How to Tan Properly?


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Today we’ll talk about how to sunbathe as the “velvet” season is already in full blast – the majority of people dream to relax on the sea, but not all manage. A dangerous sun is waiting for those who could tear themselves from cold to warm countries, besides an enjoyable holiday, a warm sea and freedom.

Now, in summer, it is the peak time of the solar activity, exactly at that time, it can cause you more harm than good, but of course if not to sunbathe properly sunbathe and do not estimate one’s forces. The results of disregard for unsafe sun rays are heat stroke, loss of skin elasticity, sunstroke, burns, and even the appearance of skin cancers. A skin cancer is a very serious disease, so you should apply for planning of your holiday responsibly and seriously.

How should children tan properly?

Parents, try to look after your children in the sun twice more attentively than usual, because the children’s skin is very delicate skin that burns instantly. And heat or sun stroke can occur more quickly. All the more children, playing too long, do not always realize what’s the matter with them is and will not be able to explain that they are bad.

This is especially concern of tourists from northern regions, because their skin is used to the weak sun exposure, and in the southern regions the sun’s rays are more aggressive, and people themselves forgetting about it can get burnt very much on the unusually scorching sun. As we understand your first question is: “How to quickly get a tan in the sun quickly and properly?». Remember, haste makes waste. Fast tan in the sun is fraught with burns.

When to tan properly?

The most important thing is the time at which you will be under ultraviolet rays. Scientists have proved that the solar activity reaches its peak from 11 am to 16 pm, and at this time it is advisable not to be in the sun. Because at this time, you can instantly get burnt.

This is a serious note for people with sensitive and fair skin. The best time for high-quality tanning is from 6 to 11 o’clock or from 16 to 21 o’clock. A proper and even tan will take time, but it will pay off a beautiful and magnificent even tan and not burnt skin from which the fibers will peel off.

Many people want to know how a man should tan. A tan for a man is the same as the tan for a woman, if there are no skin diseases. Though men often have a stronger body and not so sensitive skin as women.

How long to tan?

The next question is: “How to tan in the sun properly?” We do not recommend tanning sharply, once, throughout the day, nothing good will come of it. You should begin tanning only gradually. On the first day you’d better to be in the sun about 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing this time on 2-5 minutes each day.

The maximum time of being in the sun is not more than 2 hours; this time should not to be exceeded to avoid problems. Now many people summer cottages in the countryside. You are interested in how to tan in the village. Nothing complicated, everything is the same as spending time on the sea. Though most people think they can get an even tan, working in the garden.

It is a common misconception. It is better for you to wear a hat while you are in the garden, it will save you from the sun. And for an even tan it’s advisable to buy an umbrella and tan in the shade or under a garden roof. Exactly so your tan will be even and painless.

How to start tanning properly?

First, it is a smooth opening of the body to the sun. Generally it is not recommended to tan immediately in swimming trunks or in a bathing suit, it is better to bare the body gradually, first the top, then the bottom. Secondly, you should follow the time. It is necessary to increase gradually the time of being in the sun.

Is it possible to tan in water?

Many people believe that you cannot burn in water. It’s not so, if you are near the water, it is a mirror, which will repel the sun’s rays on you, and you will burn much more quickly. And if you’re just in it, it will be a “magnifying glass” for the rays, and you will burn for a shorter period.

If you have just come out of the water, we advise you to dry off as quickly as possible because the water drops from the sea will act as lenses and increase the action of the sun. For starters, try not to tan near the water and dry off after swimming with a towel to protect yourself from the sunburns. If the weather is too sunny you should protect your hair, eyes and head.

A hat and sunglasses will serve as a defense. It is very simple to wear them in hot weather. And so to make your tan mobile, it’s better to play various outdoor games such as beach volleyball. But do not forget to keep an eye on the watch, so not to be treated then.

Contraindications to the tan

People with lots of moles, birthmarks, allergy to ultraviolet light or people with skin problems would better to give up completely of the tan in the direct sunlight during the day. These people should avoid solariums. This can save your health, and even life. But if you want to have a bronze tan just use a special cream.

Also, pregnant women should consult a specialist before sunbathing in order to avoid any unnecessary problems. And to sum up the results in brief, listen what the specialist is saying about how to sunbathe, here’s a video in which the doctor is explaining everything in detail.

And besides, read on our website of learning and self-development how to make solar tempering and to sunbath, so that it could be useful for your body. And also about the other types of hardening, water and air hardening, and of course about the benefits and dangers of the sea water.


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