Who are Nudists (Naturists?)


What is nudism, Who are the naturists, The rules and the psychology of the nudists, Today we will talk about who the nudists and the naturists are, what they think and what achieve from the life and society with their strange and seemingly abnormal for most modern people behavior. And besides, their quality is increasing every year. Apparently, the population of our planet has already reached its peak point of identification with nature.

New technologies in mobility, communication, food, and pastime have just reached the point of absurdity. Therefore, people are finally starting to wake up from this terrible nightmare. They are also starting to think of ecology, the environment and their health. Such words as vegetarianism, raw food diet, sports, healthy lifestyle are increasingly being met in everyday life. And among the others such concepts as nudism and naturism.

What is nudism?

Yes, yes, a real naturism and nudism is also about this. About nature, people and health. If you are not sure of it yet, let us sort out together to understand what nudism is. What is the difference between naturism and nudism, who are the nudists in general?

Of course, nudism as a phenomenon has not appeared lately, it has been existing for a very long time. In ancient times, for example, sports were spent naked. Many ancient pagan rituals of our ancestors were also performed in the nude. And only then, with the arrival of Christianity on our land (or, in theopinion of many, with the forcible imposition of this religion, but that we will discuss at another time) nudity stopped to be a cult.

And only then, with the arrival of Christianity on our land (or, in the opinion of many, the forcible imposition of the religion, but that we will discuss at another time) nudity is no longer a cult.

Now nudism among the people realized the need to live in harmony with nature, or who are tired of the cult of the modern dead anthropogenic society, is rapidly rising. There are reasons for it, because the trend has obvious advantages. So who are the nudists, or rather, what kind of people become nudists?

Who are the naturists?

There is some division into nudists and naturists. The nudists are the sort of those who simply strip themselves. The naturists also have their own philosophy – they lead a healthy lifestyle, give up smoking, alcohol and meat care about the environment.

As for me, such division into “ours” and “yours” is inappropriate. It would be more correct to say that there are common nudists and more purposeful, who are called true naturists. Therefore, we will not divide these two concepts. But if you want to know the scientific definition of naturism, the naturists are just the children of nature, decided to return to a happier and more conscious life, something like enlightened or hippies.

Now, let’s talk in detail about nudism and examine some of the most common questions that are directly concerned, in particular those due to which the modern world outlook generally seems strange and perhaps even wild or uncomfortable.

Do the nudists feel comfortable?

Of course, to be a naturist is very convenient. If you do not think so, then you have not tried. Such a simple thing (which really does not apply to nudism), as sleep naked, for example.

Not only the brain but also the nervous system and the body require a night rest. And the dream will be much more productive if you will not be fettered by any extras. Not any extras.

Therefore, in the morning you will wake up more rested. And additionally to walk around the house naked if it is possible (live independently or the nearest share your passion). And again the body and the brain rest. A certain sense of security and relaxation. It is also a good way to learn to accept yourself, your body. And, of course, the most common place of “gathering” of nudists is a nudist beach.

It’s incomparable feeling to plunge into the water in buff. Чувство свободы и единения со стихией зашкаливает! The sense of freedom and unity with the elements goes overboard! And the tan will be more even… Another point of the convenience that it is not necessary to carry swimming accessories, to wait until a swimsuit or trunks dry, and look for locker room on the beach.

And because there is a big percent of winter swimmers among the nudists, or just people who love to bathe in autumn and spring, supporting their immune system and health, clothing is generally inappropriate. As to swim in cloth in winter is masochism. Cloth cools ten times faster than the body. Therefore, leaving the water, to feel little pieces of ice, is, to put it mildly, unpleasant.

Health issues…

Yes, nudism (naturism) is also good for health. Regeneration of the cutaneous coverings goes faster outdoors. Vitamin D, which is given to us by the sun, is also necessary for the whole body, not only for the areas that we are not afraid to open. And to protect against the UV rays, use a sun protective cream.

Another important point of beauty of the body and the active lifestyle – on the one hand, nudism helps to take ourselves with all advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand- there is a desire to concern with your body, to put it to rights, because you begin to love it, because it starts to bring you so much comfort and happiness.

Is nudism moral and ethical?

“And yet – you personally – just know this: I have not given you anything shameful, least of all this applies to your body and its functions. No need to hide your body and its functions – as well as your love to them and to the other person. Your television programs have nothing against a naked display of violence, but shy to show a naked love. All your society reflects this priority”.

Neale Donald Walsch Conversations with God. An unusual dialogue. Book 1. It’s true. People brought up by moms and dads of the Soviet period, where, as we know, there was no sex and everything connected with it. Brought up by our church and priests steeped in sin long time ago. People depending on other people’s opinions often expressed by persons with many hang-ups.

Why should it be ashamed to show your body? To love and to indulge it? It should be ashamed of the contempt of nature, of other people, of other ordinances of life and religions. What could be more natural than nudity?

And all the more adequate nudists that do not suffer from exhibitionism do not try to surprise someone specifically and undress in specially designated areas. Recently I have watched a ridiculously absurd picture. A young mother came for a walk with her two children on a nudist beach. The time of the year it was cool, so all basically were sitting dressed and breathing fresh air.

And when one of the “winter swimmers” decided nevertheless to plunge and began to undress, the lady indignantly asked him not to do so: “There are the children here! » That provoked laughter from all the others, including «the winter swimmer». That again points the adequacy of the nudists. They understand that such attacks are simply not worth responding.

To hide nudity from children?

In general, this protection of children from the “nudity” smells, forgive, with paranoia. Unless you do not tell your child that it is “ugly”, “ashamed”, “uncivilized”, it will never come into his mind. Just think, with what psyche and sex education should a person who believes that a naked body is not cultural increase. Yes, we are educated in this way, but we are adults who are able to revise their outlook on life.

So let’s not hurt the younger generation, so that it will not have to learn again to appreciate the beauty of its own body and to love it. Of course, no one specifically asks you to take your offsprings to the places where the nudists live, just do not hammer their heads with the patterns of “irregularity” that someone likes to rest in this way. In addition, if you make such remarks in the children’s presence, you educate non-acceptance of other people, intolerance to the view different from their own one. This is disrespect.

The rules and the psychology of the nudists

The “real” nudists and in particular naturists have their own confidential rules.

The first one is that the nudists leave a clean space behind themselves. When you strip, you feel nature and its pollution more sharply. And you don’t want to be a participant of this contamination at all. The second one – do not take photographs or shoot without permission.

This is not a complex, of course, it is simply unethical. And the third one — no sex in public. Therefore, they freely relax with children. So, are you inspired and also decided to join the ranks of these brave people?

How to become a nudist?

Naturally, there are no instructions on how to become a nudist, or a naturist. But I can give some advice. If you do not have enough strength of mind just to leave all unnecessary social patterns and stereotypes, to do it immediately and dramatically, you can start from home air baths. While you are at home, spend the maximum amount of time naked. At the same time do your usual work.

It will be great to dance to feel your body better. If it is available in your area, go on nature, where there would be no one (a deserted beach, a forest), and stay alone with the nature. When accustomed to your naked body, you can go to the places where you will not be alone.

Of course, it is a good idea to take a like-minded person, it will be easier. But you can also go alone. Especially as because most of the modern people even go so far that they start feeling uncomfortable and even ashamed to be naked in private. The main rule for the beginner who has decided to join the naturism – just do not do a frightened look and do not cover your private parts shyly unaccustomed.

Otherwise, you will only attract more attention. Summing up, I want to say – gentlemen, undress! It is convenient, useful, and not scary at all and… very nice. Yes, when you get to the nudist beach, you might be surprised how many beautiful people are around. And regardless of gender, age and physique. And it would be better for you not to ask about who the naturists or the nudists are – try it yourself.

Because when people are naked, they put off not only their clothes, but also their masks. And there is nothing more beautiful in this Universe than a true nature of a man.

Also, if you have decided on this experiment, I advise you to read on our website about the benefits of sunbathing and hardening with the sun for the human body, the use of conventional water hardening, and even the treatment of various diseases with hardening, as well as the beneficial properties of sea water, healthy food, or even on how to hitchhike and trip to other low-cost countries to the sea in winter when you want a little more sun and heat.


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