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Today we talk about the foreign policy of the United States, as exactly an American policy had probably the most significant impact on the balance of all worlds forces on the planet, and had participated in the most significant historical events, the formation of the United States of America in 1776 effected the worlds community causing lots of problems. Yes, the new state immediately came up with a Constitution and Bill of Rights, with a prohibition of slavery.US Foreign Policy, The strategic policy of the United States, Why "America is the country of world democracy", US policy and the First World War, The foreign policy of the United States during World War II, Contemporary US foreign policy, US policy towards Russia.

But US foreign policy and relations with other countries has always left much to be desired. Of course, it is easy to argue with this fact, because America has been always doing everything necessary for its citizens.

However, if we consider the story with the events unfolding at the moment on the world stage, we can be absolutely sure that the whole policy of the United States is carried out not really for its citizens.

US foreign policy likely implements ambitions of the US government throughout whole of state development this country trying latently to get a world domination.

The strategic policy of the United States

Oh, no, America – is not Germany, which decided to become the ruler of the world with Hitler. America – is the country where almost every ruler was leading so much sound policies that even other states had not noticed the US involvement in the wars that had been raged in their territories, also the revolutions which were paid directly by States.

Even now, America acts as if its actions are legal, and the international community yearns for American intervention in all spheres of their life. However, Let’s go through it all point by point.

Monroe doctrine

In 1823 it was promulgated the Monroe Doctrine, which contains the principles of US foreign policy. The essence of the doctrine was that America – area is closed by the intervention of other countries.

This position sounds even ridiculous, considering that America itself considers that the affairs of other states are in its exclusive competence.

However, it is also a digression, lets back to foreign policy. Keeping this doctrine, the United States more or less kept away from affairs of other countries.

In the mid-nineteenth century, George Washington formed the new principles of US foreign policy. The most interesting part of that is the principle of “enlightened self-interest”, which consists of the necessity to build a policy based on a calculation guided solely by their selfish interests.

Why “America is the country of world democracy”

This is the principle in which you can identify some hint of nationalism: America asserting itself as an exceptional state, which it is entrusted a great mission of spreading democracy around the world.

Of course, even nowadays only by this principle this “exceptional” country is guided. Suffice it to recall the statement of the US President Barack Obama about the former President Viktor Yanukovych, who, according to the words of the leader of the United States, has turned democracy in their country into a dictatorship. It is not necessary to talk about the correctness of this statement, it is enough to point out the incorrectness.

Finally, the political regime should be established by the State, even without the consent of the bearer of a great mission – America. But let’s back to the principles of the times of George. Washington, because the next principle of him is no less strange than the previous – the expansion is viewed as a legitimate and morally justified tool of the worlds democratization.

Probably, on the way to the democratization, America has expanded its territory four times since adoption of the Constitution. Although generally it is logical the more “democratic country” the more democracy in the world, if it captures all the other countries, only after it will be the world democracy, that is the quite logical, US foreign policy.

So, strictly adhering to the items, mentioned above, the United States has been striving for world leadership for decades, skillfully eliminating their opponents emerging during the historical development. So, since the end of the nineteenth the Russian has become such a competitor for America.

The reforms of a Minister of Finance Witte have transformed the country into a great power, despite the fact that generally Nicholas II was far from politics.

US policy and the First World War

Another serious contender for America was Germany, just as quickly, as well as Russia, was gaining momentum in industrial development. However, these countries interfered not only with America.

Britain sought to play off Germany against Russia, and what subsequently it managed to do. The United States had held a neutral until 1917, during they started fighting on the Western Front, and on Italian in summer of1918.

Since America didn’t lead the war until a certain time, so that firstly they tried to negotiate but it was unsuccessfully, and then America started to provide loans to the Allies, sooner which had reached enormous proportions. Thus, while the world’s great powers had been suffering of heavy losses, the US, which losses were minimal, had won in terms of financial

The foreign policy of the United States during World War II

After the First World War, Russia and Germany were trying to recover. Within a few decades the situation in these states has changed in the way that the Russian Empire had ceased to exist at all, in the forties instead of that there was a new, powerful state – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; and in Germany ,Adolf Hitler came to power, who set out the goal to achieve a world domination.

During World War II, the US became an ally of the USSR in the anti-Hitler coalition. And here it is necessary to focus on the specifics of the US policy during wartime. It was certainly a very thought out.

States had been stayed on the sidelines for a long time, keeping watchful eye, were ready instantly to side with the part which is close to victory. Also I would like to recall the Lend-Lease program, which America has supplied equipment, ammunition and food through to its allies.

Again, this famous American “selfishness” – a technique that the USSR had received , was outdated, and its number was not as much significant, as it was considered abroad and they truly believed that without this aid the Soviet Union could not defeat Nazi Germany, in fact it would look like America itself win a victory.

Who won the second World War?

By the way, the principles of US foreign policy had worked even in this case, and certainly didn’t miscalculate and immediately entered the war in 1944, exactly that moment when a winner was identified. And what is the opinion of the winners of this war now? Things are sad. There are still some posters hanging on the wall in the US Embassy about how successfully defeated America in World War II. Glory to America!

And it is so not yet. That is Russia which has lost millions of people, destroyed its economy and industry. America has just increased its prestige due to the successful and timely prudent steps.

On that time America hoped to see the fall of Russia, which would not be able to recover from the war. The plans were not realized, as the leader of the USSR, Stalin had restored the country for several years. And The Soviet Union again has become a world leader.

Also it should be noted the fact that Germany, after several decades of division into East and West Germany again has become a single state and also as for the Soviet it had removed its military bases from the territory of Germany, but America – not. This can probably be explained by the fact of pro-American policy of the German government at the moment.

Contemporary US foreign policy

The cold war began between the strongest powers in the second half of the twentieth, which could hardly resulted into the Third World, however, it is known that America doesn’t like an open confrontation, so that she quietly puts its military bases around Russia.

At the present stage, America even has begun cooperation with other countries. This process of interaction – is globalization. Countries has been opened for the new cultures, for joint activities. It seems to be there are only advantages in this process, because the world would finally become united and all issues between states would be dematerialized.

Certainly not! In fact, the culture of America and West enters all countries. Nowadays The United States fully promotes the low moral values, the most primitive culture to impose their point of view to accept it.

Perhaps the most striking example is the propaganda of homosexuality. And about the recent Eurovision it’s not even worth talking about any values remaining in Europe. The United States, consider themselves as the main and the most powerful state in Europe, manage other countries which are not able to go against it, as they are afraid of America.

US policy towards Russia

In recent months, the United States is actively intervened in Ukraine, seeking to establish democracy there and stabilize the situation. But these are just words. In fact, there is no sense to wait for the support from America. It needs just to deprive Ukraine of Russia, which is the previous ally of Ukraine.

America covers its actions by the law. It accuses Russia and the former leader of Ukraine in illegal actions, threatening in case of disobedience to it, to use a power. The problem in their actions is that nobody grants the US government an authority to implement global justice.

It is itself acting outside the law, violating the sovereignty of other states, most likely, still obeying the principles of the nineteenth century. Future policy of the United States will be announced in the nearest future, we can only hope for the adequacy of the global community, since we don’t get it from the United States.

I would like to finish the statement about the United States by saying of the greatest seer Vanga, whom the world leaders were seeking advices from so she said “the 44th president of the United States will be black man. And that president will be last one for their country due to freeze of America or a fall of the biggest economic crisis. And even maybe it will break into the southern and northern states.”

Well, we can only wish peace and prosperity to America. And as Americans say themselves: «In God We Trust«? Therefore, we rely on God not to let positive average Americans be affected by the redistributions of the world and also to prevent their pains, as well as the Slavic peoples from the prolonged aggressive US foreign policy.

In the next article, we will begin to speak more about the historical antics world of global conspiracy in details , but rather about what happened in the days of the First World War, the role of America in it, and who is actually brewed this mess. In the meantime, you can read the article about the global stage of historical international relations of the most famous countries in the world.


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