Knitting as Business. How to Start Earning Money With Your Hobby

I want to tell you how you can start earning money with your hobby. So, what is knitting as a business?

Knitting as Business. How to Start Earning Money With Your Hobby

[adrotate group=”1″]We live in times of products abundance. Nowadays, one can buy anything, money being the issue. However, products, be it clothes, toys, cosmetics, or dishes, do not always meet our requirements. Cheap materials and mass production often affect quality. As they say, “done with no heart”. That is why handmade products are getting popular in many countries nowadays.

We will talk about knitting and the ways you may turn it into business. To be more prices, I will be talking about my personal experience in this type of fancywork.

I have always loved knitting. When I was a child I tried to knit miniature purses and clothes for dolls. Not always did I manage to do it. I knitted as I could. I tried to take up knitting seriously when I took maternity leave.

Maternity leave is such a beautiful time for women, when we feel contradictions: on one hand, you don’t have a single free minute, on the other hand, you feel bored and it seems that life passes you by. Daily routine exhausts you and your soul misses something.

I was lucky; I found a thing for my soul – knitting. Moreover, later I realized that I could earn money with my hobby.

At that time I practically didn’t know how to knit. That is why I would ask Google how to knit baby’s bootees. Google answered with tons of links to workshops and descriptions of knitted baby’s bootees.

At start, I want to give advice to rookies – don’t rush into buying paid workshops, don’t be lazy to search; on the Internet, there is plenty of free information on knitting. Now, I want to share this information with you.

Where can one create business from knitting or how to sell handicrafts?

There several ways of selling your handicrafts. In my opinion, if you want to succeed in it, you should try each of them. You can offer your handicrafts in social networks, at online fairs of handmade products, or even create your own web site.[adrotate group=”2″]

Also, you need to attend fairs of handmade products so that you buyers can assess your products in “real life” so to say.

How to start earning money in social networks with knitting

Odnoklasskini, Vk, Facebook, Instagram are convenient platforms for selling of handmade products. You can post pictures of your products on your profile pages or even create groups, in which you may provide all the necessary information and offer your products to the customers.

There are also groups and publics in social networks, which have thousands, sometimes even millions of subscribers who love knitting. You can offer your products to be published in these groups. In some of them you will have to pay money to get published, some are free; everything depends on popularity of the public.

Pay special attention to the quality of images for your products to look nice and stylish. When your products are bad represented (even if they are of high quality), I doubt that somebody would want to buy them.

Photos should be of high quality and light. When choosing the background, pay attention to trendy colors and textures; last year white background used to be the best selling, but it is not in trend this year.

I want to recommend paying attention to Instagram as an example of good photos, to be more precise, to photos of knitted products in popular handicrafts publics.

If you have a chance, you’d better order photos from a professional photographer while knitted glothes and headgear is better to be taken pictures of on a model, not and a hanger.

How to earn money with your hobby at online fairs

[adrotate group=”3″]At online fairs, like the Fair of the Masters, you can create your own store for handicrafts. All you have to do is register on the web site and add your works with prices and descriptions. You don’t need to bother about advertisement and promotion of your products. A buyer will find you.

Online fairs work in different ways. Some of them charge interest from sales, some add price to your products. That is why you have to decide beforehand, which variant is better for you. Don’t forget about the quality of the photos!

Selling handicrafts on your own web site

If you have decided to create your own web site to sell handicrafts, you will have to advertise and promote it by yourself. Of course, you can hire a specialist. Well promoted pages in social networks with big number of subscribers will be of great help. You can invite people to visit your web site through these pages.

A web site is very a very convenient thing. Buyers do not like wasting too much time on purchasing a product, that is why everything has to be indicated on the web site: price, brief description of the product, components, as well as payment and delivery methods. The phots should, of course, be of high quality and done from various angles.

How to do business at fairs and stores for handicrafts

It is rather useful to attend fairs of handicrafts for further search of buyers and, possibly, future clients. At first, it is useful even for inspiration. You will see many interesting masters at such fairs, each having unique works.

The only atmosphere of such a fair inspires for creative work. At second, buyers will have a chance to meet you in person and see, try on, and evaluate the quality of your products.

You can also offer your products to be sold at stores of handicrafts.

What must we do to get good profits from knitting?

Yes, it is possible. There are needleworkers who make good profits with their hobby. Naturally, it is not easy and requires much effort and energy. You also need to have a huge desire to succeed in the beloved business. So, how can you become a successful needlewoman?

  • Start producing handicrafts. It is quite difficult for one woman to do all the orders. In order to turn fancywork into business and start mass production, you will need assistants. Find the necessary number of knitters and teach them to knit by your schemes. Then simply design new models and product schemes, and promote your brand. Create an online store and search for potential buyers. I agree, this will not be your personal fancywork. But the schemes and ideas are yours. Moreover, you will not manage to deal with big volumes by yourself. With time, you will probably be able to open a store.
  • If you still want to create your products personally, you should pay attention to the other type of fancywork business – creation of unique products. If your knitted products are unique, their prices will be high. For instance, prices on collection knitted dolls, size 15-20 cm, sometime reach 150-300 Euros. Naturally, high quality and uniqueness of each product is of great value.
  • The most efficient and least costly way to earn money with knitting is selling of information. If you have been knitting for long and are a specialist in this issue, you can teach others: have workshops, sell schemes of your unique works, write books about knitting. [adrotate group=”4″]
  • There is another way to earn good money with your hobby. Here, you don’t need to have some special abilities. You don’t advertisement and even a very high quality of products. Even the photos may be blurry; people will still be buying from you. All you have to do is to be a star. If you are already popular, people will buy anything that you’ve done personally. That is why try to become a brand to start with.

Knitting as business is quite real. Since knitted goods are getting more and more popular, one can earn good money and popularity with it.

One more thing – knitting for pleasure is, of course, more pleasant than trying to sell your works. But you knit not to keep the products in a wardrobe. Don’t forget about the promotion. People must know about you, otherewise, where will you get your buyers?

And never give up. Not everything not always will go well but don’t be in despair and keep plugging away. Be self-confident and you’ll get there!

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