How to Start Personal and Spiritual Development


There is no doubt that you have incredible powers inside of you

to achieve anything you have ever dreamed about.

self development

In fact, today there are many ways of self development and advices how to start personal and spiritual development for a modern person. I would like to share with you my thoughts about my own ways of self development. Perhaps, this won’t do for someone or will be just the key to self-knowledge.

The very fact that you are interested in this topic marks you out from the majority of people and shows that you have the determination to become a winner and a master of your mind, body and character.

The first thing that became the impulse of self-knowledge is the birth of my beautiful, temperamental son. I started to ask questions: How can I fulfil myself? How can I be an example for my son? How can I be the best mother, wife, etc.

You know, then the book “Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma got into my hands. This book influenced me greatly, my thoughts began to change, and things were different.

How to start self development?

I give you concrete advice how to start self development:

– Start reading some books on self development, for example: Dale Carnegie teaches oratorical skill and how to communicate with people, Robin Sharma, Nick Vujicic, Champion Kurt Teutsch and others are very good motivational speakers. Read biographies of great people at least once a week. I advise you to become “a mirror duplication” of someone who has made significant gains in the area of your interest.

Having studied lives of great leaders, businessmen, and other miracle-workers, you will be convinced very quickly that their results are achieved thanks to clearly formulated goals. For example, on our Portal Learning and Self development you can get to know the secrets of success of famous people and even the exploits of people with disabilities.

– Spend less time in front of TV or computer. It takes much time. By the way, I want to notice that TV is one of the policy weapons.

– Listen to motivational music while you are going to work, cleaning your house or doing something else.

— Daily physical exercises are the most effective means to achieve personal perfection, pay attention to it not less than 15 minutes a day. Go in for swimming, jogging, skiing, cycling, just breathe fresh air, etc. Physical perfection is preceded by spiritual perfection.

– Relaxation of your body and mind. It is very important to have time to relax and soothe your mind at least 10 minutes. It may be stretching, yoga, meditation, qi gong, a contact with nature, self-massage. Make this practice your habit.

–Think positively. The level of your success is determined by the way of your thinking every second, every minute, every day. Your thoughts form your world. Form the habit of positive focusing. “The person should not allow a clock and a calendar to blind him and to forget that each moment of his life is a miracle and a sacrament.” Herbert Wells

 -Discipline and willpower. Read about the life of Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Coco Chanel and you will understand the force of will at work.

–It is obligatory to plan your day. Start a notebook, write your action plan for a week, a month, and even for a year.

– Get up early in the morning. Do morning jogging, for a start once a week, then on alternate days. Morning jogging, warm-up, yoga, it does not matter what exactly, but it gives such a supply of energy for the whole day! Acquire a partner with a similar purpose to achieve physical perfection. In order to develop the habit to get up early, you must, first of all, remember that the quality of sleep, but not the sleep duration plays the primary role.

– Believe in yourself! “Do not be afraid of life. Believe that your life is worth living, and this belief will make it a reality. “William James – Use the self-suggestion method (repetition is ideas aloud) during the day.

– Find like-minded people. Attend courses of self development, visit clubs where you can exchange information, motivate yourself by any means!

–Laugh more. Daily laugh raises the spirits, favors creativity and gives us energy.

–Use different pictures to develop yourself, visualize your wishes. It may be a kind of sport, a car, a happy family, a house, etc. Stick them from cellar to garret and just look at them.

–Use methods of imagination and visualization fancying yourself as you want to be. It is advisable to do it in the morning and before going to bed for 10 minutes.

–Be always grateful. Give thanks when you wake up, give thanks when you are eating, give thanks when someone wants to help you.

How long should you develop yourself?

I think, you have found something close and useful for yourself from the received information. For further, continuous development, you need “Kaizen”, Japanese for “improvement”. As Confucius said, “Good people improve themselves constantly.”

Therefore one can say that the problem, actually, is not to start developing oneself intellectually, physically, spiritually or emotionally but not to lose this thirst for continuous self development all one’s life and to feel the necessity of it as early as possible.

Make a decision today that you need to change your lifestyle, program yourself for absolute success and self-confidence. Write down the things that you must work on; give yourself a promise that you will do it!

With these words, I say goodbye. Develop yourself together with us and our Portal Learning and Self development, as well as read other articles on how to change your lives toward success and prosperity radically, how to start self development, and in general about the basics of self development and what it is in fact.


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