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Today we will talk about the family happiness, whether a normal person needs a family. We have to answer the question whether we need to be happy in a family relationship, or would it be normal to have an average relationship, “like all normal people used to have». Family happiness, Recipes and Secrets of Family Happiness, Family Fortunes: How to Build Family Wealth, The secrets of Family Happiness.

And of course the most important thing is if there exists a happy family life itself, as everyone keeps talking about happiness and reflections on it, and why is it such a rare event to see the happy families in the real life, that nowadays we can even put the happy families in the “Red Book.”

As for business, it is clear that the inactive, constantly complaining and enterprising people usually get less money than their colleagues which are more successful and the inactive ones feel comfortable with having a miserable quantity .This information is the new one that you can easily find in my previous story about «how to become richer and more successful” ,by the way you can download this link here to get this article .

But apart from work, the vast majority of people around (95%), at least for the first period of their life, they still need a strong happy family, or at least just to be in harmony with the opposite gender.

Happiness and family

You can notice that there appears the word of happiness in the ideal family relationship. Indeed, ideally, almost everyone wants to have a happy and harmonious relationship, which also doesn’t not pull their career ladder down, but even develops them and pushes to become happier, richer and more famous.

But the ideal relationship consists of two happy people, as far as we know what it is like. Indeed, you can not create a happy relationship with the person who you are not happy with, especially, when we mean the happy family.

Both should be happy in the happy relationship, otherwise, how will you be able to share happiness and support each other, if you yourself are not happy? Even .some other details usually insisted on Formal Logic, that you cant not share something that you don’t have with somebody.

Deposit guarantee of family happiness

Therefore this family happiness is just your individual personal happiness. Its commonly considered in a deeper esoteric that when two happy people join together then they become even ten times happier than alone. But when two unhappy people join together then they become even 10 times more miserable, since the family – is the multiplication of happiness with each other.

In fact, even the word “7th” itself is the most esoteric and graphical, since the origin of the word clearly alludes to the fact that the family is multiplied all the pros and cons of your own inner in seven times.

If you were strong, confident and happy yourself, you will become seven times more confident, strong and happy if not, then you will see who you will become.

Family Fortunes: How to Build Family Wealth

It is considered that if a person was not happy before, then, the happiness will not still appear, even instead he, she will be more unhappy. So that you have to be happy before you get a family, because the secret of the family happiness is the fact that in 9 percent of cases it starts with happiness.

But if you’re in a relationship with someone, it is never too late to make it more harmonious, making somebody who is close to you happier so that we become happier ourselves

And now let’s stop and think, without unnecessary emotions, why should the lucky guy or girl start a relationship or even a family with an unlucky person who will quickly make the couple sad and pathetic, that is what happens with an absolute majority of modern families.

Why do the happy person need unlucky one?

Because of this, there are less happy people in the modern society, as majority of people do not have enough awareness, free energy or enough knowledge in order to be happy. And mostly, ordinary people do not even believe that marital happiness is possible.

And since, objectively, there are less happy people in our current life, then the likelihood that two lucky persons would meet each other by chance and create a happy family is small. Because of this, mostly, happy and successful people are join together and prefer not to make alliances with not successful and unhappy people. And, by the way, they do right because they feel much more happier together.

But, as the rule, ordinary people gets a normal job, and, as usual it turns into the average unhappy family.

And at last, here is one more joyless news and amazing secrets of a family happiness for unhappy people ,since unhappy person does not live in harmony with himself, thus, logically, he or she is not even able even to love .The love of unhappy people determinates as wrong, distorted, one-sided, generating strong dependence and more misery. And of course that is not the true love.

Unhappy Relationship

Generally, the “unrequited love” is based on the unhealthy dependence on another person, or a habit, or even humiliation and granting the status to his, her partner.

Very often ,there are unhealthy jealousy ,swearing ,mutual insults, scandals, and even fights with beatings in the family of two unhappy people, often in such families is swearing, mutual insults and scandals, and even fight with beatings.

Do you really think that happy person is able to beat or humiliated another one? It seems to me, that this thing is nonsense.

The secrets of Family Happiness

Do you really think that happy person, who is in love with another one, is able to insult the one he, she loves? Even generally, to insult anyone. Of course, not. Moreover, there no need for happy people to assert themselves at the expense of others, or their family.

Happy person knows the main secret of the family happiness, is if he treats his fiancée as a goddess, then she will return this happiness to him, becoming like an angel for her man and making him a king of herself.

And what if you put a woman in slavery-like conditions or make her life as a hell? Then, in this case she will return this misfortune to him, three or even ten times more, becoming the demon for him who torments his soul daily until the death.

Tips about how to create a happy family

Obviously, the things, which are mentioned above, happens in the families of many people, but what is more surprising is that men do not understand the reason of the certain consequences.

That is why I advise you to remember the favorite saying, about how to create a happy family and also the secret of family happiness , which is “The shortest path to happiness is to make someone who is close to you happy».

But unhappy people are quite capable to spoil their life as well as others. Naturally, they are used to poisoning their body and mind by alcohol and other harmful substances without measure.

Usually, unhappy people do this in order to avoid thinking about his, her miserable life and soul torn misfortune, since living with such a terrible burden as a misfortune is pretty much difficult indeed, therefore these people deserve an extreme degree of sympathy, although that is the mistake of them.

So the conclusion is very simple, such as: if you are unhappy today, then still there is less guarantee to create a happy relationship, even with the happy person. And also such relationship might not be ideal, since you would probably very quickly start to spoil it by those, which are already wrong and effective vital attitudes.

And you will know in the next article about another recipes for family happiness how usually people spoil their harmonious family relationships by their unconscious actions.

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