How to meditate properly and what is mantra-meditation


How to meditate properly and what is mantra-meditationGreat spiritual masters and all bone-fide scriptures unanimously assert that meditation on a mantra (mantra-meditation technique) is a simple and at the same time the most effective way to achieve freedom from anxiety, anger, irritation and incessant problems.

If you think that all values in this material world are transitory, sense gratification, money and the senseless struggle for existence bring nothing but misfortune, fear and constant troubles then this article is written for you. Here you will find information on what mantra-meditation is, how to use it in everyday life and how to meditate properly. Also, there is a simple guide with techniques for your everyday practice.

What does the word mantra mean?

The word mantra means that which relieves the mind. This word is derived from two sanskrit words. Man means “manas”, which means “the mind”, and “tra” from the word “trayate”- relieve or deliver. It relieves us of our apprehension, depression, fear and all other kinds of problems that come from material existence.

Mantras that are used in our technique of meditation consist of different Names of God. Scriptures tell us that He has hundreds and millions of Names. And all of them have the ability to cleanse our heart of material contamination.

Padma-purana, for example, says, that there’s no difference between The Lord and His names. It says that His names are as holy, perfect and eternal as the Lord Himself. The Supreme person is non-material and His names are also non-material.

Brihan-naradiya-purana (38.126) says tree times in one sentence what to do to achieve enlightenment and spiritual perfection in our age of quarrel, chaos and confusion. It emphasizes the uniqueness and exceptional effectives of the proper mantra-meditation. You will learn of this method a little later.

What are the benefits of mantras?

The benefits of mantras are hard to articulate in words. Positive effects that come from the meditation on the holy names are innumerable and one can describe them for a long time. Let us list just a few of them.

A person, having learned to meditate properly, gradually begins to feel The Lord’s presence in the heart. As a result of this incessant concerns, distress and worries disappear for good and all. The depression because of separation from your loved ones when one can hardly stand the mental anguish will no longer disturb you.

Have you ever been at the death-bed of your close relative and you have no clue what to do and where to run. Mental turmoil and unbearable agony are so overwhelming that you’d rather die then live. Sooner or later we all have to face death of our relatives and experience this.

Some people are so attached to their loved ones that they faint at the very thought that they are going to die. And they prefer not to discuss it. I was once in such a situation. And I learned at first hand that mantra is the only solution when your mother or father dies. No amount of sense gratification can drown these sorrows. This was the only thing that could deliver me from mundane quagmire.

The material world is made in such a way that sooner or later we have to loose something valuable from the material point of view. For instance, loss of a house, of a big amount of money, of an expensive car or of some other material property. This wonderful spiritual method that is described in this article unties the tight knot of mundane attachment and gives us an opportunity to feel the genuine freedom and ease that we so much crave for.

You don’t believe me, right? You think the benefit of meditation on mantras is far-fetched? Honestly, I thought the same. I was so mistaken at that time and how much time had been wasted. The only thing that I had to do was to give it a try.

The description of the proper technique of meditation on mantras

Describing meditation, it’s worth mentioning that all of the above mentioned favorable results will come to you only if you practice everyday. The practice of meditation and mantras should be constant, regular and it should bring peace and happiness.

To learn how to meditate properly you have to sit down in any comfortable pose, for example, in a cross-legged pose or in a chair. Relax, calm down you breathing, let all your inner tensions go, keep yourself aloof from emotional and psychic disturbance. No more worries, troubles or anxieties. Consecrate on the sound you are about to pronounce.

Slowly and gently take a deep breath, so that there’s no discomfort. Then exhaling say the word Gau-Ra-An-Ga, drawling every syllable.

Pronounce this mantra one time on the exhale. On the inhale do the same only in your mind without saying it out-loud. Then again on the exhale slowly and distinctly utter each sound Gau-Ra-An-Ga. CONCENTRATE on every sound and not just say them. It is very important. Then again inhale and say these syllables in your mind one time. That’s it, plain and simple.

The word Gauranga in sanskrit means “He , whose whose bodily complexion is like molten gold”. This is a name of one of the Lord’s incarnations.

If you like you can pronounce inhailing in the mind Ni-Tai-Gaur and exhailing Gau-ra-an-ga in the way it is described above . The same meditation but the only difference is that Nitaigaur is pronounced in the mind and not Gauranga. The rest is the same.

The word Nitai means eternal. Gaur or Gour stands for “of golden complextion”. Gaur is short for Gauranga.

You can practice at any time you like, whether it is morning, daytime or evening it doesn’t matter. Unlike other sacred mantras there are no strict rules for chanting these wonderful sounds. The Supreme Person is very merciful and He invested His names with transcendental power. And at the same time He exempted us from the rigid rules of chanting it. Chanting other vedic divine utterances was very strict. And not everybody was allowed to do it.

Our mind is in it’s best condition in the morning. There’s no much disturbance in it at that time. So it is the best time for chanting. 10-15 minutes will be alright for beginners. You can chant a couple of minutes before going to bed as well. This will alleviate you mind of the daytime distress. Of course if you can recite these sounds more then it will be even better.

Free your mind from worries and unnecessary thoughts

At the time of your practice different extraneous and unwanted thoughts may come. They may relate to your job, family, relatives, your body or something else. Do not get upset and become angry that you can’t meditate properly. That’s ok in the beginning. Later everything will be perfect. Don’t worry.

You just have to redirect your mind at the mantra without any effort. Immerse your conciseness in the transcendental vibration. Let it enter your heart. Just relax and enjoy the process. If you be patient a little bit then in a while your mind will completely embrace the holy names. And you will be able to concentrate on them without any effort and exertion.

Gradually, as a result of your everyday practice you will learn how to free yourself of all negative thoughts and mental turmoil simply by directing your complete attention at the transcendental sound vibrations. You will taste the water of spiritual bliss that we all long for so much. This meditation cleanses the mirror of the heart and extinguishes the blazing forest fire of material life.

This simple and extremely effective mantra for meditation enables one to meditate properly. It frees one not only from all psychic uneasiness and gives mental equilibrium. It also can free you from the cycle of birth and death or so-called reincarnation. And it will also immerse your mind in samadhi. What it is and how to achieve it in our day and age you will learn in later articles.

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