How Can You Tell by Your Palm How Many Marriages You Will Have?


[adrotate group=”1″]Our future is mysterious. However, many people, especially women, always want to know how many marriages they will have. They want to tell it by their palm, numbers or other ways. It is so tempting that seems unreal.

With the help of chiromancy, one may know what one’s destiny has in store. All you have to do is to look at your palm attentively. Let’s altogether try to figure this out and learn how to tell the number of marriages by the palm.

How Is the Science about Fortune-telling by the Palm Called?

Chiromancy is a science about palm reading. It goes back to ancient Egypt. At those times, palm reading was in demand and was considered science for the chosen. Today, it is available for everyone.

At first, a chiromantist-beginner should decide what palm is better for reading. Your future marriage lines are located on the active right palm. This palm represents your outer form, how people see you in real life. This serves well for the righties. If you are a lefty, fortune-telling should be done on your left palm. [adrotate group=”2″]

Where are Marriage Lines Located on a Person’s Palm?

ruka-300x238 Now, we have to find the right lines responsible for marriage. Marriage line is located on the side of the palm under the pinky, like shown on the picture. The picture may be magnified with click of the mouse button.

We work with distinct lines only, as they will tell us about our marriage or married life. Short lines only tell us about affection. So, the number of distinct line you see is the probably the number of serious relationships you will have. What else can lines on the palm tell us about marriage?

How Soon Will I Get Married?

ruka-2-231x300 If the marriage line is close to the heart line – you will have early marriage. By the way, the heart line starts right below the pinky on the side of the palm and stretches to index finger.

Marriage line, stretching between the pinky and the heart line, shows that you will get married at the age of 25-30.

The line, stretching very close to the pinky tells us that you will probably get married later.

How Can I Tell by the Palm whether I Will Get Married or not?

If your marriage line goes up, that means you’ll be single.

The Divorce Line

[adrotate group=”4″]If the line goes down, this means that you will live longer than your spouse. Divorce is inevitable if the line splits at the end. The wider the split the more divorce the person will have. The divorce in this case will be initiated by the palm owner. Big split on the marriage line tells us about scandalous character of its owner.

ruka-3-258x300 A small patch at the end of the line also indicates on divorce. The difference is that it will be done more emotionally and will end in sever hostility, lawsuits, and other clashes. If you see this kind of a sign on your palm, you are an emotionally susceptible person and your family is in some sort of discord.

You should also pay attention to the divorce line which appears in these kinds of periods in your life. You may find it on your thumb. It is a short line stretching down from the thumb base.

If marriage line stretches from the side to the center of the palm, but becomes indistinct at the end, this means that your feelings gradually fade away. Possibly, you’ll have to break up soon. Marriage line bears the same meaning, showing frequent disputes and discords in the family.

The Betrayal Line in Chiromancy

If there is barely noticeable, thin line, stretching close to the marriage line, this may mean another love relation in your life, in other words – a lover.

[adrotate group=”6″]These lines of betrayal in chiromancy should be read on the inactive palm – the left one as the active palm expresses your outer form and the inactive palm expresses your emotional state. When marriage line splits and the top line stretches to the center of the palm, this means that your relationship will most likely be renewed after the break up.

If the line is straight and stretches towards the center of the palm, mixing with the success line, this means that your marriage will definitely be successful. The success line is a line that starts on the bottom or in the middle of the palm and stretches upwards to the ring finger.

Will the Marriage be Happy and Successful?

ruka-4-272x300Marriage line on your palm can also tell you about your partner’s health and whether your marriage will be successful or not. What you should do is to look attentively at the marriage line. If there small offshoots from this line (like a fur tree), your couple’s health will be poor.

If there is an offshoot from the marriage line to so-called Sun hill and it crosses the Sun line, this may mean that your significant other will be a successful and quite famous person. On the contrary, if the marriage line goes down and crosses the Sun line, this means you will lose your position in the society by creating your marriage.

The Sun hill (also known as Apollo hill) can be found below the ring finger. This hill, if available, symbolizes success and self-realization. The Sun line (also known as Apollo line, success line, luck line) originates below the ring finger and can stretch down through the whole palm. Unfortunately, not everyone has this clearly distinguished line.

What if a Person Does Not Have the Line of Marriage?

[adrotate group=”3″]Sometimes it happens that a person does not have marriage line at all despite already being married. This means only one thing – marriage of convenience. This marriage does not involve love and nice feelings. As a rule, such marriage is taken in order to get some benefits. When the line looks like the sequence of little knots, this person should not get married as he or she will be lonely in this marriage.

I’m sure that you already have answers on some of your questions about marriage and how many of those will you have. Anyway, it should be noted, that chiromancy tells us only about possible variants of future marriage and relationships.

Note, that in order to make final conclusions, you should analyze and compare lines on both palms, taking into account lots of other factors. Don’t make rush decisions in order to prevent undesirable events.

You should consult a professional to get more profound interpretation. He will analyze both of your palms, take into account all influences and signs, and will give you a competent prediction.

Always remember – your future depends entirely on you and your decisions in certain moments in your life. Marriage line will tell you how many partners destiny gives you, but the number of marriages and their success depends on you.

Don’t forget that family relationships should be built and supported for them to be stable and successful. None of the line on your palm will guarantee success, that’s why read about chiromancy in one of the next articles and don’t forget to check posts about the creation of happy family relationships. Also, read about how you can tell by the palm how many kinds you will have and about scientific aspect of palm-reading, and what do other lines on the palm mean in chiromancy.

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