Useful and Harmful Food and Drink


What should we eat to maintain the water balance inside body

What is bad to drink, Eat and drink only the natural, Harm of stored juice,Today we will discuss the water balance inside body and its relationship to our meals. Of course It is not a secret that with a food, we get some water, but it’s about the half of a rate of the body needs, but as we mainly eat not properly, we often limit an amount of water in the body. For example, coffee and tea have the opposite effect of dewatering, and the more your tea or coffee is stronger, the more it’s harmful for your health. If you can not do without it, I would recommend you to go to good and not that much strong green tea. Green tea is certainly worse than pure water, but it is also undoubtedly has a number of useful properties, at least green tea improves digestion and removes extra toxins from the body

What is bad to drink?

Any soda contains a lot of sugar, and it is harmful itself, but in addition to that it impacts negatively on the balance and the quality of water in your body and often leads to overeating. After drinking a soda we want to eat more, because it contains some sugar, and the body accepts that as a food but normally it doesn’t get an aliment so after that it demands to correct this misunderstanding. Especially after the diet drinks we want to drink a lot so do not be in the wrong about their ability to reduce a weight.

Soups, borscht, etc. are also not very useful, especially they are very often prepared preserved on many days in advance, and it produces a lot of toxins for a long period, it might be as well not to eat cooked food which is more than one day from the moment of preparation, and even better to cook and eat all at once, well, and further its worth thinking whether to cook at all, but that’s another story.

And the first dishes are not useful, because it is food and water both, as this food contains a lot of water, and doctors do not recommend drinking during meal, which adversely affects the use of both the food and water.

Do not drink during meals

The opinion of doctors directly about this matter is tough and unambiguous: it’s not allowed to drink after and while eating or at least it’s not necessary. If you wash down the food with water, as 95 percent of the post-Soviet space people used to do, then your food is not properly digested, since you greatly dilute the gastric juice with water, which it loses most of its essential properties from.

Gastric juice loses a lot of its beneficial properties, breaks the level of its acidity so that some part of the food just come to the toilet out by row, and undigested by the body, in fact, it turns out that you might not eat at all. Of course, this is a joke and an exaggeration, but the efficiency of your digestion within a water slows down significantly, and produces more wastes that clog your body.

The water should be drunk within 15 minutes before eating and after 1.5-2 hours after a meal. Get into the habit not to drink at that time, and even more while eating and drink water  some other time as much as you need it, so that the water will only benefit you. Yes, at first, it seems unusual, but you will quickly realize that in fact, it is very comfortable and you will feel much better. Think twice if it is worth eating that food which you cannot eat without washing it down.

Eat and drink only the natural

Eat and drink only the naturalIce cream and other containing a large quantity of various carcinogens, GMOs, chemicals, dyes and flavor enhancers also does not provide the body with water, since it is not clear yet how much it will need to be spent on removing these harmful substances, and would they be removed after such a dose of contaminated by chemicals food and water, and this is an issue.

lately, producers of ice cream save on everything, and you are very lucky if there is even margarine and powdered milk, and what can be there In the worst case, you’d better not even know. Extra undesirable to use a variety of modern energy, because it is bad for the heart, contains a variety of harmful impurities, and only reduce the amount of free water in the body.

The benefits of fresh juices

The benefits of fresh juicesIt’s very useful for the water and salt to balance before eat, fresh fruits and vegetables to drink fresh squeezed juices. This is the water of the highest quality, which is applicable for ordinary people, it is already structured and contains a minimum amount of impurities. You will get the optimal amount needed salt and minerals.

Even nitrates are removed while squeezing juice with pulp, if you really do not trust the quality of your fruits or vegetables then you can make a juice. But I prefer to eat the whole of that, because   the fiber is necessary for the body. By the way, nowadays, the fact of having a fiber is considered as one of the most important criteria in the usefulness of food. And finally, do not trust the producers of juice who writes those 100% fruits content and other beautiful slogans on the packaging.

Objectively, in Russia and Ukraine juice plants are provided by 2-5% normal raw material for juice .The rest is not clear juice recovered from. Anyway, scientists have determined that the use of fresh squeezed juice is reduced by about 40%, for 1 minute on the light, at room temperature. So make your conclusions about the quality of the juice, which is specified 3 days on the package shelf life, if even not to mention a year.

Harm of stored juice

In any case, all juices contain a lot of sugar and per liter of juice is almost glass of green liquid (preservative) which is simply not visible as it is mixed with your juice. Think would you drink that liquid itself separately, and only after this awareness buy the “good” juice to yourself, or even to your children. If you do not believe that such food –the water is bought in a store does not contain anything useful to your health, there are many programs on this subject even on the Internet, look at them, and do not let others do the business on your health.

But most importantly, we must not forget that no food is enough for a healthy functioning of the body, so that’s why our theme is called like the food and water, everything must be in harmony. Even juices and fruits, and especially coffee and soda is not enough to make up or to create the right balance of water in your body.

Drink plenty of pure water and besides eat more healthy food, and you will quickly feel the difference in your new mood energy and health from this water and food. And once you feel it, you do not want to go back to the old life to the dead water and food. And if u want to know how much water do you need to drink exactly every day or you decide to drink a lot then in this case advising you to read more about water purification.


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