How to Make Money as a Translator and Work from Home

How to Make Money as a Translator and Work from Home, Rewriting copywriting of the texts translation, How to make money with translation texts, Copywriting and translation, Rewriting and translations, Mostly people do not know how to increase the income from their activities without making sufficient efforts to create something radically new, but it is possible for both existing businessmen and authors who have already had their own business, and for beginners in this business. And the interpreters usually think that to make money by translating texts can be only possible by translating the information in order for somebody, and taking back just less for their job, but as far that’s not the whole potential of activities of a wise interpreter.

Rewriting copywriting of the texts translation

[adrotate group=”1″]So today, I want to talk about how to write excellent texts and articles with the help of translation, and of course how to make money by translating text s in the Internet, and even beyond. Indeed, in recent years, we talked about the different types of writing texts by means of rewriting and copywriting and earning by them, but we almost forgot about the translations as the way and method of qualitative

Copywriting of the texts and articles

And I can tell you that we have forgotten about translations for nothing really, as being able to do high-quality translations of the texts in other languages, and knowing what to translate, sometimes you can even write texts much better than by copywriting. Besides to do it more quickly, and earn money much more than any average copywriter or rewriter.

Of course, this issue is also a very controversial from the point of view of morality for some people, though for others it’s a good way for higher income in the Internet. Therefore, the discussion of a such piquant and highly profitable topic is not easy to find in internet

Copywriting and translation

Today we will talk about rewriting and copywriting by translating texts in different languages. What is difference between the copywriting translations from the usual ones?

Doing the usual standard translations in internet the average translator earns not so much money besides the orders are not frequent. And as for businessman, he can earn maximum on such translations only by buying them cheaper and selling them more expensive, or simply opening their own translation agencies.

But more resourceful and enterprising people have thought up a scheme of writing good unique texts, and the conduct of their projects or even writing of their books with the help of translation. And nowadays some of very resourceful people make a lot of money on this strange kind of business and also quite ambitious projects. How to use copywriting translations for earnings in the Internet? [adrotate group=”2″]

Translator salary information

If you are the author of any book or a very popular article, you can earn by translating much more than now, just by translating your book into English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and other popular languages.

Then of course, you will earn by translating more, especially when your interesting book is read, and is able to buy not only by native-speakers, but dozens of millions of readers from different countries.

No doubts, that millions of potential readers are always better than thousands. And also if you live in such country like Russia or Ukraine, then be sure that in the other more high-developed countries the price of books is much more expensive, and they are bought a little more often.

The translation of texts

And also the translation of articles and texts in the internet is much more relevant. After all, you probably know that in America, the average cost of clicks on contextual advertisement Is about ten times higher than in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.

Accordingly, your site translated into English earns about ten times more than its counterparts in the Russian Internet, and around two or three times more than in Europe. So there is much work to do for the author of books and articles in internet. But, if you still haven’t written anything about we have mentioned before you also have that chance.

Rewriting and translations

[adrotate group=”3″]The essence of money on translations rewriting is too simple, you just pick up a very useful, interesting and highly annotated text in a foreign language and translate it into Russian or English or any other language.

So in this simple way some enterprising Internet users also earn decent money. Simply translating other people’s brilliant texts in profitable for them languages almost for nothing (2-3 dollars per thousand symbols like any other translation of texts in Internet).

Sometimes we can get  very good texts in a content from rewriting or copywriting translations which are essentially all priceless. Since the texts of a such quality, you will not get anywhere else, even for much money, since even an experienced writer who knows the worth of his work would not ever sell that to you. Or maybe the author himself has already done many millions on them in this case they would be more expensive than gold.

And, accordingly, you don’t need always to pay, sometimes you might just translate them, and follow him to get the same incredible success. Of course if only, you are able to use them wisely, or before you do not find the «evil dude» with baseball bat protecting the copyrights of others, by the way, which happens very rarely.

Although it happens quite rare, and also you can always point the site link to the original text in another language after the translation of articles , then after all the author will not probably have any claims or you might even try to write to the author, and ask for permission to translate.

And finally not to spoil the karma and not to denigrate the conscience, but to do good things for people, you can always share the part of your income you have got from translation with original author .But how to do it and why, read the story of gratitude.

How to make money with Internet translation

At this point I will finish my story about how to make money, with Internet translation which I have already revealed too much super chips and theoretical directions for earning money in the copywriting on Internet, which are often hidden by the majority of bloggers and businessmen in this industry. Hopefully, after this great series of articles you will understand how to begin making more money whether you are a copywriter, translator, or even better businessman.

Okay, I’ll tell you another terrible thing about earning money by rewriting, copywriting or translation on the Internet, and even without them, as so as you have made the feat and have read this long article and my writing to the end.

[adrotate group=”4″]Nowadays, there is almost no any legal method, or any other way to prove whether an article is written by rewriter, copywriter, and even more by translator himself. Or simply one borrowed ideas which were contained by others, even the most well-known authors. Of course, in that case if you have made rewriting or translating of these thoughts maximum qualitatively and not so much similar with the original text.

How to make money with translation texts

Making a translation is necessary if you are a good writer of unique, useful articles or books. And then, if you translate them into different languages and set them on your website attracting audiences from all countries and thereby earning by translating much more than only writing articles.

And in this way you needn’t earn so much, just a small start-up capital spent on translaion. And at the same time you could also help a few good translators to earn some money by their own efforts.

Due to this, it suggests an unequivocal conclusion, making translations of texts on the Internet is more than real within less risk that you will be submitted to the court, and similar troubles. Although I still advise you to make a translation maximum morally, and if you are not the author, it is worth of giving financial support to those people that you are copying good ideas. And how to do and to learn it you will know further.

Job offer from portal Training and self-development for the English translator

Moreover, if you are a translator though if even you are the beginner, but want to work for real results, the Portal Training and self-development, will offer you a good version of the work associated with the translation of texts and even the conduct of an analogue of our portal in a foreign language, that is like your own business, if you seriously want to do it and you don’t need an urgent payment, then I can create an analogue of the portal in English for you, I will pay for all costs, and you will only fill it with the translations of our interesting articles, or your own texts as you wish.

[adrotate group=”6″]As a bonus, the first year you will receive 100% of the revenue from ads   of the articles you’ve written, P.S: you will be the chief editor and administrator of the site, and after the site becomes popular, we can already take the English-language copywriters and you could be their editor or you could write as before, but receiving only 50% of income from your articles.

In the future, it will be your good passive income, but before I start this business and spend my time on it and put my money for this, you must promise to write at least 50-100 articles, even if at first time they will not be observed so often, as it is quite complicated to begin from the first time.

But basically, if you have the time, the 100 articles can be translated for a month of course if you do this regularly or for 2-3 months if you translate one article in a day in a relaxed mode. So think about it especially if you want to supervise the English portal Training and self-development, it will be certainly a very interesting, and a very profitable project for you, because nowadays the English-language websites bring the maximum profit.

To say the truth, for now I can offer translations only in English or Portuguese, although I would respond the writings in other languages too so don’t hesitate and contact me through my personal Skype «TAMALUKU», and also read more about the best job and making money in our website right here.

[adrotate group=”5″]In addition to that, if you are not completely tired of philosophy and business issues related to self-development and earning money by copywriting , I will be interested in your feedback about which would be the cost of the information of this article, and in general of any other useful information, and also we will tell about these issues in the article about the value and the price of information.

And also I advise you to read the article about the morality of earning money by translating on the Internet, copywriting, rewriting and copying other good ideas of others, whether online or in real life. And whether it is necessary to use other people’s ideas, as its truly stealing, or vice versa it may be the rescue of others brilliant ideas from death and implementation.

Finally it bring us to the end and I finish telling the story , and I wish you always write only unique texts, to do or even to buy only high-quality rewriting. Only do useful work for the people that will bring you joy and happiness, and  what you will never be ashamed for, and of course to earn a lot for your further self-cultivation.

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