (even if it does not bring a lot of income) will be something that can actually make you happy.

But to understand their purpose and their true goals, it is enough to arrange a practice of seclusion at least for two days. And ideally isolated from normal life for about a week. Believe me, it’s worth it. The one who spent a week alone with himself will not be the same. And his life will change for the better.

That’s all. We have considered a few simple but useful recommendations that will help you find meaning and purpose in a person’s life quickly. The main thing is not to distinguish between what is really important and what is everyday trifles. Stay on the portal of learning and self-development and read other interesting articles about the meaning of human life.

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