Chiromancy. The Wealth Line, Signs of Money on the Palm


[adrotate group=”1″]Today, we’ll continue talking about chiromancy and pay our attention to wealth lines and signs of money on the palm. We, having faced financial challenges, often say: “We haven’t been living in wealth, there’s nothing to get started.” Every time I hear this proverb, I think: “Why nothing?” Isn’t this proverb some kind of a spell, which makes us live poorly when we pronounce it? To be rich means to feel yourself rich, no matter how much money you have got.

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Imagine the following: destiny gave you potential, having realized which you may become rich. And you keep saying: “We haven’t been living in wealth, there’s nothing to get started.”  In this way you block your possibilities to get money. More often than not, people themselves do not want to make some steps to change their life for better; often people are simply afraid to fail. And again, we face the question of “How can I know if I am destined to be rich, maybe I shouldn’t try at all?” As you have probably guessed, we’ll be looking for the answer on the palms with the help of palm-reading.

By learning how to read lines and signs on the palms, one may cognize himself and open the future and the past. Wealth line, money triangular, and other signs of wealth on the palm can altogether or separately predict us money and wealth.

Wealth Line

Wealth line is an abstract notion. It should be noted, that it doesn’t really exist. But there exist some palm features that tell us about possible circumstances leading to income. As a rule, it is defined by the direction of the main lines (head, heart, life, and fate) and their offshoots, and by various signs on these lines.

I have already covered the topic of main lines on the palm in my article “What Do Lines on the Palm Mean? Science and Chiromancy.” After reading this article it will be easier for you to read about these lines and find signs of wealth on your palms. Let’s have a look at one the most important lines in chiromancy – life line. If it is deep it means that the person has already achieved certain success and definitely has the potential to become rich. [adrotate group=”2″]

khiromantiya2-300x258Offshoots from this line, going upwards, towards the fingers, also tell us about future success. An offshoot that goes upwards from the very beginning of this line shows incredible self-confidence. If a person can take deliberate decisions, he or she has life line and head line not crossing each other, stretching just a couple of millimeters apart. Successful people posses these qualities. They always know how to make money.

Fate line is of great importance when determining potential to get rich. I have already told that this line is quite insidious. It can appear and disappear during the course of life. Many people do not have it at all. But if you found this line on your palm, it may mean the following:

  • crucial event, determining your future life, are happening right now;
  • if the fate line is deep and straight, it mean that you are the kind of a person who can define goals and does whatever needed to reach them. This quality defines well-off people who were able to become financially independent by themselves.

That’s why, the availability of this line on your palm tells about huge potential to get rich. A person, destined to become rich, fate line always stretches separately from the life line, originates on the moon hill, is distinct, crosses the heart line, and ends in Jupiter or Saturn hill (a hill below index or middle finger respectively.)

All these features prove inner strength of a person which is he able to accumulate in order to get the most maximum financial result. This person is a professional, has high social status and is wealthy. This person has, at least, everything needed to get everything mentioned above.

[adrotate group=”3″]Versatility, talents of a person help him to achieve success and material wealth. A double or even triple fate line shows this. If it originates in the same spot with the life line, it means that success will be achieved exclusively due to personal achievement and merits of a person. If it is split in the end, it may only indicate a wealthy, rich old age.

If destiny line suddenly disappears from your palm, get ready to lose your goal and money. This may also tell about a loss of a profitable job.

Thin offshoots from the fate line may stretch to the Mercury hill (below the pinky) or to the Jupiter hill (below the index finger). These offshoots are often called small ladles of wealth. The deeper and more distinct these lines are, the richer and wealthier your life will be.

When the offshoot goes to the Saturn hill (below the middle finger), it means that only hard work will bring you money. When the offshoot goes to the Apollo (a hill below the ring finger), the person will get a lot of money by discovering his skills and talent. If the shoot meets the Mercury (a hill below the pinky), you will get huge profits in commerce or science.

Signs of wealth may be found on intellect line (head line). If there’s a line, shooting off it to the middle finger (Jupiter), the person is confident in his/her abilities which leads to achieving the goal. This also may lead to achieving material well-being and stability.

If the line goes to the pinky (Mercury), the person will flourish in risky financial operations. If it is clearly marked, the person has obvious entrepreneur and commerce abilities.

There are also signs on the heart line. If there is a fork-like sign pointing at the index finger, it means that the person has high social status. Naturally, such people cannot be poor. Any offshoot pointing to the top signifies positive features, influencing on wealth.

Person’s brain plays the role of an artist painting of the palms. As a rule, it doesn’t have to correct the main lines during the course of life which cannot be said about thinner, secondary lines, offshoots, signs. It corrects them depending on the future or past events in the life of the person. [adrotate group=”4″]

 Wealth and Money Triangular

khiromantiya3-300x284The so-called money triangular is characterized in chiromancy as one of the most powerful signs of wealth. It should be found in the middle part of the palm. A figure in the shape of a triangular is formed with main lines: head line and fate line crossing each other, and additional line that completes the triangular.

It has to be even, distinct, and closed. By its size, one may judge about the person’s fortune. The bigger the size, the more fortune the person will have. When this sign is seen on both hands at the same time, you are sure to have big fortune.

A triangular inside if a triangular is a sign of a successful investor.

If the triangular is formed with the head line and the fate line only and is not completed with additional line, it means that money slip from you. You get any profits and at the end, you may lose all your money.

Other Signs of Wealth and Money on the Palm

If, observing a palm of a rich person, you don’t see the above-mentioned signs of wealth, you should not be confused as there exist some more signs of wealth and money which tell us about potential rich life. In this case, attention should be paid to fingers. These are the most active parts of a hand which are first to react on signals from our brain. That’s why they bear a lot of information about person’s character, thoughts, emotions.

Have a look at the pinky. Its size plays important role. A person, who has a long pinky (also called Mercury) which almost reaches first joint of the ring finger (Apollo) i.e. practically reaching the nail plate, knows how to make money practically in every endeavor. This is very favorable sign of money.

[adrotate group=”5″]The smaller the Mercury, the less chances of big income are. If the pinky is extremely small not even reaching first joint of Apollo, those chances are even worse. This person doesn’t have natural neck for commerce. He cannot recognize benefits, possibilities, often has losses and spends more than earns.

If you take a closer look at Mercury hill, you can also find there signs of money. Some vertical lines below the hill tell us about constant incomes; the more distinct the lines are, the more income the persons will get.

Another way to recognize how a person can handle money is closed fist. If there are clear spots and gaps between the fingers, it means that you lose your money through your fingers, you don’t know how to handle money and therefore cannot hold it for too long. On the contrary, if the fist is tight with no gaps and clear spots between the fingers, you are a good financial dealer who can handle money even without appropriate education and can not only save the money but also increase the incomes.

The Start – is a number of crisscrossed lines, a very good sign showing a very rich person. If you have it on the Jupiter hill (below the middle finger), this is a sign of ambition, honor, happy love, big deeds, unexpected wealth.

 Fortune or Sudden Win

Fortune or lottery win is easy money. Every person dreams of it. Sudden fortune with no pains happens petty seldom, but there still some chances. It may also be found on the palm. In order to do it, take a look at the life line.

Easy money – is one or several triangular. They point to the middle finger and their base is represented by the life line. If you analyze this line by the dates, you may in what age you will get sudden fortune. These sign may also tell about advantageous marriage.

Small, but distinct line between the ring finger and the pinky tell us about inheritance. These signs may be found pretty rarely. If you have this sign, you are extremely lucky. Destiny loves you, you have easy money in your life. Try use of this present of life wisely.

By which Palm Should We Look for Wealth and Money?

If we look at palms of the left and the right hand, we will see differences. Patterns on skin are more or less different. That’s why we should take into account both palms. To make accurate prediction, chiromantists always read both palms, first left, than right one. Here’s the reason: the pattern on the left palm appears at the stage of embryo in mother’s womb and doesn’t practically change during the course of life.

[adrotate group=”7″]It is related to the fact that the left palm is a program-bearer, which has to be realized during our life. The right palm sustains a lot of changes during the course of life under the influence of our actions, emotions, feelings, and represents our inner world at the given period of time showing us future in accordance with the choice we make. That’s why the pattern on the right palm changes. For lefties, it is opposite.

If, having looked at the palms, you see that line do not significantly differ, it means that your life corresponds to the way you are programmed to. You should probably have great intuition. Some inner voice always gives you hints. In order to exclude mistakes, chiromantists check the differences on both palms as it helps to give accurate prediction and give advice for the future.

To sum up, I want to say that wealth, before appearing in real life, appears in the plans of our consciousness. The expression of spiritual wealth is tightly connected with the riches of material world.

Create images and thoughts in the right direction, feel yourself rich, act even you haven’t found signs of wealth. Sticking to these rules, you’ll soon see the desired signs on your palm. Remember, you should start living a rich life anywhere, anytime as the possibilities of humans are boundless.

On our website, you may also find articles about palm-reading and learn how to tell how many marriage you will have, and how to figure out what profession suits you best with the help of chiromancy.

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