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Today we’ll talk about why some people achieve positive changes in their life only after they handle with changing their attitude to life; and how is it possible to change your life in a direction of wealth, success and happiness in a right way even if these words haven’t associated with yourself lastly.

In the last article about secrets of happiness and happy life I’ve already given a formula of selective thinking that easily can make you happy if you train to think right and change your attitude to negative life situations and the life itself. If you are worried about this question and you’re still not happy then read this article and we’re going to go further and figure out how can we become happy and rich with the help of this effect.

How to become rich with the help of thinking?

Sometimes we can observe the work of such effect of selective thinking on big groups of people. For example, people who are not happy and are not successful in business and financial affairs, usually see only difficulties while doing their business. That is why the thing they mostly get is difficulties.

Oppositely, the reach and famous see maximum possibilities for development and getting maximum profit in any business.  Although both categories can do exactly the same kind of business. But some usually get a big profit and the others – a big loss.

And even if a good businessman “the lucky one” gets a loss, he will go over it and start a new business, which will bring profit. However the businessman “looser” thinks that if his first business had failed, than everything is lost, while happy people are ensured that everything only begins with the first fail try.

But actually, the analysis of hundreds of biographies of successful businessmen proves that more than 80% of them become bankrupt not once or twice, and some of them even not three times.

Whether to leave to do your business after the first fail?

A lot of today’s people got into huge debt, but all the same became rich and famous. Even the great Hilton was poorer than a homeless in the subway at a certain time. And it doesn’t prevent him to be an owner of the first-string hotel chain today.

If you remember, even Steve Jobs, whom I mentioned in the first chapter, was dismissed from the company that he created by his own. But nothing to worry, he didn’t give up and went ahead to develop in his labor of love. And everything got into right place very soon.

That is the thing which distinguishes a successful person from a looser. A successful person is of that kind because even while fails happen he thinks about success and believes in it. A looser gives up right away with the first or second failure. But it is impossible to radically change your life in this manner, because sometimes you should try 5-10 or even 20 times, what is not up to a person who doesn’t believe in success.

It clearly proves that people who are happy to work at their job, will definitely become rich, oblivious the country they live in, what kind of government is there and how rich is the population.

Trust me, only the state of happiness, purpose in life and selective thinking concentrated on your job can lead to incredible miracles, that you can’t even imagine and dream about. And if you don’t believe, it is better to try by your own.

Why do the Jews get rich very quickly?

Frankly speaking, sometimes the whole nations are prone to this selective business thinking. For instance, it was noticed, that people who live in Israel – Jews, often become more rich than the other nations. Have you ever thought what it is connected with ?

There is no magic or mythical great conspiracy, these people can think so often about how to make money, and they are so fixated on this that their mind gets narrowly customized. They see the opportunities to earn money in everything that surround them.

I don’t say that it is good or bad, but these priorities and ideals are usual for this nation very often. It’s just a national feature. How did it appear is another question and it’s not a material for this book. But actually with their selective thinking they see plenty of opportunities to make money, which are usually not noticed by the others.

And it is not strange for me that more than a half of world’s money, fuel, goods and about 90% of the biggest world’s banks and financial institutions are under their control.

Yes, it is so easy to make money that even a commonplace power of selective thinking  can help you easy and quickly earn lots of millions.

So if your true aim is not to become happy, but simply to earn much money, you can stop reading this and go to apply what you’ve found out.  Although, no. I’m joking another time.

In fact, this method has a big disadvantage: such people with mercantile thinking are usually not happy in the other aspects of life, because earning of money replaces all the life and happiness.

Do not wish money, better wish happiness

Naturally, this is the reason why they don’t do sport’s, live with wives who are not interesting for them. All their life is about money and high emotions, like love, are considered like something secondary and insignificant.

But there is nothing to be scared of for us, because now we’re going to try to get around this disadvantage and become rich and happy at the same time and not to lose the ability to love and have other feelings.

We will use such method of selective thinking in a hacker way, try to break it open and direct it into all the spheres of life, not only into money or relations with the opposite sex.

How to change your attitude to life?

This “everything at once” which will help you to change your attitude to life and the life itself dramatically will be the word “happiness”, as you’ve already supposed.

It all is very logical, practically for all people happiness is a good and loved job that brings a lot of money, and happy family relations, and good strong health, and creative self-realization in a labor of love and etc.

I am sure that every person can independently complement this range with the things needed for happiness, because everybody needs something special, that they cannot be really happy without.

There are only two variants to get it all together. You will do all these things separately – look for a perfect job, then a perfect family, then make a perfect health, then a perfect bank account and so on and so forth.

I hope you understand that this way is a utopia. Till the time you find some of these separately, you’ll lose the rest. You’ll go in circles, loosing something, gaining something but never becoming completely happy.

On the other hand there is another, more interesting method of how to dramatically change your life to happiness and success, which I offer you today. It’s just to become happy and all the other elements of it will come to your life automatically. I hope you expected to get this result, because the article is about this.

How to change your life dramatically?

To change your life dramatically and quickly you should change your attitude to it and your thoughts. Remember once and for all that only what we think about during the day and pay attention at will grow, train and appear in our life.

Therefore for having more happiness in life we will nourish with attention our happiness, in opposite to the absolute majority of people, who mostly nourish with attention their weakness, misery and poverty.

Agree that the absolute majority of modern people think much more about negative things and failures than about positive changes and well-being. Then why such people still hope sincerely to become happier? This is not logical and simply not possible.

The fortune comes with a great reluctance to life of a person who attracts negative and afflictions. Life of such a person will get worse and worse.

Well, let’s carry out a little test and know how happy we are and whether we have this illness of making our life worse and worse. Because not a bad government, naughty children, annoying relatives or small salary are guilty of people’s failures. We are to blame.

So in the next article you’ll pass a small test how happy you are and how happy will be your life further. You’ll know what it is exactly for you, what the destiny prepared for you in the nearest future – happiness and love or disappointment and illnesses.

With this I say goodbye. I wish you to start to change your life to wealth and success as quickly as possible, always stay in a cheerful mood and attract only the luck, happiness and wealth. And of course, come to our portal of self-development and learning more often so you know how to achieve happiness, success and wealth easily and quickly, without even making Herculean efforts, but in contrary doing what really brings you pleasure. And read the questions that can help to understand how to change your life.


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