The Greatest Conquerors and the Military Geniuses


Military genius, Alexander the Great ordinary, War and happiness, The evil genius of war or great conquerors, Hernan Kortess, Alexander of Macedon, Genghis Khan.

We continue to talk about the greatest conquerors and just the military genius in the history of mankind. Instructive examples and biographies which are from this part of the story and also of the previous “evil geniuses” (advising u to read) finally will help us to understand, how to achieve maximum success and happiness in our life and which genius and wisdom should we seek.

We can say that today we are going to study the big mistakes of the great conquerors, as wise people make less mistakes mostly understanding the mistakes of others, in this way quickly achieving their goal. We’ll start with the greatest conqueror of ancient times, who wanted to war down the whole world

Military genius

Alexander the Great ordinary person Just like the other military

He didn’t want to be the ordinary person Just like the other military dictators and great generals didn’t want , and perhaps he was born on the day when the Temple of Artemis was born, by the way it is one of the seven wonders of the world. But anyway, he began to keep his lineage from the Hercules in his adolescence, and then even began to assert that his real father was a real Pharaoh, and sometimes even Zeus himself.

But that’s not all, Alexander even managed to get an education under the guidance of Aristotle, so there is no doubt to concern about the high intellectual abilities of him. In fact, his education was not limited to the political and military knowledge, it also included philosophy, and literature, and even medicine.

And also, Alexander the Great studied a rhetoric, and even its known the case when he told his teacher of rhetoric that he would not comply with his request, whatever his teacher would ask him. But his teacher tricked him by asking to destroy and plunder his hometown. Naturally, Alexander had to keep his word and the whole city was saved because of this, as that word was much more expensive than any city.

Naturally he often brought generous offerings to the gods and visited oracles, erected temples. Also, Alexander the great did not hesitate to contact Sibyl, which in turn predicted him great feats.

That was finally, what the great conqueror did successfully taking over almost more than half of the civilized world and the whole land, including the conquest of Greece, then the whole Persian Empire, and even parts of India. At the same time, he had founded the largest cities in Egypt, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, which still exist.

Bad luck of the military geniuses or “God’s punishment”

Well, actually, even in spite of all these great achievements, the great commander Alexander the Great ended his life not in a very good note. He had left this mortal world as a result of a 10-day fever or from malaria, poisoning, pneumonia, or because of all of them. He had died in Babylon, only a month before he was even up to 33 years and 5 days before the starting of the next military campaign would have had on the Arabs.

After that, the whole of his vast empire fell apart almost immediately, and all his heirs, family, friends and even his distant relatives, who could claim the throne at least in theory had been killed for the several decades.

Even one of his common sons with the concubine was hurt in those scrimmages who was unusually named as Hercules. Although Alexander was also managed to embalm, and in 3000 years later the first Roman emperor Aktavian broke his nose accidentally, and after some time his mummy was completaly lost in the annals of history.

But in any case, Alexander the Great was incredibly lucky during his life, considering the number of attempts and conspiracies against him. And it’s certainly not all, considering the fact that he often liked to take part in the hostilities, which were dozens, he could managed to survive in all of them.

Alexanders helmet was cut till his hair, and also they hurt his hip with a sword, wounded in the shoulder with the dart, and the chest with the arrow and neck with mace as well. Also, an arrow punched him to the shin bone sticking out of the fracture, a spear in his ankle. And moreover the great general even managed to get a stone on the head, causing his eyesight deteriorated and the miracle was that he didn’t go blind. So that was the lucky military genius and king Alexander

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is considered as the founder of one of the largest empires of the Mongols, in theory, even the greatest conqueror of state of China, although it’s even hard to say if this person existed in fact, or is it just a common Mongolian name of that time

But one thing is clear, that time such aggressive campaigns were made not with anger and cruelty by key tribes but simply for the survival and grabbing new lands where they could graze their cattle.

It turns out it’s just a logical and practical necessity for nomadic people constantly move to new lands otherwise they just die. And if Genghis Khan seemed bloodthirsty monster to conquers then it’s obvious that in that time he gave the life to his own people what is very good and noble from his side.

And also his life is full of different puzzles and mystery, but we will not detail right here, since even the variations of pronunciation of his name are dozen. Here are the great generals Tama gin, Temujin Temujin and Tamerlane, and even just Timur, and as I said before one can still has doubts about his existence, but we’ll talk about it the next time. And now, we continue with more modern great conquerors.

Hernan Kortess

This is truly one of those who could be courageously put in the category of evil geniuses. The man who managed to destroy lots of thousand years culture, the state of the Aztecs with a small group of Spaniards. It seems to be as it is certainly the peak of barbarism, especially when a huge amount of gold was plundered from pitiful Aztec.

But on the other hand, u we can see the picture with Kortesses and his friends own eyes in this country. Of course, that time the Aztecs were not peaceful people, and kept at bay dozens of small tribes, forcing them to pay tribute as well.

And yet, in addition to this each holiday it was required a human sacrifice, besides it was sacrificed not only 1-2 people, but preferably several hundreds or better thousands, and after that it was considered that the holiday was succed. And there they found a large number of temples, which were exhibited with tens of thousands of human skulls, while the whole army of Spaniards was not consisted of 500-1000 people.

Of course, we can understand the national traditions, but we should not forget that all these people had been grown in the Christian tradition, and partially came to this country to spread their religion. And they really did not like local customs so much, especially after the Indians gradually began to sacrifice their own friends.

But really how could the strong army, even of the greatest genius and the conqueror handle with all the huge state. Of course, the historians keeps a secret about that population of other neighboring small Indian settlements began to move to the side of Cortez.

Even sometimes dozens of thousands of Indians fought at his side, even though not so much trained and armed, but agree that for a such strong army it was not a bad reinforcement. So that partially Indians had been destroying each other.

But it is not strange that the neighbors so willingly rebelled against the Inca, because those thousands of candidates were recruited for a sacrifice themselves on every holiday. Essentially, the Indians have destroyed their country themselves by the unreasonable, cruel and evil politics, as well as countless sacrifices of their neighbors and friends, and such a state had to be relegated to oblivion.

And again by miracle and by good fortune Cortes wasn’t died several times in the war, and then completing all what he planned, once he could hardly save from a simple dysentery, means diarrhea.

And of course he hated Indians so much, that he himself lived with one given to him Indian women permanently. Moreover, Cortes begged the king fatherly inquiry to equate their rights and also to be his heirs. What is the way it was done, and all his children had become   official citizens of Spain.

The evil genius of war or great conquerors

Of course, we can write a lot about all of these famous people clearly called by tyrants, the evil genius of the war, the great conquerors, and even the child of a Lucifer. Even so, I think we will write a full version of their biographies thereafter, but what conclusion can we make from this

All these great conquerors did not set a goal to just grab someone else’s country by its cruelty and anger. Basically it was a strange and mystical religious purposes or expansion of personal power, or concern for the welfare of their citizens, or simply banal expansion of the boundaries of their possessions, and their empire.

War and happiness

And of course, though this list is not limited, we can name dozens of the most famous military, but there will be a similar situation, all these evil geniuses truly believed in mysticism and often listened to their intuition. They even often sought various known artifacts to attempt to combine war and happiness in their lives.

Meanwhile in their searching each of them remained between life and death repeatedly, in situations, which helps to survive just holy providence, or very developed intuition. That is they are regularly used not only intelligence and physical strength, but also intuition and even the support of the universe.

By the way, which only knocks once to angry and useless to history people. So we couldn’t find anyone pure or not ambitious intellectual in this list, it means that there should be something more than just intelligence or wisdom.

But anyway, the lives of these people basically were not happy despite their great achievements, because they have chosen the path of war and violence, for that as a result they received what they got. But In fact, it’s not very proper   to consider that the war even in theory, can lead to happiness.

And what is that happiness about if all the life is held in stuffy offices in boring meetings and developing the strategic plans, or being on the battlefield full of knee-deep in blood, losing their friends and being injured themselves. That’s not such a happy life, naturally every day expecting attempts on their life, and stabbed in the back, and very often unnecessarily.

That it was an unusual one might even say masochistic fortunes of war which had the most of the known military geniuses, great generals and conquerors, what else to say, they have chosen their way. And as I said one German soldier, I am ready even to die every day for Hitler, but looking at his life spending 18 hours a day at work and having no fun, I would not have agreed to change places with him.

But we will not stop there, and in the next parts of the story about the evil geniuses, we will observe the Great villains in religion, philosophy, science and business. Then certainly having all this knowledge we can conclude what exactly kind of genius lives better and happier of all, if they are evil great conspirators, conquerors and tyrants, or good scientists and poets, and will try to apply this knowledge in practice.


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