How to Learn a Foreign Language Fast?



All over the world people’s linguistic abilities, that is the ability to remember grammatical constructions fast and enrich a person’s vocabulary at the same time, are not the same. That’s why today we’ll discuss the problem of learning a foreign language as fast as it is possible and talk about main aspects of building an individual program while learning a foreign language.

Learn a Foreign Language With A Native Speaker!

The speed of learning is different depending on whether you initiate a conversation or not – the more active the speaker is, the faster he learns a language.

That’s why you should spend as much time as you can with native speaker while learning any foreign language. But we should mention, that there’re a few African languages that are very difficult to learn due to the differences in the structure of Africans’ and Europeans’ vocal cords.

Besides, our brain apprehends speech and remembers it the best in childhood, that’s why children master vocabulary and grammatical structures of other languages faster than adults do.

However, if you, being a grown-up, decide to learn one or more foreign languages, you shouldn’t lose hope and back down at the face of the first failures. There’re a few helpful advices for those who want to learn a language fast.

Determining Your Type of Linguistic Memory

To help you in the difficult process of choosing the studying materials, you should first determine you own a personal peculiarity, that is what is the best way for you to learn a language – through grammatical constructions or through particular words, to build a program.

To do that you should buy a traveller’s dictionary in your local bookstore. In such dictionaries there usually are simple sentences to help you find different locations and simple vocabulary; it is necessary for the dictionary to have Russian transliteration.

Open the random page and read its contents. Then ask anyone to read you a random sentence so that you can write it down. After performing this action to find out what is the fastest way for you to learn a foreign language, you compare the written sentence to the sentence in the dictionary.

If you got the order of words right, but have some mistakes in the words, then youк best way to remember a text is through grammatical constructions. If the words are written in the random order or the sentence even lack a few words, but they are practically the same as those transliterated, the best way to learn a language for you is through its vocabulary.

Psychological Preparation

The next step of building your personal program of learning a foreign language fast is a fundamental preparation of your mind to apprehend a new language. First you should relax, forget all your thoughts, take a clean sheet of paper and start…

Try to imagine the world around you quite. Things and actions have no names. The clean sheet of paper in front of you is your mind. Take a crayon of any color in your hand and write the word “world” ( in the language you want to learn) in the center of the sheet. Then open an auto-translator and write down the names of the things(in your native language and in the language you just started to learn  you see around.

As soon as you feel tired, stop it, read the words once again and – put the sheet in the drawer so that you can’t see it anymore. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Now your memory has two parts – the part in your native language and the part in a new foreign language.

You shouldn’t look at this sheet till the time of your second lesson. И The sheet itself can activate the part of your memory responsible for this foreign language.

Main Recommendations on Building a Program to Learn a Foreign Language

No one but you can say what is the fastest way for you to learn a new language and remember new information, taking into account your psycho-physical peculiarities. So we should bring out a few peculiar things in the process of learning a foreign language.

First of all, your main priority in the process of learning a foreign language depends on your type of perception. If you learn a language through constructions, then you should pay more attention to the structure of the sentences and grammatical structures while reading a book.

If you learn a language through its vocabulary then you should watch more authentic movies without translation, but then work through the word you don’t know with the help of the dictionary and the textbook.

Secondly, the important factor of the learner’s speed is his way of perceiving information – verbally, visually or mixed. Most people lean to the second way. So you should pay great attention to listening exercises, watching movies and reading books.

And, of course, associating with native speakers will definitely help you. If there’s no such possibility, then there’re a lot of forums and web-sites, where people from all over the world help each other to learn languages.

Finally, never lose hope and back down at the face of difficulties in learning a new language.


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