Top 10 Cheapest Countries for Vacation

[adrotate group=”1″]At any time, people go to relax while on holiday even when the rate of exchange is falling or rising. Obviously, of course, the more it’s cheaper the more it’s better for an average citizen, usually it’s expended a few monthly for a vocation. Therefore, today we will have a talk about the cheapest countries and places to relax, to spend our time there more than once in a decade, what is a rarity for us in modern times because of the exorbitant prices for many families.

Based on a survey among residents all over the world, the popular magazine about tourism «Conde Nast Traveller», has published the study results about the most popular and cheapest countries for vacation.Top 10 cheapest countries for vacation, The most popular countries for a vacation, Top 10 cheapest countries,

It turns out, that one of the most popular countries, where the most tourists prefer to go is Italy. Cultural monuments, museums and restaurants attract tourists and make them go to the Apeninsky Peninsula .

Maldives and Bali take the second and third places in the ranking of the best places for tourism. By the way, there are a lot of attractions in Bali, and due to this they have risen so high in the ranking, despite on the high prices.

And also, you can admire the magnificent scenery of the Seychelles – that is on the 9 th place out of 20 in the top of the best islands. On 7th place are the beautiful beaches of Zimbabwe. You can also find the friendly aboriginal population and reasonable prices, along with a luxurious holiday in the Phuket island.

[adrotate group=”2″]For those tourists who like to soak up the sun and enjoy the gentle evening sunsets, Barbados would be the best choice for them. It was awarded the 4th place in the ranking as the best climate of this Island.

Top 10 cheapest countries

To continue the conversation about the available holiday abroad for the average Russian citizen, we represent the top ten cheapest countries for vacation.

Cambodia takes the first place in ranking among the cheapest holiday places on the planet .You can live charging $ 2 per day in this country, and still have a great climate, so that you can swim all year round. Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries, the town on the lake, the National Museum and numerous temple complexes – will bring tourists a lot of impressions. And in addition to that, there are cheap exotic fruits, vegetables and seafood there.

Vietnam would be suitable to lovers of exotic cuisine and the price for rental housing is enough cheap, at the price. This country is on the 2nd place in our ranking, due to the temperate climate and affordable prices. This Asian country will please you with its fragrant jasmine gardens, ancient temples and stunning beaches.

You can have an unforgettable holiday spending only 750 rubles a day in India. The rich historical heritage, friendly locals, beautiful nature, all that remain an unforgettable experience. And also, India is a country of very bright colors and pungent spices, the cradle of ancient civilization and the jewel of English crown.

Bolivia is on the forth place in ranging. The warm climate, the cultural heritage of the Incas, waterfalls, salt lakes and hot springs, those are not the whole list of attractions of this state where you can go there. Especially, considering the fact that you may spend just $ 15 in a day,so that, there is no better place for you to rest, although, at the same time, there is no exit to the sea .

The cheapest countries in Europe

[adrotate group=”3″]Hungary takes the fifth position in the ranking of countries for cheap holidays. Resorts, museums, lakes and castles, this state can be called an open air museum. And, at the same time it is one of the cheapest and democratic countries in EUROPE.

Furthermore, that is the place, where the accommodation and meals will cost about 20 euros per day for those people who have an average incomes

In the sixth position in ranging is Honduras. That is the one of the places on the planet where the Maya civilization was developed. It includes such incredible places as lush forests, picturesque mountains and the world’s best places for diving and snorkeling, and also, the Cote d’Azur with white sand and friendly people. And finally, the price is about 25 dollars per day there.

Bulgaria is famous for its golden sands and located in seventh place in the top for the cheapest countries of Europe. Rather, generally, we may say, that it is one of the cheapest countries of Europe, despite on the European prices, that make us confuse about being on that list.

Best places to relax on the cheap

Another words, Bulgaria – is a very interesting and a great place for having cheap holidays, especially for Europeans. There are interesting cities, unique ancient monuments of culture and natural attractions under UNESCO protection – all is not possible to visit once you travel. And at the same time, there is a good housing at a reasonable price and a great climate, that will beckon you to make more than one trip.

You will make the right choice, if you decide to make a trip to Sri Lanka. This state occupies the 8th grade in our rating of places where you can relax cheaper. Especially, the trip amateurs of attractions would love to try that.

Numerous monuments, including ancient cities, monasteries and royal gardens with places, will get a lot of pleasure to any tourist. But, if you want to save money in Sri Lanka, then you can eat for free, obtaining the products by your own, by the way, the food in Sri Lanka is much more fresh and healthier than in any country of Europe or even around the world. With much more healthy, tasty and fresh than in the best supermarkets in Europe and the world.

The ninth place of the cheapest countries belongs to Argentina. In this country people can find any entertainments to their taste, like high-tops lovers as well as tourists, who mostly prefer a beach holiday.

A mix of different cultures gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the monuments of different areas and eras to this country. There are lots friendly people that u can meet, another advantage is that the price of a room is 500 rubles in a day, especially if u rest outskirts of the city, it will make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Inexpensive place for a family holiday in Europe

[adrotate group=”5″]Another ideal place for a family holiday in Europe is considered as Greece. Cheap hotels, cheap food, as well as a large number of Orthodox holy sites and ancient monuments will make you enjoy to visit this country.

Architecture of Greece, its natural resources, friendly people and unsurpassed cuisine put Greece on the 10th place in the ranking among the best places and countries all over the world.

Naturally ,we can not deny that the list of the best countries in the world is exhaustive, since there are many interesting and cheap places on the map with an affordable and comfortable stay, such as Thailand, Egypt, Greece and Georgia, the one which was described about its benefits of traveling that was mentioned but the point was to let you know about lesser-known and more interesting countries.

Finally we hope that this article will help you make the right choice for recreation. And you will get a lot of positive emotions traveling around the world without compromising your wallet. And also In our future articles, we will still have lots of talk about the best countries for winter holidays by the sea, as well as travel, residence, emigration, quiet life in retirement, and even about business and earning quick money.

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