How to Kiss for Real, or Ironic Kissing Instruction with the Element of Truth

Very few people are taught to kiss, but somehow it turns out properly at the right moment. Though, how to kiss for real? I propose an ironic kissing instruction (but with the element of truth).

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[adrotate group=”1″]Why ironic you may ask? It would be desirable, of course, to find out more about the kissing technique, about on how to avoid falling into an awkward position before the liked person, how to please, how to kiss sensually, memorably, i.e. really, but not according technical instruction. Therefore, we begin preparation for the real kissing, but will treat technically, as an ironic hint.

  The real kiss

The real kiss has nothing to do with the smacks in the baby’s leg, briefly, with the desire to get on the cheek, and with the hits into the hairs behind the ear.

The genuine, real kissing are not like a wet lick of your loving dog or discreet touch of excited parched lips.

The real kissing causes unique feelings, an inner thrill, unforgettable delight and requires increased care and slowness.

How to kiss for real?

Fruit mentors

If you are quite inexperienced in such an important matter, you can take the first master classes from fruits and vegetables. Here are suitable the fruit mentors like tomatoes, ripe plums and peaches.

Take a ripe peach and run to eat it not over the sink, but beside your favorite mirror. Do it gracefully as a tasteful gourmet. Eat slowly, bite gently through the thin or thick peel, being careful without causing the pain and discomfort to the fruit.

The juice should flow into your mouth rather than by the whiskers and hands, up to the elbows.

Watch yourself from aside, you have to like what you see, everything has to be graceful and sensual. This, of course, an ironic instruction of kissing, but it has some element of truth. [adrotate group=”2″]

Touching and Kissing

You can kiss not only to the mouth but also in other accessible parts of the body. Also touching the neck, tummy, shoulders and wrists leads the woman a sensual exciting feeling.

If there is desire to drop a kiss on the lips, then you can set the silent signals of your dreams, looking at the lips, or slightly, as if by a chance touching the wrist, neck or shoulders. No, no need to kiss the neck, tummy, or knees area, you can lightly touch the sensual places of the fingers. Touching and kissing can complement of each other.

It is clear, if you are being pushed in the crowd or pressed to the neighbor in the packed transport, it does not indicate that you are dreaming about the kiss, whom you are touching with.

But in the situations, where you are gently with your fingertips touching the shoulders or neck the liked girl – you are screaming silently, that is ready to kiss to the lips.

Recognizing the desire to kiss

 Gestures and facial expressions can tell you without a word about what is happening inside the interlocutor. Look closely to the person who you liked. Try to decipher his posture, nonverbal symbols. How recognize that he or she wants to kiss you?

A lot can tell the distance at which you speak. If you are close, so – likes you. If there is a fear to come near, then this is opposite situation. If interlocutor sits with the crossed arms and legs in front of you, then he is dodging from you, but if interlocutor whispers something in your ear, corrects the hairs, shakes off the dust particles, then everything is fine, and you can expect a warm relationship.

[adrotate group=”3″]If you are ready to listen to the psychologists’ recommendations, then the mental healers advise to mirror the movements of your companion, in order to become more familiar and intelligible to each other.

Personal hygiene and kissing

Continuing ironic kissing instructions, to mention of personal hygiene is not superfluous.

The sharp smell of sweat, garlic flavor or onion breath, gas attack of perfume not only kills the emerging new feelings, but also destroy all life around.

You are not able to predict when your kiss will happen in advance, so be ready all the time.

Regularly use the showers, mild deodorants. Leave the last the heavy perfume and cologne against moths and cockroaches.

Going on to date, do not load up with the foods that can cause flatulence, refrain from garlic and onions. Eat apples, chew mint. Refuse the stomach excess from the carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

Relaxation – preparation for sensory kiss perception

 How to kiss for real? The real kissing – being in zero gravity.  For such a flight must be ready physically and emotionally.

Learn quick reflexes and the ability to relax, in order not to overwork during the kiss.

Take a time for exercise and discharging. Relax your mental and muscle clamp after exercise. Listen for the sounds of the nature, learn to hear the silence, removing the thoughts from the mind.

This is ironic kissing instruction, but there are also serious things take a place. Relaxation – preparation for sensory kiss perception. To learn how to kiss for real, it is important remember about it.

Kissing practice

How to kiss for real? You can express the whole theoretical treatises, but don’t understand anything. The practice of kissing – is the way to perfection, the road to the fantastic world of fun.

There is an assumption in India sounds like a person can understand the teaching, if he exercises in the new case exactly 108 times.

You can believe in it, you can be ironic and can treat it with suspicion. But there is a piece of the truth.

[adrotate group=”4″]Think, with whom you can have a kissing for practical experience? No, there is no necessity to kiss all the passers-by, neighbors and people standing next in the bus. It’s all wrong, because you will not improve the kissing practice.

Do not practice on relatives and friends. Certainly you will understand when you meet a loved one, when you are both will be ready for kissing, when the sensual touches of the lips will be repeated again and again.

The main thing is not to be rude and pushy, but attentive. Not necessary to ask about whether you are good at kissing. Just watch your partner’s reaction. Not everyone will agree to talk about unpleasant or exciting. A non-verbal signs tell it all.

The cities give up to bold, and attentive get everything they want.

The kissing leads to an understanding of itself, the partner and the whole world.

Learn the theory, listen to advice and read the experts recommendations. The given Information is useful. But, please, do so that makes a pleasure to both of you.

Right those who do so, they want to do with them the same.

Do not judge strictly my ironic kissing instruction, because there is an element of truth in it, and maybe this will tell you how to kiss for real. Kiss for real, magical and memorable, give the happiness to each other.

There are more useful information on our website, on how to learn to kiss, how the guy to behave on a first date or a woman to learn how to enjoy the sex.

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