The Type of Sport that Will Help You and Your Child to Build Strong Personality


Everyone knows that any sport help you to develop physical abilities, such as power, speed, flexibility, endurance. But do sports help with building and developing strong personality?

Some people believe that sport is important for any person to be happy, successful, and ready for everyday life. So, let’s talk about, if physical activities help you and your child to develop moral toughness and other skills that will lead to a happy life in harmony with yourself?

In our last article, we have discussed the best sports for your body and intelligence, so today we will dig deeper into the sports that help you to develop strong personality.

Sport – as a tool to develop strong personality

Of course, it’s not a secret that different type of sport affect your body and personality differently. Its obvious that the dancer and bodybuilder do not have the same physical abilities, the same as chess player has different personality than the karate guy.

I’m sure you could easily see the difference in characters between these who does yoga, for example (as a physical activity), and these who is a professional boxer.

For example if you will act rude to a yoga type-of-person, they will probably forgive you for that because they know next life you will be a frog or something like that. However, if you will act rude to a professional boxer, I don’t think they will “forgive” you that easy.  Of course, it’s very extreme cases on different personalities.

However, lets discuss, what kind of skills we develop doing certain type of sport?

The Character vs.Type of Sport

  1. Soccer

Soccer is definitely one of the sports that will develop confident, social active, successful type of person. Especially, if you will be playing professionally, and one day make it to a great team (let’s say National Team) and become famous.

[adrotate group=”2″]Of course, not everyone makes it that far, but don’t get frustrated. As mentioned above, soccer will play a major role in developing confidence and socialism in your character, and it’s very useful and important skills in life that can take you far. In our ranking from 1-10, soccer gets 8 points.

  1. Track and field/swimming

These two sports also develop useful life skills for athletes, such as strong mentality, and abilities to get through any obstacles. But also, for runners and swimmers, most important skill is patience. The reason is because in these types of sport athletes constantly go through pain, and they have to be able to stay patient.  The ranking is – 7 points out of 10.

  1. Karate

Karate has been known for athletes with strong mental and spiritual abilities. Also, karate develops personality in ways such as straightforwardness, power, speed and reaction, control and disciple. Also, karate people are usually very honest people with strong moral principles. Furthermore, successful businessmen do practice karate as a method to develop the types of personal skills, as described above.

Karate is a mental toughness, and its statement is based on “total control, power, and mental toughness”.  The skills that karate develops in a person are very valuable in life, especially for business aspect because mental toughness is crucial for being successful in business. Karate gets 8 points in our ranking.

  1. Mixed Martial Arts and Mixed Fights

[adrotate group=”3″]Mixed Martial Arts and Mixed Fights will give you skills such as good self-defense, as well as respectable social status. MMA is based on pride and not always on selfishness. People with “MMA” type of skills are always very respectful by/to other people, and sometimes even intimidating to some people because of their temper.

This temper, however, might be some type of obstacle for them tp overcome because it doesn’t let them live happy live and just enjoy. The same as karate sport, MMA gets 8 points.

  1. Chess

Chess game is a key to develop strategic thinking. When playing chess from early ages it gives a huge advantage to the chess players because they develop logic, analytical thinking, strategic thinking, focus, and patience, which lead to more opened view on life itself. However, chess is a development of intelligence, but it’s not always means happiness and wisdom. In our ranking, chess gets 7 points.

Extreme sport that helps to develop strong personality

  1. Acrobatics

Acrobatics, as well as other extreme sports, helps to develop strong personality. For kids this type of sport is especially useful because it help to develop the love to athletics, overall. It gives you easiness, happiness, and active life. However, the downside of it is that you can’t practice this sport for a long time. For example, at the age of 30 the happiness from extreme ends and people go to deal with their middle age crisis…

Acrobatics get 7 points out of 10 in our ranking, because you can’t practice this sport for your entire life.

  1. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a little bit better than acrobatics, in terms of duration of being able to practice this sport. It develops a stronger will, and abilities to accomplish your goals. Businessmen tend to practice bodybuilding as a side sport, just for themselves. However, the downsize is the regular health problems at the age of 40-50. In our ranking bodybuilding gets 8 points.

  1. Professional dancing

Professional dancing is a very competitive environment for gaining happiness. However, dancing for happiness, and not for medals, is just perfect for your physical and mental health. Although, dancing doesn’t give you a lot of moral principles, however, it allows you to relax and feel yourself very rich inside. Dancing is easiness, not deepness. For that it get 9 points in our ranking!

Sport Teaches Us How to be Happy

  1. Yoga

Yoga is the type of sport where people learn how to be happy in life and stay in harmony with themselves and with the world around them. However, the skills that yoga develops in people are not that acceptable in the real world these days.

[adrotate group=”4″]Calmness, harmony, non-conflict, spiritual development, is the skill set that not always will help you to bring money to your wallet. However, if your purpose of practicing yoga is being healthy and happy no matter what your social status is, then it is the sport for you. Remember, yoga is a calmness, and acceptance of yourself and the world around you.  10 points out of 10!!!

  1. Capoeira

Capoeira is some sort of unique sport in that it develops the most useful skills for life. Among them, confidence, organizational skills, competitiveness, respectfulness, mental toughness, intuition, focus, and patience, etc.

Also, the true Capoeira athlete should always look happy, bring the smile, celebration, and happiness to all people around, even though sometimes they don’t feel like it.  Their statement is “Play with a smile, no matter what”.

In our ranking capoeira gets 9 out of 10!

Sport develops and influences our character!

The main points of the article:

[adrotate group=”5″]Today we have talked about how important it is to not only develop yourself physically, and not only mentally, but more importantly how to develop the personality and character with a sport help. Of course, these mental and physical skills are better to develop in early ages. However, for the adults, its not worth it to miss out on the advantages that any sport gives you!

Ranking: Soccer – 8; Karate – 8; Chess – 7; Acrobatics – 7; Bodybuilding – 8; Dancing – 9; Yoga – 10; Capoeira – 9.

Sport and Happiness

Based on our ranking results, only one sport got 10 out of 10 points – yoga, because it’s the only sport that teaches you how to be happy and connect with your inner self. Yoga is the only physical activity that can tell you that happiness is not based on money or social status, it’s inside us.

This factor, however, is hard to realize and accept for a lot of professional athletes even after their career end. Therefore, if you want to be happy, don’t forget about self-development, and finding what you really want in life. Peace!

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