Why Shouldn’t we Eat at Night (Before Sleeping)


[adrotate group=”1″]I think it is easy to guess, if I say that you are not faced just once with the question whether can one eat at night. And even more,for sure you personally could be caught in a seemingly innocent night tea party with different kind of sweets such as chocolates, cookies, cakes and other sweets which you can not simply distract your view. And yeah, okay, probably more than once in the course were your favorite soup, and pasta, and fried potato with meat and dumplings.

And by the way, you probably have heard that you can not eat at night, but probably thought a few times, oh well, I could not resist it a couple of times, well, nothing to worry, I can loose a couple of extra kilos quickly during tomorrow morning’s herky-jerky race to work.

But it all is not that  simple, it turns out that eating at night causes not only excess weight of your body, but it is fraught with other even more negative consequences, such as insomnia (sleeplessness) , plenty of potential serious illnesses, and even premature aging.

Therefore, today I’ll frighten you a bit, is not malevolentlyof course, but simply in the hope that the slim and beautiful girls and not only them will finally get enough motivation to find the strength of will, and become even slimmer and more beautiful than they were, and what is most important – more healthy.

  The consequences of eating before going to bed.

So, let’s begin to study the question of the reasons why one can not eat at night. Scientists call the main reason the fact that during the dinner just before bedtime, especially if you have consumed a large amount of carbohydrates, your body has produced a lot of insulin.

Insulin, in turn, signals the body and the part of the brain, called the pituitary gland, that it can relax and not to produce growth hormone at night and not to use its own, and so hardly accumulated fat reserves.

[adrotate group=”2″]Herewith, the excess weight you get is the less problem, as the growth hormone has many vital functions in the body, including promote of muscle tissue growth.

Besides, the level of other active hormones increases after eating, including stress hormone cortisol and sexual hormone, and all this together, especially with the absence of growth hormone in your body at night will lead to accelerated aging.

Diseases from eating at night

The scientists insist that even the mere presence of increased insulin in the blood is a major cause of physical illnesses.For example, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, hypertensionwith its strokes and heart attacks, osteoporosis, dysbacteriosis, and many others.

And it is not better psychologically: frequent depression, psychosis and nervous breakdowns are often exacerbated by an excess of insulin in the body. Not to mention bigger exposure to addictions such as drinking, smoking and even overeating and drug addiction are included in this not very honorable list.

So if you often suffer manifestation of these diseases or the depression, apathy, irritation, etc are often to visit you unexpected, here’s a simple test. Just try to remember, whether you still pamper yourself with meal at night, instead of a full of value sleep and rest. And if you and this is not enough, we still have something to add J

Obesity and nocturnal eating

[adrotate group=”3″]The thing is that the hormone insulin itself is mainly responsible for thefat formation in the body and the accumulation of glycogen in the liver. And the night with its complete lack of movement activity is the time when your body stores your «favorite» fat.

Next reason why we don’t have to eat at night, is the ability of elevated blood glucose to degrade collagen, and collagen is the protein which is responsible for elasticity and strength of blood vessels.

And of course, the consequences of the night power in such a case would be premature wear-out of all the vessels of the body, which subsequently lead to already mentioned diseases and other problems.

Another good news is for sportsmen:with no meal at night, it is produced the same growth hormone, which leads to increased muscle growth. Some conducted experiments resulted that athletes which fall asleep during the day on an empty stomach, increased at the rate of muscle growth caused by growth hormone.

The food is digested poorly at night

And as I said the food will not normally digest at night, as 12 duodenal ulcer during sleep is also in a sleepy, sluggish state. But the stomach is working, filling it with food; in a result it strongly stretches, and gastric juice penetrates into this mass with difficulties, which lies in the 12 duodenal ulcer until the morning.

And what is even worse, the bile from the gallbladder, often can not get through this congestion, and stays on until the morning to thicken in the gall bladder, later forming stones and inflammation, which results in natural requirement of surgery to remove them.

Eating at night disrupts the sleep    

Besides, it’s not that easy to fall asleep with a full stomach, and even this has a hormonal preconditions. With a full stomach “Melatonin” is not produced. It is one of the growth hormones, which promotes falling asleep too, and as a result, sometimes after an unhealthy meal at night we are unable to fall asleep quickly.

To all this harm from eating at night, we will add the ability to knock down your biological rhythms, as well as the morning discomfort in the mouth and heaviness in the stomach. And usual unsightly appearance with puffy eyes, swelling and surprises like that.

[adrotate group=”4″]Of course, it is not necessary to torment very small children with the night starvation, as well as  variety of stomach ulcers and similar illnesses may be a contraindication.

Although at the same time, there is a lot of information about the medicinal properties of hunger that successfully treat diseases even in the official medical practice. It is likely that as soon as you stop eating at night, you’ll get rid of many of your diseases, even chronic.

In Russia, such a medical practice based on starvation called CR, more details you can read about it on our website in the topic of calorie restriction.

And if you are trying to console yourself that with eating you just reward yourself after a day of a  hard work or to get rid of stress. Think about whether to imitate in your lives the unconscious animal that has nothing to be encouraged more than with lumps of sugar. Think, perhaps in your life, there is something more important than a sausage sandwich before going to bed, for instance your health, ease, happiness, beauty and a slim figure.

Even in Russia, such studies about harmful effects of eating before bedtime been carried out repeatedly, and as a result usually was made almost a clear conclusion that eating before going to bed leads to accelerated aging.And the evening and night starvation on the contrary, helps to restore a certain vital resource of a person, that means rejuvenation.

By the way our friends have a good book about how to lose weight and get a flat and nice stomach without special diets and exhausting exercise, I recommend to familiarize with it, what is more, it is free so far. And if you’re still  not convinced by my article about why you can not eat at night, and you decide that you still ought to eat at night to recruit muscle mass or your body still urgently requires a lot of food even at nighttime, it is also not bad.

[adrotate group=”5″]In this case you should read the following article about eating before bedtime and its benefits for athletes. Before bedtime try to confine yourself with consumption of protein only.

For example, to eat a low fat cottage cheese before going to bed and reduce carbohydrate intake as advised by bodybuilders, so the consequences of eating at night will not be so disastrous. Anyway think about a healthier lifestyle.

For not being completely unfounded, I will give as an example the world-famous Russian dietitian and candidate of medical sciences Belkin Zinovy Pavlovich. He believes that the increased rate of aging, during the day and night, is mostly caused by excessive eating and stressful situations. So, eating before going to bed, naturally deprives your body of the last hope for hidden sources of natural recovery.

Although these theories, of course, are not are proven for 100%, and unlikely to be in the near future. But it is at least an extra occasion to reflect on the fact what is more important for you : to disperse your rhythm of life and the aging to the maximum, or vice versa stop a bit and start enjoying life, health and harmoniously developed, if not the most enormous and inflated, but anyway a  beautiful body.

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