Harms and Benefits of Fear


Fear – is one of the major human emotions of any age. Maybe there are some individuals that they never experience the feelings of anxiety, but that minority of them as the rule are not successful in their lives. What can we say about the fears, benefits, and their species? Could such a natural emotion like a fear be useful? Should we fight a fear or weather its better not to pay attention to that, and even we may take benefits from that, that is to use fear the proper way.The harms and benefits of fear, How fear affects people's lives, Why fear is harmful, How to Use Fear to Your Advantage, How to overcome fear,

How fear affects people’s lives

What happens to a person when he or she experiences the horror? It tries to hide in the deepest parts of the soul, blood rushes to the head, the heart tries to leave the chest, pressure blood is rising and the adrenaline in the blood is breaking all records. Man flees without looking back, without seeing anything in front of him. And the only thing in his, her mind is – to run as faster as it is possible.

Or may be vice versa: horror in the eyes, trembling hands and feet. There is only heartbeat in their head. Thats culmination. Man is not able to think or even move. There comes a stupor.

All depends on the situation and humans. Flight and stupor –are not the only manifestations of a fear. Some individuals in a stressful situation turn into angry tigers which are READY TO BITE ANYBODYS HEAD OFF ON THEIR WAY. In this case aggression becomes the engine and the brain. Fear of the dark, water, height, enclosed spaces, spiders, snakes, jellyfish, heat, cold, dead people. This is a short list peoples fears.

Why fear is harmful?

Yes, nothing like escape, stupor or aggression can be called by positive emotions. Often such negative manifestations of fear – is a harm, exhausting the body. It is a negative, that effects psyche and soul.

Phobias take precedence over the individual, change the person unrecognizable. Make him a slave, unable even to breathe and to speak.

Fear can paralyze and hurt so much that you lose control over the situation, hiding his head in the sand, dodge, think up stories to justify ones actions.

How to Use Fear to Your Advantage

Occasionally someone tries to reflect on the feeling of fear. Find positive qualities in a terrible situation, It would seem unnatural if a nightmare has a strong source of profit. But it is truly possible. During fright whole body brings itself into a ball, capable of immediately making a decent stand and give a resolute rebuff. Fear safeguard against arbitrariness, warns against rash acts, it can even save from death.

Occasionally someone tries to reflect on the feeling of fear, finds positive qualities in the terrible situation.

It would seem unnatural if a nightmare might have a strong source of profit. But to say the truth it is possible. During fright whole body brings itself into a ball, capable immediately to squaring off and to rebuff. Fear safeguards us against arbitrariness, warns against rash acts, it can even save from death.

Positive fear benefits, throwing adrenaline into blood, mobilizing human so much, that he is able to balance his forces with possibilities rather than go on a tiny boat against the element.

Fear is born with man, you can not get rid of that. You can only deal with that.

How to overcome fear?

Many children are afraid of the dark. How to help them?

In order to overcome children’s fears, the parents begin to tell the kids that there are no monsters and dragons in the room. But the child sees what the adults cannot not see. The solution is simple. It is to make friends with a woman-Yaga, or an old man, coming into a dark room, and to explain that they come to protect exactly he babys sleep, but not to frighten him

But as for adults its more difficult to deal with. But even though you can find out the way to save people from harm and fear and also from damaging effects on their psyche.

Gradually Pushing the Boundaries (of Space and Your Mind!)

If you are afraid of black spaces, then often try to go into the dark room, but not too much dark, and then gradually you will get used to that, and if you have a fear of water, then learn how to swim in shallow water.

And if you have a fear of spiders, first, try to start to observe them, then touch, and after pick it up. To overcome the feelings of horror, we must not fight with windmills, but at least to do less something that makes u feel scary.

The sense of fear lives in everyone. It makes no sense to destroy ourselves, but quite the opposite , there is a reason to draw positive energy from this negative emotions, it is no secret that all great actors, speakers and other successful people are often afraid of the fear no less than others, and even more than them, they just have learned how to draw vitality from this fear and overcome themselves.

Therefore, I advise you to get rid of initially negative attitude towards your fear, and cease to resist, but just a little bit to work on ourselves and our emotions, to understand how to become stronger, happier and more successful because of that, that is what I wish all of u. Stay here with us on the Portal Training and self-development, and you’ll find much more useful information about your fears and how directly to use it for your self-development.

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