Air Hardening, Treatment, Rules and Contraindications


Modern medicine believes that in the average a for a good health and a normal state of health, any adult, never mind a child should spend on the street at least 3-4 hours a day, and that is even in winter, and in summer it is even more desirable. Health will not come on its own, sometimes it is necessary to leave your warm apartments and go for the health to the air hardening procedures.Air hardening of children and adults, Treatment with the air hardening, Indications for the treatment with the air hardening, Safety in the air hardening.

Air hardening of children

But if you harden little children with the air who are often ill or have chronical diseases start doing air hardening as cautiously and gradually as possible, starting from the room temperature at 22-24 degrees. Gradually leave the children without cloths for a few minutes in windless rooms; it is especially convenient to do between changes of cloths.

Gradually, you can slightly reduce the room temperature under the air hardening, but make sure that the child feels comfortable enough, and it does not cause much discomfort. Such procedures for a few minutes you can do about 3-4 times a day.

A baby’s skin while hardening must remain warm and of normal color or pinkish. If it gets cyanosis, pale of if a «goose skin» appears stop hardening immediately and drеss the child. Also, the child must not lie in one position for a long time, under the long-term air procedures sometimes it is better to change its position.

But do not underestimate the benefit of hardening facilities, especially for the children with congenital heart disease, rheumatism, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma, etc. This can give them a real and full life.

Air hardening of adults

For more hardy adults and students, domestic air hardening is to start with a temperature of 18-20 degrees, and then it should be gradually brought to 12 and even less degrees Celsius. For example, you can increase each hardening on 30 seconds, or to reduce the air temperature on a half of degree.

Adults can before making air baths, wipe or pour cool water. And when the children of tempering procedure somewhere in the second month of life can spend a small body massage and motor exercises. Before taking air baths adults can wipe or pour themselves with cool water. And when the children are two months a small body massage and motor exercises are also advisable.

Generally, air hardening treatment are made not only on the body directly, there is a street hardening to the waist, you can also alternate hardening of the lower and upper halves of the body, there is even hardening of separate parts of the body. For example, hands, feet and the trunk. In the treatment of any particular part of the body it may well make sense.

Even if the air temperature is very high, above 30 degrees in the shade, it is better to leave a small child at home and undo hardening, as a child at high temperatures can overheat and feel unwell, up to heat stroke.

Also, stay in the open air at temperatures below -10 ° C to hardening and without clothes is not advisable for children under 6 months, and also for older children below -15 ° C. Do not forget that young children have not sufficiently developed function of thermoregulation, and both very low and very high temperatures are not useful for them. At the same time the children’s face while walking must always remain open.

Air hardening of the body

All the same goes for adults, you must love and take care of your body as mother cares of her child, you have one health, and no one will give you another. Adults can start air hardening their body with lower temperatures. But the essence of the air hardening remains the same, gradually increase your time of staying outdoors by gradually reducing a comfortable or tolerable temperature for you.

Such procedures as air flow hardening and draft hardening can be sometimes found in literature. You should take an ordinary household fan, the procedure also begins with a comfortable temperature of 20-22 degrees, the fan should be placed at a distance of 5-6 meters at the minimum speed.

Well, then, as always gradually, the first procedure should take about 30 seconds, and gradually approach the fan, reduce the temperature of the air, increase the speed and lengthen the time of stay.

But it is not certain that all you need to tempering drafts, especially for children, but if you want to have perseverance in the drafts, you can help this procedure, which can also be carried out simply by opening the window and door and tempered standing in a draft.

But I’m not sure that draft hardening is all you generally need, especially for children, but if you want to be resistant to the drafts, this procedure can help you, and it can also be carried out simply by opening the window and door and hardening standing in a draft.

Hardening and sport

And Better yet, drop the formalities, just often walk and go in for sports in the fresh air as much as possible, dress according to the weather, once a day for a few minutes remove your shoes and socks and walk barefoot, ventilate the room and the main thing is always be in a good mood.

By the way the athletes constantly training in the room must be in the open air as often as possible, they are strongly recommended the procedures of the air hardening, they are often in the rooms where the air, by definition, cannot be clean.

And of course athletes need more air than non-exercising people, because it can be stuffy in the gym and they constantly train poisoning their lungs, as well as athletes naturally breathe deeper and more often during exercises.

This applies to many representatives of martial arts, fitness, acrobats, weightlifters and representatives of many other sports, who constantly train indoors.

Treatment with the air hardening

But if you decided to go ahead and try to treat with the air hardening, then there is even such a thing as Aerotherapy (Gr. Aēr air + therapeia treatment), which is translated as the air treatment of air or aerotherapy. This is roughly the same as the air hardening, the air influence on the bare parts of the body for the purpose of hardening, preventing and treating diseases.

Treatment outdoors or on special verandas is recommended at the diseases of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, disorders of the central nervous system, metabolic processes, in allergy and other diseases.

There is such figure in medicine as the EET (equivalent-effective temperature). This parameter depends on the humidity, temperature and wind speed in the air treatment. The lower it is, the faster the body loses heat, and the smaller the air treatment must be lasted.

In general, there is a number of diseases in which the air hardening is recommended by medicine, but for the security reasons they should not be carried below the cooling level. The average allowable level of the EET in severe diseases is not less than 16-17 ° C.

But if you are ill with these diseases it is better to consult a doctor for more advice on how this parameter is calculated and which one is the right for your disease before the procedures.

Indications for the treatment with the air hardening

Air baths of the average cold load are indicated for pulmonary heart disease I – II degree; coronary heart disease; rheumatic heart disease in remission 0 – I stage. In chronic respiratory diseases in remission, with a lingering pneumonia, bronchial asthma, nervousness, initial cerebral atherosclerosis, anemia, pulmonary tuberculosis in remission, gastritis, enteritis, peptic ulcer disease in non-acute.

In addition, if you are sick by arthritis, neurosis, kidney disease, suffer from increased sensitivity to cold, as well as young children and older people over 60 should not abuse extremely low temperatures in the air hardening.

Safety in the air hardening

Another very important rule, before hardening you should not initially be cold, if you are cold then keep warm physical warm-up, and only then start hardening, it is a very important rule that will allow you to stay healthy, regardless of the air temperature while hardening. Begin hardening when you are comfortable or hot, if you cannot warm up before hardening, it is better not to start hardening this day at all.

Rather conservative air hardenings are quite enough, even to cure the disease, the main thing is to carry out hardening constantly and consistently, otherwise the effect of hardening loses very quickly. And after a week or one and a half the harden of your body will be much less, and in a month or half your hardening will come to naught, and you have to start the procedures from the very beginning.

Even Sebastian Kneipp treated with only the simplest and seemingly weak methods of hardening, but he could treat almost any disease, so the most important thing is to step forward systematically and slowly, but do not turn off the chosen path. As they say in the East, even the longest journey begins with a single step.

So I wish you, and no matter whether you start practicing air hardening or not, to choose your long and happy way to health and longevity, and never turn it off any longer. Well, in the next story you can learn about the benefits of more traditional water hardening, and in a separate article about solar hardening, and you can also read the first part of the article about air hardening.


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