Fast and Easy: How to Learn a Foreign Language

As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being


Nowadays studying foreign languages is very popular and useful; however, almost everybody faces difficulties while studying a foreign language. Most of these problems are related to the delusion that studying languages is difficult and takes much time. There are a few fast ways of learning foreign languages that will be discussed in this article.

An Easy Way to Learn a Foreign Language

Each of us has watched a foreign movie at least once, but no one ever thought that movies, books, and music can help learn a language in an easy way. Perhaps, you are thinking: “How can I learn a language with its help?” Everything is quite simple; we all like to watch, read, and listen to. So, why not use it and channel it in the right direction?

Watch foreign movies with subtitles to learn new lexical units and practice their pronunciation. This method is suggested not only for studying but also for improving your pronunciation. If you do want to improve it, download your favorite movie, listen to words and phrases, and repeat them.

Read book written in the language you’re studying. This will not only broaden your vocabulary but will also improve your spelling skills, active your passive vocabulary, which will enrich your speech. It also helps to remember new words, phrases, expressions, and idioms, which improves your vocabulary.

An important thing is first to read original books, not translated. And only after read its translated version. Sometimes translators misinterpret author’s idea and bring in their own ideas. When reading an original book you’ll be astounded with amazing expressions and various synonyms. You don’t have to take a very difficult book with tons of new lexical units. Star with something simple. There are plenty of books that are published specifically for beginners and intermediate-level readers.

Listen to song while reading its translation – this helps understand their meaning. It should be noted that a significant advantage of this method is beautiful pronunciation. Studying a language via songs, you subconsciously accept the style of exposition of thoughts, get used to it, and reproduce it.

Listen to a radio station from the country, whose language you’re studying. This also promotes understanding of lexical units and helps plunge into the environment where everyone speaks this language.

This method will not only help learn a foreign language, but also enjoy your time doing it.

How to learn a language with the help of a native speaker

Ideally, real-time communication with a native speaker facilitates language learning. However, not always can a person get this opportunity.

There are a lot of apps that help people learn languages with the help of native speakers. The idea behind these apps is as follows: you find a person who wants to learn your language and want to learn the language this person speaks. You get acquainted and start communication using the language that person or you want to learn. A positive feature of such apps is that the native speaker can give you helpful tips and insights about the language.

There are apps with built-in dictionaries. One may find a great variety of forums and specialized web sited that help native speakers communicate and learn languages.

One may also communicate using Skype. With the help of this program you can talk to people from different countries, gain experience and learn new aspects of the language. This method does not only improve your knowledge but also helps find new friends.

How to learn a foreign language fast

In order to learn a language fast, repeat the names of some objects in your mind. Try to translate everything that you see around you. You’ll be surprised that fancy names of some stores have fancy meanings.

While keeping vocabularies, notebooks for rules, etc. try to introduce something you found by yourself. Do not limit yourself with certain rules. You can have something thematic, designing it with pictures, stickers. You can have intellect-cards, gathering words in semantic groups, in groups of synonyms and other.

Try to associate words with something that will help you learn them faster. There are three methods:

 ∙ The method of phonetic associations. The idea behind this method is to think of a native word that sounds like a foreign word you need to remember.   

 ∙ The Brad Pitt method. To remember a qord think of a native word that at least somehow sounds a like and has a bit of similar meaning. 

∙ Falling-in-a-puddle method. The ida here is to remember a word associating it with an event in your life. A lot of words can be remembered with the help of slang.

How to study a foreign language right

When studying a language, one should realize the importance of the correct spelling. That is why, pay attention to how you spell all the words. In order to learn a foreign language, write stories, essays, songs, poems, etc. Start a notebook or a diary, in which you describe everything that has happened with you. This method will help you understand the rules of tenses, irregular verbs and their use in different situations.

You can also have a notebook to write quotes, signs in English in order to remember their translation and to learn to pronounce them. You will probably agree that with the help of our imagination and fantasy it is easier to remember and learn things.

If you cannot remember a word, write it s few times or up until the moment when you realize you have remembered it. The method of repetition helps to remember words that are difficult for you.

How to learn a foreign language by yourself

In order to learn a language by yourself, try to plunge into the country’s environment. How can it help you learn the language? Learning more facts about the country it will be more comfortable and interesting for you to learn the language. You will also realize if the language is interesting for you. Probably, this will be a good motivation for you to study the language.

Learn more about the culture, history, cuisine. Try to cook some dishes and try national cuisine. Watch some movies and listen to the musicians. You will probably enjoy it and become a fan of a band. Learn more about places of interest. This will also make more erudite.


It should be mentioned that you must not stop learning a language. Do not postpone it for later. Spend at least 30 minutes a day and learn words every day. Don’t be shy to speak. Speak from the very first day you start to learn the language.

Be patient and you’ll be surprised with the result. Studying a foreign language has a lot of advantages, such as watching original movies without waiting for their translation; having more emotions from the trip you make; understanding the lyrics of your favorite songs; expansion of your communication circle; shopping in foreign stores; improvement of cognitive functions of your brain, which is never a bad thing.

Don’t lose hope if you can’t remember something. I hope our article will help you in studying a foreign language. You can also read similar articles on our website, for example: “How to Learn a Foreign Language Faster” and “Preparation to IELTS Reading: Skimming Skills for Faster Reading”. Just remember, you can do it!


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