How to Organize Your Day

How-to-organize-your-day-300x208Now we have finally come to the most interesting point – how to organize your workday in live. After all the theory of becoming a genius and free time managing we will find out how to make best of your work days to reach maximum success in life. Today we will learn how to make an effective day plan, do real actions and steps to achieve the result of  the most successful people envy. As you saw in previous articles there is no miracle and you need to work really hard, spend much time and effort to reach the goal and make your dreams come true.

Ok, I don’t want to make you sad, of course miracles happen. But they happen with those who don’t just sit and wait for them. Miracle comes to people who sincerely do what they like and it’s really nice to help such ones. Actually, such people usually can cope themselves and don’t need any help.

How to organize your day efficiently

[adrotate group=”1″]That’s why today we will learn to spend our free time effectively, with maximum use for our personal development. To start we will learn to plan only 3 hours of our time a day. Of course, somebody could tell that it’s too few, there are 24 hours a day we can plan and spend with use. And if you did it your personal development would reach an astronomic height.  Yes, this idea also could be true.

But speaking frankly, there is another half of people who are not so lucky and their hours have already been planned by other people. Those ones have to do the work they hate, they’ve got too many different tasks and problems to solve, so they just don’t have any free time. It’s not a secret that everyone, sooner or later, comes through the period when it seems that you have no minute for things that seem not so important.

If it’s true for you, try to make yourself  find these 3 hours for personal development and useful day plan.  Do it,  if you really want to break the routine and change your life.

Where to find time for personal development

If everything is fine and you are really happy leave it as it is.  If it isn’t so and you’ve decided to do personal development,  than try to find 3 hours for it in your usual busy day. All the more so, half of it you can do without spending your free time, for example on the way to work in metro or a bus. Nowadays it’s possible to walk and listen to audio books or lessons on your mobile.

Travelling in big cities sometimes takes more than an hour so you’ve got enough time to waste or spend it with use for your future. There are lots of ways to safe time. For example once a day you can safe time cooking, eating fresh fruit instead. It also would be useful for your health and life tonus. And it’s not the only way to get use and pleasure.

[adrotate group=”2″]It’s true that even the busiest man can always find 2-3 hours for his own life in the timetable. Such investment in time would bring you to another life level and you won’t have to do boring work or solve permanent problems. Your life can become really happy.

How to organize a workday

How are we going to use 3 hours for our personal development? To start we’ll divide them for 6 equal parts of time about 30 minutes each. As a result we’ll get time for six different activities which are necessary for our harmonious development.

You have two opportunities. You can choose activities yourself depending on your need (there is a really good way to do it but I describe it in some other article) or you can follow my advice of six things to do in free time.

30 minutes seem to be really short time and not enough to get serious results or tremendous achievements. But everything is not as bad as it seems, actually 20-30 minutes are enough practically for any serious deal. To make you sure I’ll give you an example of foreign language study.

[adrotate group=”3″]Today good knowledge of one or more foreign languages becomes an advantage in any work. Even internet technology of fast translation can’t compete with well educated interpreters and they are still really high-paid.

How to organize your day in a right way

What will happen if you start to learn one the most interesting and useful for you language for 30 minutes every day? Though it doesn’t seem much according to the latest fast learn technologies human mind get tired in 20 minutes and learning efficiency reduces.

Most successful polyglots around the world avow that they have never studied foreign languages more than 15-20 minutes at a heat.  They just had 15-20 minute lesson 2-3 times a day and now after many years they can fluently speak more than 70 languages.

Tremendous achievement, isn’t it? And it cost them only half an hour a day. On the other hand there are people who spend years for only one language and have no result because they don’t study regularly. The secret of genius people around the world is just and easy – a clear plan, discipline, love for your work and time managing.

It’s true not only for language learning. If you have no wish to do it now there are lots of other useful and interesting activities. Don’t do the work you hate, you always can hire a suitable person for it in future.

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