Which Sport is the Best for Slimming?

There are plenty of kinds of sports but not each of them is equally aimed at losing weight. Thus, the experts from Samosoverhenstvovanie.ru portal studied tons of specific literature, results of various researches, consulted with nutritionists and professional athletes in order to find out which sport is best suited for slimming.

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The Opinion of Professional Athletes About the Best Sport for Slimming

 [adrotate group=”1″]The opinion of experts about which kind of sports is the best for slimming vary greatly, as many rely on their own experience while answering this question, though professional experience may differ significantly.

More often, the following kinds of sports were named by the athletes, to be the best to facilitate loss of weight: swimming, cycling, yoga, dancing, physical training, fitness, jogging.

At the same time, the athletes noted, that any intensive physical workload helps lose weight. It also should be noted, that losing weight is not the same as losing mass, i.e. in fact, while training, you may not lose weight but your body will look more appealing due to gained relief and muscle mass.

 The Opinion of Nutritionists About the Correlation of Sports and Slimming

Nutritionists share the same opinion, which is not weird, with people who have practical experience in this issue. They also think that any intensive physical training is good for slimming. At the same time, it is important to stick to the right diet and even sleep pattern. Otherwise, there is a risk of wasting efforts without achieving specific results.

 Specific Literature

This literature being written whether by those who have huge practical experience or by those who read those works and interpreted them, the sense of it is practically the same:

Any kind of sports is good for slimming, but only in effective combination with other integral components of the process of losing weight – well-balanced and moderate nutrition, good metabolism, and the correct sleep and wakefulness pattern.

[adrotate group=”2″]Very often fitness, active rest (combination of pleasant and useful for people who are less interested in sports), physical training are considered to be good for sliming. However, many intellectual kinds of sports, like chess, can also facilitate slimming, as human brain consumes more energy than muscles. That’s why there are few plump people among chess players although, it is advisable to stick to the right diet and lead healthy way of life.

Now, let’s have a look at some real researches, done in the recent past:

Fitness is a definite leader in calorie-burning and rapid slimming, thereafter all kinds of sports that can be called fitness: dancing, aerobics, Pilates, cross-feet, gymnastics, etc.

Hot Iron has been named one of the leaders in fitness, aimed at losing weight. This is relatively new training of high intensiveness with mini-weight.

 Hot Iron and Slimming

One training of Hot Iron averages 1 hour. During this hour you give workload to ALL groups of muscles. Due to its intensiveness, this type training is one of the most popular for calorie-burning. 100% of people being tested (not skipping but working) achieve great results in terms of slimming, figure shaping, endurance development and strength.

 Circle Training

Circle training is also very popular these days. The point of this training is that all groups of muscles are given workload in turns. At the same time physical training alternates with aerobics. As soon as all groups of muscles have received workload during one circle, it’s time to move to other circle. To have good results one should do 2-3 circles. More details about circle training can be found in our separate article.

[adrotate group=”3″]Also, there exists a big number programs for weight room that are successfully used by people. The point of these programs is one – the training must be very intensive and contain physical, as well as cardio exercises.

Respiratory gymnastics is considered to be another quite popular training for slimming. According to the data of researches, a lot of people lost weight with the help of special exercises in combination with correct respiration. With the right combination of yoga and correct respiration, one can achieve phenomenal results in quite short terms.

Conclusions. So, What Kind of Sport is the Best for Slimming?

Thus, having studied the given issue, we may easily consider practically any kind of sports to be good for slimming, if only it doesn’t envisage obligatory gaining of weight and nourishing diet. Anyway, fitness has been named an absolute leader by doctors, scientists, nutritionists. The notion of “fitness” being quite extensive, everybody can find in it a unique set of physical exercises that will definitely help to achieve the final goal – shapely body.

Improve yourself, train, lose weight and let your commitment help you! Also, read about other sports ratings on our portal of learning and self-development, like about the most useful kind of sports, about the most extreme, the best kind of sports, and even about the right choice of the kind of sports for you and your child in accordance with the character, and the best and proven by me method of slimming.

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